The Korgs - Delta, Lambda, Trident, PE1000


Korg Delta from 1979 is an analog semi-polyphonic string machine/synthesizer. Though limited in the range of sounds compared with other synthesizers of the same genre, the quality of the sound from this little beastie makes it into something of a marvel of its time.

The string sounds are very basic but with it's separate outputs and when mixed together with the polysynth you do get that classic 'layered' sound which is useful enough. The Delta has been used by the Human League, Flock of Seagulls, Ladytron and many more.

The Korg Lambda ES50 is a vintage poly-ensemble type synthesizer with slightly editable preset orchestral sounds. It is divided into two sections: The Percussion set includes pianos, clavis and harmonics; The Ensemble section has Brass, Strings, Organ and Choruses.

The mighty Korg Trident had a synth, a string and a brass section, which could be used simultaneously. We've sampled the strings and the brass and some combinations. Famous users: Rick Wakeman and Joe Zawinul.

The Korg Polyphonic Ensemble PE1000 was a 61-note electronic piano some control over its sound, but with a single oscillator per note, no touch-sensitivity, and just a single filter and envelope for the whole keyboard. Nonetheless, the PE1000 was soon to be seen in some respected company; Vangelis used one, as did Jean-Michel Jarre.

Sound demos

Soundclip by Åke Danielson. Trident Brass 1 / DeltaSyStrgMx1R FX: FLANG1 / Delta Stings16EQF FX: CHOR1 / Delta Stings1684RESO / DeltaSyStrgMx11 FX: CHOR1 / PE1000 PAD FX: FLANG1 / Trident Brass 2 FX: FLANG1 / DeltaSyStrgMx1L. All with some reverb.

Sound list

  • Delta Strings16 EQF BR
  • Delta Strings168 EQHi BR
  • Delta Synth16Reso BR
  • Delta Synth1684Reso BR
  • Delta SynthWave16 BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix1L BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix1R BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix3L BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix3R BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix5L BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix5R BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix6L BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix6R BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix9 BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix11 BR
  • Delta SyStrgMix12 BR
  • PE1000 EP BR
  • PE1000 Pad BR
  • Lambda Brass wEns BR_ste
  • Lambda Chorus wEns BR_ste
  • Lambda Clavinet wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda Combi 1 BR_ste
  • Lambda Combi 2 BR_ste
  • Lambda Combi 3 BR_ste
  • Lambda Combi 4 BR_ste
  • Lambda EP50Click BR
  • Lambda EP50Click wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda EP100Click wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda EPClavi Combi wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda Harmonics wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda Organ wEns BR_ste
  • Lambda Piano wChorus BR_ste
  • Lambda Strings1 wEns BR_ste
  • Lambda Strings2 wEns BR_ste
  • Trident Brass 1 16 BR
  • Trident Brass 1 16C BR
  • Trident Brass 2 168 BR
  • Trident Combi 1 BR
  • Trident Combi 2 BR
  • Trident Combi 3 BR
  • Trident Combi 4 BR
  • Trident Strings 1 16 BR
  • Trident Strings 1 168 BR
  • Trident Strings 1684 BR