EP8 Nefertiti MKI


The Nefertiti MKI is a funky old workhorse that has spent most of its days in the darkest corners of the legendary Nefertiti jazz club in Gothenburg.

Some replaced tines of mixed generations (Square Silver Tone Bars/Ray Mac), tips, pickups and grommets make each note special in it’s own individual way. Slight unevenness in timbre, dynamics and sustain are classic attributes of these instruments and a big part of their charm and inspiring playability.

What are the Enhanced Versions?

  • Our enhanced Electric Pianos have been refined for optimal sound quality and the new L and XL versions feature additional velocity layers for extended and more detailed dynamic response. 
  • The new Dyno Filters require the new Enhanced Versions (V6).
  • Nord Sound Manager 7.40 or later is required to transfer Enhanced Versions (V6).

NOTE: The Enhanced EPs require an OS Update and are compatible with Nord Stage 2/2 EX/3/4, Piano 3/4/5, Electro 5/6, Grand.

Sound demos


LJR=Lars Jakob Rudjord SL= Staffan Lindroth

Enhanced Versions (V6)

EP8 Nefertiti XL 6.2.npno Extra large version

Original Version (V5)