Elka Rhapsody


The Rhapsody String synthesizer was built from 1975 till 1980 by the italian company Elka. It was one of the more widely spread string machines at its time. The list of users includes acts like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Supertramp and several others.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip by Åke Danielson. Including: CE20 Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway (Synth) / CE20 Horn (Synth) / Elka Rhapsody Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway / Crumar Performer Strings / SK20 Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway.

Sound list

  • Elka Rhapsody BR
  • Elka Rhapsody EPStrings BR
  • Elka Rhapsody Strings 2 BR