Sound Collections

Curated essential sounds organized into inspiring collections across various categories and genres.

Sound Collections

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Spitfire String Quintet

The Spitfire String Quintet is a world class collection full of character and detail, covering all essential articulations. With its unique authentic and intimate sound, the Spitfire String Quintet adds a new palette of high-end samples to the Nord Sample Library.


The Symphobia Strings collection contains a unique selection of outstanding symphonic strings from true ensemble recordings of a full symphony orchestra. One of the finest and most authentic symphonic strings libraries available.


The phenomenal Swing Collection contains lively big bands, brilliant ensemble strings and authentic upright basses - a premium selection of samples from the acclaimed libraries by ProjectSAM.

Mellotron Essential Collection

This collection includes 63 of the most well-known and classic sounds from the original Mellotron sound library. These sounds were created using fresh tapes that had been printed from the original masters - utilized in a new Mellotron mkVI, state-of-the-art technology and original unused stock tape heads.

Mellotron Master Tapes - Rhythm Fills Collection

The Mellotron Rhythms and Fills produce charming sounds that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The Mellotron Rhythms and Fills were originally designed to allow anyone to sound like a professional musician with minimal effort.

Mellotron Master Tapes - Artist Collection

In the abandoned Mellotron storage facility in Birmingham, a number of extremely rare tapes were discovered. These sounds were custom made for bands like Roxy Music, Yes, Jack Bruce, Genesis, Tangerine Dream and Black Sabbath specially created for use on stage, covering both leads and sound effects.