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Introducing the Pearl Upright

Exclusive upright piano with a warm, shimmering sound


We are delighted to release the Pearl Upright, an old and soulful upright piano with a slightly mellow, warm and shimmering tone.

This beautifully handcrafted instrument is of German origin and adds another unique vintage character to our exclusive Nord Piano Library. 

Download for free and listen to sound demos here

Blush Response Sound Bank

Exclusive signature sounds for Nord Wave 2!


The Blush Response Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2 is an exclusive new patch collection created by the industrial techno artist and sound designer Blush Response.

"I really wanted to explore the different sides of the Wave 2 than you would normally hear. I would say these sounds are very useful for science fiction, industrial sounds and techno. There is a lot of sequencing, FM textures and just stuff on the outer realms of what is acceptable for sound"

The sound bank contains 25 signature sounds including industrial ambient pads, dystopian soundscapes, harsh drones, creative sequencing and experimental FM sounds.  

Download the Blush Response Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2

Kevin Powell Sound Bank

Exclusive new patches for Nord Electro 6


We are thrilled to release an exclusive new sound bank for Nord Electro 6 designed by the renowned gospel musician Kevin Powell. This brand new patch collection features 16 signature sounds incorporating influences from gospel, neo-soul and funk. 

"If I had to give it a would be like a tribute sound bank for all the people who paved the way for me, who have influenced me whether it be different artists or family members. I have come up with a whole lot of different things that you can use in different aspects, whether you're in church, whether you play a jazz or a neo-soul gig or just want to play some straight up funk!

Download the Kevin Powell Sound Bank for Nord Electro 6

Dave Mackay Sound Bank

Exclusive new signature sounds for Nord Stage 3


We are excited to offer an exclusive new patch collection for Nord Stage 3 created by the brilliant keyboardist/producer Dave Mackay (Art Garfunkel, Plini, Lapsley, Pomplamoose)!

"I wanted to make a sound bank that kind of represents all the genres that I'm interested in, so the sounds in here are for electronic producers, ambient composing, pop music and even for like a;jazz trio"

The sound bank contains 25 signature patches including powerful arpeggios, punchy pop pianos, evolving pads and much more. 

Download the Dave Mackay Signature Sound Bank for free

NORD LIVE: São Paulo Sessions

featuring some of the finest keyboard players in Brazil!


We are proud to release the first Brazilian NORD LIVE session ever featuring some of the most renowned keyboard players in the country!

The São Paulo Sessions feature fantastic performances from Filipe Martins, Salomão Soares, Mari Jacintho, Daniel Silveira, Marcus Abjaud and Deusnir Souza. Recorded live at Estúdio Da Pa Virada, São Paulo, Brazil.

The opening episode features the excellent Filipe Martins performing "Mudancas" accompanied by Davi Henrique on bass and Lucas Alves on drums. Read more

Brandon Coleman Sound Bank

Exclusive new signature sounds for Nord Wave 2


We are excited to offer 25 exclusive signature patches for Nord Wave 2 created by the LA based keyboardist/arranger Brandon Coleman!

The signature bank includes ambient piano patches, experimental soundscapes, beautiful cinematic strings and vintage synths, all based on the Wave 2 factory sounds. 

Brandon Coleman is a renowned keyboardist based in Los Angeles, CA. A regular fixture with Babyface, Donald Glover, Flying Lotus, and Kamasi Washington’s band, Coleman represents a new chapter in the evolution of jazz and funk fusion.

Download the Brandon Coleman Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2

Introducing the Felt Upright

Unique new felt piano with a soft, warm and delicate sound!


We are happy to release the Felt Upright - a medium sized upright piano fitted with felt between the hammers and strings to provide a soft, warm and delicate piano sound.

With its dreamy, ambient feel the Felt Upright adds a unique new character to our exclusive Nord Piano Library!

Download for free and listen to sound demos here

NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions

Exclusive live performances from Blue Dream Studios in Los Angeles!


Introducing NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions - an exclusive live session series featuring a phenomenal line-up of keyboard players from the LA area.

In November we headed to Los Angeles and Blue Dream Studios to record another amazing NORD LIVE session directed by MD/Producer Daniel Weatherspoon. The LA Sessions feature exceptional performances from Brandon Coleman, Rachel Eckroth, Julian "J3PO" Pollack, Michael Bereal & Bennett Paysinger, Dave Mackay and Rai Thistlethwayte. 

The opening episode features Brandon Coleman performing "Giant Feelings" backed by our brilliant house band. Read more

SynthSei Signature Sound Bank

Exclusive new patches for Nord Wave 2


We're excited to release 25 exclusive patches for Nord Wave 2 designed by the renowned keyboardist/producer Sean "SynthSei" Alexander. The sound bank features a wide range of brilliant patches based on the Wave 2 factory sounds and incorporates influences of Gospel, RnB and Pop music.

Sean “SynthSei” Alexander is based in Boston and has worked with artists such as John P. Kee, Teddy Riley, Jordan Knight (NKOTB), Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Teyana Taylor, Brian McKnight, and many more. 

Download the SynthSei Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2

OS Update for Nord Grand

Improved piano and MIDI velocity curves


The new Grand OS v1.60 contains updates related to piano and MIDI velocity curves. See Update history for a complete list of changes. 
Download the Nord Grand OS v1.60 here!