DX Full Tines


Full Tines: This FM-based Electric Piano sound was sampled from the legendary DX syntheziser. It has a brillant, rich character and was one of the defining sounds in popular music during the 80's and 90's. 

The sound has been sampled with full velocity mapping to capture the unique dynamic response of the original sound.


All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way constitutes an association or affiliation with Nord Keyboards. All trademarks are solely used to identify the products whose sound was studied during the development of the piano sound.


Sound demos


JG = Johan Gullbo, SL: Staffan Lindroth, AD = Åke Danielsson. Some reverb added.

Download (V6)

Version 6 piano files are compatible with Nord Stage 4/3/2 EX/2, Nord Electro 6/5, Nord Piano 5/4/3 and Nord Grand.

Download (V5)