Boska Bank


Jon-Eirik Boska is a Norwegian drummer and producer residing in Berlin. He releases house and electronic music under the Boska moniker, as well as playing drums for a range of Norwegian and international acts. He's been involved with Nord Drum since its very first rendition, and has previously made a great number of presets, videos, sound demos and performances with the Nord Drum instruments.

In his sound bank for the Nord Drum 2, he takes advantage of the latest features of the new OS, as well as presenting a collection of his favorite sounds from the drum synth - from classic drum machine sounds, via a range of acoustic-sounding drums, to all kinds of in-between sound effects and lo-fi experiments.

Please note that the Boska Bank requires Nord Drum 2 OS v3.00 or later. 

Use the Nord Drum 2 Manager to transfer the bank to your Nord Drum 2.

50 kits in total