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Nord Drum review Future Music


Verdict: 4,5/5 in Future Music issue 252, April 2012.

Playing the Nord Drum via a set of pads is a riot, and I can enthusiastically report that it unequivocally qualifies as an 'instrument' in every sense of the word, being responsive, dynamic and expressive. The range of sounds it can produce is quite amazing, from the authentically analogue to the suprisingly 'acoustic', the bangin' to the delicate, and the stridently industrial to the lavishly organic.
For acoustic drum reinforcement (particularly the kick drum), the Nord Drum could be the perfectly portable triggering solution that many drummers are looking for. I can think of no easier, cheaper way to add sub-bass, white noise and full-on analogue layers to a trigger-equipped kit than this.
A superb drum synth for drummers, percussionists and programmers alike....
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Nord Drum review - Sound On Sound


Review in Sound On Sound Magazine, August 2012

"The Nord Drum is no slouch when it comes to drum kit-style sounds, many of which are suprisingly acoustic sounding, but this is just a fraction of what it can do. There is an amazing array of drum and percussion sounds crammed into this tiny package, from the instantly recognisable to the truly indescribable! Every one, as you would expect from a product bearing the Nord name, is big, solid and sonically awesome".
"The Nord Drum offers everything you would expect from the Clavia we know today, giving access to deep, organic, analogue-style synthesis, but also drawing on Clavia Ddrum history with its trigger inputs and emphasis on live performance. It is an inspirational combination".
Review in Sound On Sound Magazine, August 2012