Haywyre Signature Sound Bank


We're thrilled to release 25 exclusive patches for Nord Wave 2 designed by electronic producer/keyboardist Haywyre. The sound bank incorporates influences of genres such as electronic, house, jazz and contemporary dance music combining both samples, virtual analog, wavetable and FM synthesis.

Grammy nominated Haywyre is the solo project of Martin Vogt, a US based keyboardist/producer blending electronic vibes with a unique blend of funk-infused dance music. Inspired by an eclectic range of sounds like Herbie Hancock, Flying Lotus, and KOAN Sound, Haywyre’s vision pairs his piano performance effortlessly with his wicked take on contemporary dance music. Read more about Haywyre



    Haywyre Signature Sound Bank.zip Haywyre Nord Wave 2 Program Bank (25 sounds)
    Haywyre Signature Sound Bank Bundle Haywyre Nord Wave 2 Program Bundle (25 sounds)



    • If you've got the original Factory Bank in your Wave 2, download the Program file.
    • If you've replaced samples in your Wave 2, download the Bundle file that contain both Programs and samples.
    1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Nord Sound Manager.
    2. Connect the Nord Wave 2 to your computer with a USB cable.
    3. In Nord Sound Manager select the Program tab and select an empty bank from the Bank dropdown menu.
    4. Drag the Haywyre Signature Sound Bank onto the Program area of the Nord Sound Manager.