The Nord Factory

The Nord factory is located in the creative area of Stockholm called SoFo, in the district of Södermalm. It occupies three stories of an old industrial brick building close to the major music shop district and is brimming with creativity.

Nord Factory-4

All our instruments are built by hand in our Stockholm Factory - this is how we do it!
Our R&D team can spawn a completely new instrument from an informal discussion; members of the production crew then add their talent and improvements that have made many successful products even better.

As there's only a short walk between production and development, we can communicate very fast and easy. This helps us correct production problems early on, even as early as during the prototype process.

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Our Quality Control starts at the very first production station. As soon as two parts are assembled together, they are given an identity, which will follow this particular instrument for all of its life. Everything we need to know about a certain unit is entered automatically into a database. This ensures that we can track down any issue that presents itself during the lifespan of any given product.

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Each and every unit is thoroughly tested before it is shipped out to our worldwide distribution network. The heat test that we run for 48 hours will invariably reveal if there's any internal component not performing as expected. Every key, knob and button is then operated several times in our custom made Quality Control testing rigs before a unit is considered ready to ship.

Nord Factory

The Nord keyboards are assembled by hand by a very dedicated and skilful crew. There are many smiles and happy faces at the factory in a relaxed but focused atmosphere. Most of our staff are active musicians. We definitely do have a stellar material for a great company band.

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Nord Factory Tour

Get a glimpse of the factory in Stockholm where all Nord keyboards are made.