Signature Sound Banks

We are happy to provide you with exclusive Signature Sound Banks created by talented Nord artists from around the world.

Signature Sounds

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Nord Drum 3P

William Davis ND3P Bank

The gifted drummer/producer William Davis has created an exclusive sound bank for Nord Drum 3P for Gospel, Hip-Hop, RnB and Country music. The sound bank includes 20 kits.

Nord Drum 3P

Axel Fagerberg ND3P Bank

Swedish percussionist Axel Fagerberg has created a sound bank for Nord Drum 3P focusing on special effects and creative soundscapes. The Axel Fagerberg Bank includes 21 kits.

Nord Drum 3P

Albin Westerlind ND3P Bank

Albin Westerlind, a Swedish composer and keyboard player, has created a sound bank for the Nord Drum 3P inspired by 80s music.