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As a Nord user, you have free access to our unique sound libraries containing exclusively sampled Grands, Uprights and Electric pianos as well as premium Strings, Brass, Choirs, Guitars, Synths and much more.


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Highlights - Nord Piano Library

Soft Grand

Soft Grand is a modern compact size grand piano equipped with extra soft hammers giving a very soft, yet dynamic, response.

EP9 Stockholm

A classic 1976 Mark I Stage EP, delivering a fat, round bottom with balanced bells, and a more barky and shallow sound when hit hard.

White Grand

The White Grand is a semi concert grand piano with a rich, expressive and shimmering sound.

Highlights - Sound Collections

Spitfire String Quintet

The Spitfire String Quintet is a world class collection full of character and detail, covering all essential articulations. With its unique authentic and intimate sound, the Spitfire String Quintet adds a new palette of high-end samples to the Nord Sample Library.


The Symphobia Strings collection contains a unique selection of outstanding symphonic strings from true ensemble recordings of a full symphony orchestra. One of the finest and most authentic symphonic strings libraries available.

Mellotron Essential Collection

This collection includes 63 of the most well-known and classic sounds from the original Mellotron sound library. These sounds were created using fresh tapes that had been printed from the original masters - utilized in a new Mellotron mkVI, state-of-the-art technology and original unused stock tape heads.

Highlights - Signature Sounds

Nord Stage 4

Sean Alexander Sound Bank

Sean "SynthSei" Alexander has designed 32 excellent signature sounds exclusively for the Nord Stage 4 series! The patch collection incorporates influences from RnB, Gospel, Funk and Electronic music and contains motion synths, creative rhythmic patches, ambient pianos, funky EPs and much more.

Nord Stage 4

Markus Jägerstedt Sound Bank

Acclaimed Swedish keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt has designed a creative patch collection for Nord Stage 4 based on the Scandinavian pop sound and his work with Swedish artists including Robyn, Seinabo Sey and Loreen.

Nord Stage 4

Michael Bereal Sound Bank

We are excited to release an exclusive signature sound bank for Nord Stage 4 created by the great gospel keyboardist/producer Michael Bereal! 32 signature sounds from one of the finest musicians in gospel music! The patch collection is geared towards church musicians and contains his signature piano sounds, synth layers, atmospheric pads and much more. “This sound bank pretty much showcases what I do, week in and week out on my job of music, in my church and in production”