Nord Stage 4 - Update History

v0.98 (2023-03-17)

  • Fixed bug where if Foot pedal Prog Inc/Dec was used from inside menus a system failure, requiring reboot, could occur
  • The CC filter in the MIDI menu controlled program change instead of automation. Fixed
  • Layer Init: Soft buttons now behave just like other soft buttons (no timeout)
  • When controlling Rotary speed using morph (Wheel/Ctrl Ped), speed was changed using acceleration. Fixed
  • Rotary speaker Morph, using Wheel or Ctrl Ped would not always work as expected. Fixed
  • Rotary Speaker Level is backed off by -3dB to compensate for the new overdrive
  • Copy/Paste of Envelopes now possible
  • Fix bug where pressing Page Inc/Dec while storing Presets iterated Programs
  • Page buttons now step to beginning of Bank in Preset Library (Page buttons change Banks rather than Pages in the Preset Library)

v0.96 (2023-02-27)

  • Various updates related to production test routines
  • Pressing "Cancel" from "Store Program To" did not correctly restore Program name, if having navigated to other Program. Fixed
  • Fixed a number of issues related to copy and paste of Programs
  • Certain menu pages had incorrect numbering. Fixed

v0.94 (2023-02-23)

  • Adjusted character of Rotary Speaker Drive
  • Fixed bug where Mod Wheel, Control Pedal and other controllers could generated unrelated, outgoing MIDI data
  • With Layer Scene Pedal mode turned on, Tap Tempo pedal function would also be active. Fixed
  • Piano: Pedal Down to Up sound transitions in upper, non-damped ranged was too slow. Fixed
  • Adjusted phase for Triangle waveform in LFO
  • Minor graphical updates to Synth display
  • Adjustments to Piano Unison detune values and behaviour
  • Fixed issue with sample engine which could cause incorrect tuning
  • Layer/Effects focus now switches to Organ when entering Organ Preset Library
  • Program Level function in Sound Menu now works correctly with both Layer Scenes
  • Vibrato Pedal function now works as expected

v0.92 (2023-02-03)

  • Incorrect Program name could be shown when exiting Live mode. Fixed
  • Fixed issue where sound of loaded preset at times did not correspond with panel settings
  • Improved handling of sustain/triple pedal identification
  • Adjusted waveform balance of the Vox Sine/Saw drawbar
  • Fixes to Layer Scene volume/audio Off handling
  • Fixed issue where first stroke after program load could have too soft velocity
  • Fixed Triple Pedal menu heading
  • Various fixes and updates related to production procedures

v0.90 (2023-01-23)

  • First public OS release