Godwin Symphony


The Goodwin 849 Symphony is a rare Italian analog synth "String Machine" from the mid 70's that sounds warm, sweet and dirty. The chorus and tremolo swirl made every sound beautifully analogue in its unique way.

Notes: Concert is a Chorus Effect. Organ Classic is assigned to ignore Velocity.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson). All sounds with some reverb, GSym ViolaCl has some slight Flang1 added.

Sound list

  • GSym Brass1
    (Brass 1 Concert)
  • GSym Combi1
    (Brass Who, Cello 16' and Viola 8' Concert Combination)
  • GSym Cello1
    (Cello 16' Concert)
  • GSym Combi2
    (Cello 16', Viola 8' and Brass 3 Concert Combination)
  • GSym Combi3
    (Cello 16', Viola 8', Violin 4' and Brass 3 Concert Combination)
  • GSym OrganCl
    (Organ Classic)
  • GSym Viola1
    (Viola 8' Bright Concert)
  • GSym VCombi1
    (Viola 8', Violin Concert Combination)
  • GSym ViolaCl
    (Viola 8' Classic)