Broadwood Fortepiano by Chris Maene

This original Broadwood fortepiano, from the unique Chris Maene Collection, dates back to 1847. Beethoven played on a Broadwood pianoforte (from 1817) and this Broadwood is similar in every detail to the instrument owned by Beethoven. This fortepiano featured 6 octaves C-C and has more the character of a grand piano than the earlier fortepianos. London-based Thomas Broadwood was one of the most renowned piano builders during the 19th Century. After meeting the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven in 1817 he decided to give him a fortepiano as a gift, which later became one of Beethoven’s favorite instruments.

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About Chris Maene

Chris Maene was born in 1953 and learned the craft of instrument making in the piano workshop of his parents, Albert Maene and Zulma Doutreloigne, in Ruiselede in Belgium. At the age of 16 Chris Maene made his first harpsichord and at the age 21 he built a copy of a Dulcken fortepiano from 1794.

His vast knowledge and interest were the beginning of Chris Maene’s current workshop, where he is assisted by 10 staff members, who each have their own specialty, to build and renovate a steadily growing selection of fortepianos and harpsichords. 

Today the Chris Maene Workshop is world famous for their unique handcrafted replicas of historical instruments as well as high end Grand Pianos. Chris Maene also collects historical keyboard instruments and his exclusive collection consists of approximately 200 different rare instruments. 


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