Studio Grand 2


The Studio Grand 2 is a meticulously prepared C7 Conservatory Grand recorded with a close-up microphone positioning and custom modified pre-amps and audio interface. Many hours were spent adjusting this instrument and balancing the sound before the actual recording took place.

Our objective was to get a specific voice from this instrument. New strings were installed, the action was optimized and the hammers were prepared. The felt on the hammers were needled by our piano technician, in order to make the sonic response as expressive and dynamic as possible, from the very softest pp passages to a strong FF presence.

Download (V6)

Version 6 piano files are compatible with Nord Stage 4/3/2 EX/2, Nord Electro 6/5, Nord Piano 5/4/3 and Nord Grand.

Studio Grand 2 XL 6.2.npno Extra large version