Nord Sample Library Archive

nord sample library

Here you can find all of our first generation Nord Sample Library samples.


The desired sounds are transferred to your Nord Sample Library compatible instrument with the simple to use Nord Sound Manager.

Size does matter!

Our sample playback engine uses a highly efficient lossless compression algorithm that makes it possible for us to fit more and larger sized samples in the memory of the units, without compromising the sound quality.

How to add these samples to your Nord unit

  • Download the archive and unzip them to the computer hard drive.
  • Connect your Nord instrument to your computer and launch the Nord Sound Manager.
  • Open the Samp Lib tab in the Manager.
  • Enable the Organize option to see all the available memory locations.
  • Drag a sample file from the hard drive to an empty location in the list of Sample Instruments in the Samp Lib tab.
  • Select Samp Lib and the sample with the Type and Model buttons on the Electro 3/4 panel or as a waveform for the Osc2 in the Nord Wave or Stage 2.
  • Use the Samp Init function on the Nord Wave by pressing Shift + Vibrato to initialize the synth to the settings the sample creator have chosen. This is done automatically on the Electro 3/4 when a sample is selected.

Descriptions in the file names

We use certain abbreviations in the last part of the file names, to give us (and you) information about certain qualities of a sound. Here is a brief description of some of these naming conventions that you can find in these files:

  • Vib - Vibrato
  • HighVib - more pronounced vibrato
  • ste - This indicates that the Sample Instrument is in stereo
  • Marc - Marcato
  • SR - these samples are licensed from Sonic Reality
  • KH - these samples are licensed from Kirk Hunter Studios
  • PS - these samples are licensed from Precision Sound
  • ST - these samples are licensed from Sample Tekk
  • BR - these samples are licensed from Back in Time Records
  • PH - these were made for us by Pontus Henrikson