Nord Electro 5 Update History

v2.02 (2021-05-05)

  • Clicks/artifacts could occur when changing from programs using version 6 pianos. Fixed.

v2.00 (2019-02-12)

  • Added support for version 6 .npno files
  • Audible clipping could occur in Rotary effect, under certain circumstances. Fixed.

v1.44 (2018-04-19)

  • Spare part compatibility update

v1.42 (2017-03-07)

  • Fixed bug where instrument could get stuck in Set List mode if performing an OS update in Set List mode

v1.40 (2017-01-24)

  • Fixed bug where Long/Soft Release would not work as expected with Synth Pianos

v1.30 (2016-04-13)

  • Swell and volume weren't handled separately for upper and lower parts over MIDI. Fixed.
  • In MIDI Upper split mode, swell and volume reacts via MIDI regardless of the "CTRLPED on/off" setting. This enables the use of an external expression pedal that can control upper part while lower part is controlled by internal pedal.
  • MIDI CC#11 (ControlPedal) now controls Organ swell, Effect1 Ctrl and piano/sampler volume. CC#4 also works for organ swell, and CC#7 for volume.
  • Fixed bug where dirty '*' was not preserved correctly when switching between program buffers in set list mode.
  • Changing from a program with organ drawbar live enabled, to a program with organ live disabled would sound like the second program had live enabled, if in Set List mode. Fixed.
  • Debounce algorithm added for switch type pedals.
  • Param hint for Pan/Trem is now a simple 0.0 -> 10.0 instead of in Hz.
  • Dirty flag did not always show after program parameter edit. Fixed.
  • Memory Protect now also disables Organize.
  • Entering the KB Split or Transpose displays, from a menu page would still indicate the previous menu page by blinking LED. Fixed.

v1.28 (2015-12-15)

  • Added Set List partition functionality with Nord Sound Manager (v6.80 or later required)
  • For Piano Upper, a sustain handling bug could cause stalls/latency. Fixed. Thanks to Michael R for reporting and testing!
  • Some configurations of dual organ and EQ would produce sonic results that were out of sync with what was displayed by the panel. Fixed.
  • The Sustain Pedal=Auto check would not immediately sense and set the correct value. Fixed.
  • Switching between Open/Closed values for sustain pedal would require pedal interaction to initialize correct behaviour. Fixed.
  • At startup, when rotary control type was set to "Closed", the pedal would be interpreted as "Open". Fixed.
  • With certain samples, exhausting polyphony in certain registers could cause audible defects. Fixed. Thanks to Michael R for reporting!

v1.24 (2015-08-20)

  • In B3 mode, notes held on the keyboard while KB Split was engaged would sound layered until released. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug where performing a "Clean Deleted Space" command on Sample partition from Nord Sound Manager caused the Sample Synth to produce noise when playing.
  • ​Clavinet Mic settings (A-D) could affect synth or organ sounds in certain situations. Fixed.

v1.22 (2015-06-24)

  • Fixed bug introduced with v1.20 where cleaning deleted files from Nord Sound Manager could cause NE5 to hang. Having Organ+Synth enabled would affect .NPNO operations and having Organ+Piano enabled would affect .NSMP operations.
  • When re-organizing programs, set lists would sometimes reference the wrong programs.
  • ​Changing the Leslie type while using another amp or tube (HiFi) distortion would cause unexpected behaviours.

v1.20 (2015-06-17)

  • Fixed bug where LED drawbars used the wrong start value, when making adjustments, first time after loading a Program.
  • Fixed bug where pedal control for Effect 1 wasn't properly initialized when changing programs.
  • When B3 organ is used in a MIDI split either of the two manuals can have percussion activated. Only one at a time though.
  • Part Upper now supports MIDI Pitch Bend from external keyboard, when in MIDI Split mode. 
  • New System menu: "Sustain Pedal Mode: [Sustain/Sustain+Rotor Hold/Sustain+Rotor Toggle]".
  • New MIDI menu: "Transpose MIDI At: [MIDI In/MIDI Out]". Determines whether transposition is applied at MIDI In or Out.
  • In MIDI split receive mode, the Sustped LED now indicates whether internal sustain pedal is active on the externally controlled part.
  • Changed the appearance of the store screen.
  • The OS version string seen at start up wasn't properly centered. 
  • Fixed bug where the percent view on menu screen "Control Pedal Type" was not shown correctly.

v1.10 (2015-05-13)

  • B3+Bass mode expanded with 12 Tone-wheels for extended Bass range
  • Improved Menu layout for better overview
  • Inactive sound sources are no longer displayed but are shown briefly when stepping through the available sound sources.
  • When entering Set List mode, the song is now always reloaded
  • Improved Sample info screen
  • Complete file status is now reported back to Sound Manager for nsmp files (version not supported) 
  • Fixed bug where broken pianos/samples were not displayed at startup
  • Fixed bug which could cause sampler clicks when using "Filter Vel"
  • Fixed bug where button where the transpose menu could "stick" depending on in which way the buttons was released
  • Fixed bug where smooth mutes were sometimes missing when changing song item focus, or when changing between program and live mode
  • Fixed bug causing Mono-Piano's to click


First OS release