T.L. Mazumdar

Nominated for German Jazz Awards 'Bremer Jazzpreis 2012' and 'Future Sounds Jazz Award 2014’, the Indian-German Singer-Songwriter/Composer-Producer has been called ‘...a major talent' by Jack Douglas (Producer: Miles Davis/John Lennon) and one who ‘’...personifies multiculturalism like few others do’’ by Rolling Stone Magazine.

TL Mazumdar

In the past decade he has toured international Jazz-Festivals in Asia and Europe, collaborated onstage and in the studio with award-winning Producers and musicians from around the globe, composed for film and Theater and been included on the first official Anthology of Indian Electronic Artists (HUB-Indian Electronica Yearbook Project) together with the likes of Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney and Karsh Kale. T.L. currently lives and works between Germany, UK and India.


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