Nord Stage 3

Docskim Sound Bank

Docskim Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 contains a wide selection of sounds - inspired by neo soul, hip hop, jazz, gospel, film scores, video game soundtracks. Cinematic pianos, smooth and funky EPs, phat basses, warm pads, soaring leads and more.

Docskim Soundbank


The Korean-American producer, keyboardist, and composer Docskim is working as a producer and live keyboardist for BTS. His influences are neo soul, hip hop, jazz, gospel, film scores, and video game soundtracks.

"The patches I made for my Nord Stage 3 soundbank are inspired by a little piece of everything that I like. Cinematic pianos, Smooth and funky EPs, Phat basses, Wide pads, and Soaring leads."


  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Nord Sound Manager.
  2. Connect the Nord Stage 3 to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. In Nord Sound Manager select the Program tab and select an empty bank from the Bank dropdown menu.
  4. Drag the Bundle file onto the Program area. Optionally use the Sound Down/Bundle Down icon of the Nord Sound Manager toolbar and browse to the folder or bundle in the dialog.