Nord Stage EX Factory Sounds


Original Factory Sounds for the Nord Stage EX. Download the desired files below and transfer them to your instrument using the Nord Sound Manager.

Complete Factory Restore

Files for restoring your instrument to its original factory state. 

Nord Stage EX Factory Restore v6.0 revA Restores all Programs, Sound Libraries and default system settings.

Factory Sound Banks

Separate files for partial restoration.

Nord Stage EX Factory Piano Bank v6.0 All Piano Library files (.npno) used by the Factory Bank.

Sound list

Piano Library


  1. Grand Lady D   Stw D  Med 5.3
  2. Studio Grand 1 YaC7  Med 5.3


  1. Black Upright Petrof Sml 5.3
  2. Romantic Upright Schimmel Sml5.3


  1. Electric Grand 1 CP80  5.3


  1. EPiano 1    Mk I Low Deep  5.3
  2. EPiano 2    Mk I ClosIdeal 5.3
  3. EPiano 3   Mk II Shallow 5.3
  4. EP5 Brigth Tines CustomMod 5.1


  1. Wurlitzer 1 200A 5.3


  1. Clavinet D6  5.0
  2. Ital Harpsich 1B Long Stri 5.0
  3. Ital Harpsich 1D Lute 5.0