Roland VP-330


The Roland VP-330 is considered to be a very desirable vocoder, but we've sampled its synthesizer section for its nice voice and string sounds.

Here is an excerpt from Roland's info-sheet from 1979: ''The String section produces orchestral string sounds that are silky and warm feeling, and most importantly, consistent throughout the entire length of the keyboard.''

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson). (Including: RMI Electra Lute / VP-330-Male4Female4_01 / Logan String Melody II Viola+Violin (Strings) / RMI Electra Piano acc / VP-330-FullvoiceEns - Chorus+Rev added halfway)

Sound list

  • VP-330-Strings_Large PH
  • VP-330-Strings_XLarge PH
  • VP-330-Strings
  • VP-330-Fullvoice
  • VP-330-FullvoiceEns
  • VP-330-Male4Female4
  • VP-330-Male8
  • VP-330-Male8Female4Ens
  • VP-330-StringsVoiceEns