Nord Electro 2 - Update History


  • The sample format has changed to make it possible to include two of the grand pianos from the Nord Stage sample library into the Nord Electro's library. The two new grands are a Yamaha C7 and a Steinway D.
  • The Rotary Speaker simulation has been tuned to give a slightly brighter sound.
  • The organ and piano sections now have individual settings for the effects On/Off parameter. This makes it easier to use the Instrument Selector to switch between organ and piano sounds since the effects routing is remembered.
  • Three different settings for the Rotary Speaker acceleration and retardation was implemented. A setting of 1 corresponds to the previously used characteristic.


  • Reloading a Program with the instrument selector set to Organ and then changing the selector to Piano, didn't load the piano sound selected when the program originally was stored.
  • Setting the organ split point manually didn't always work.
  • A small bug regarding the Clavinet filters was fixed.

! Important notice

When updating from OS v1.x and v2.X you will have to download and re-install the Electro 2 pianos as well.