Nord World

NORD LIVE: São Paulo Sessions: Filipe Martins ft Daniel Silveira


Brilliant duo performance from Filipe Martins and Daniel Silveira in this new episode of NORD LIVE: São Paulo Sessions!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina Trío ft. Jose Irarragorri


Another great performance from Jesús Molina and his trio ft. Jose Irarragorri performing "Cumbialada" live at Infinity Estudios, Madrid.



We round off our LA Sessions by releasing the complete event featuring all amazing performances plus one unreleased song - Michael Bereal & Bennett Paysinger "Can´t Give Up Now"

NORD LIVE: Danae Greenfield - Flutterby


Check out the amazing Danae Greenfield Quintet performing "Flutterby" live at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Natalie Tenenbaum


The final video from the Nord booth 2022 features the amazing Natalie Tenenbaum with special guest Eitan Kenner. 

Nord at NAMM 2022: Rai Thistlethwayte


The brilliant Rai Thistlethwayte performs "Til the Lights Come On" live at the Nord booth at NAMM 2022...check this out!

NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions: Marcus Abjaud


This sixth episode of NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions features the renowned keyboardist/musical director/producer Marcus Abjaud!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Robi Botos


Robi Botos delivers a phenomenal live performance at the Nord booth.  

Nord at NAMM 2022: Jonathan Huber


Check out Jonathan Huber live from the Nord booth at NAMM 2022!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Doobie Powell


Excellent performance by Doobie Powell ft. Kevin Powell live at the Nord booth at NAMM!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Kevin Powell


Kevin Powell plays some funky stuff live at the Nord booth with guest appearance from Ji Nelson. Check this out! 

Nord at NAMM 2022: Jesús Molina Trío


The phenomenal Jesús Molina Trio performing live at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2022!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Michael Bereal


The great Michael Bereal jamming out at the Nord booth with guest appereance from Ji Nelson!

Nord at NAMM 2022: Julian "J3PO" Pollack


Amazing performance from Julian "J3PO" Pollack live at the Nord booth at NAMM 2022. 

Nord at NAMM 2022: Haeinsane


Check out the brilliant Haeinsane performing live at the Nord booth at NAMM 2022!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina Trío - Guadalquivir / Tiburon


The excellent Jesús Molina Trío performs "Guadalquivir / Tiburon" live at Infinity Estudios, Madrid in this brand new episode!

NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions: Deusnir Souza


The fifth episode of NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions features the excellent Deusnir Souza!

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions: J3PO ft. Rai Thistlethwayte


Check out this phenomenal duet featuring Julian "J3PO" Pollack and Rai Thistlethwayte live at Blue Dream Studios, LA!

NORD LIVE: Danae Greenfield - Dreamloop


Another brilliant performance from Danae Greenfield Quintet live at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn!

NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions: Daniel Silveira


The fourth episode of NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions features the renowned keyboardist/producer Daniel Silveira!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina Trío - Saviour


Brand new session episode featuring the incredible Jesús Molina and his trio live at Infinity Estudios, Madrid...check this out!

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions: Daniel Weatherspoon


The great Daniel Weatherspoon performs "Boston Ave" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions!

NORD LIVE: Danae Greenfield - Shelter


Danae Greenfield Quintet performing "Shelter" live at the Bunker Studio in this new episode of NORD LIVE. 

NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions: Salomão Soares


The third episode of NORD LIVE: The São Paulo sessions features the acclaimed jazz pianist Salomão Soares and his trio with Felipe Brisola on bass and Cuca Teixeira on drums! 

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions: Rai Thistlethwayte


The phenomenal Rai Thistlethwayte performs his funky tune "The Story so Far" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions!

Introducing NORD LIVE ft. Danae Greenfield!


This brand new NORD LIVE series features the phenomenal Brooklyn-based keyboardist Danae Greenfield (Clairo, Johan Legend, Ben Platt, Fatai) and her electronic quintet live at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Starting off with Danae's tune "Dolores 9000". Check it out!   

NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions: Mari Jacintho


The second episode of NORD LIVE: São Paulo sessions features the amazing Mari Jacintho performing "Jacynths 80s"...check this out!

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions: Dave Mackay


The brilliant Dave Mackay performing his tune "Prophecies" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions!

Synthsei showcasing his patches for Nord Wave 2


Sean "Synthsei" Alexander showcasing some of his signature patches for Nord Wave 2 in this new video.  All sounds are available for free download here

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions: Michael Bereal & Bennett Paysinger


The acclaimed gospel duo Michael Bereal and Bennett Paysinger performing "Pasadena Soul" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions!

NORD LIVE: Joshua Domfeh - Sunday Morning


Another brilliant performance from British keyboardist Joshua Domfeh and band in this brand new episode of NORD LIVE…check this out! 

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions - Rachel Eckroth


Grammy-nominated pianist Rachel Eckroth performs her tune "Palms" in this third episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions. 

NORD LIVE: Joshua Domfeh - City Lights


Phenomenal performance from British keyboardist Joshua Domfeh and band in this new episode of NORD LIVE! Recorded live at Sound Technology Studios, UK. 

Nord Sample Editor 4 - a creative guide


Check out this brand new Nord Sample Editor 4 tutorial showing how to easily create, edit and transfer your own sample instrument to a Nord keyboard. This tutorial was produced by Sound Technology. 

NORD LIVE: LA Sessions - Julian "J3PO" Pollack


Check out this second episode of NORD LIVE: The LA Sessions featuring the excellent Julian "J3PO” Pollack! 

NORD LIVE: Joshua Domfeh - Essence


Beautiful performance from British keyboardist Joshua Domfeh and band in this new episode of NORD LIVE! 

NORD LIVE: Dominic J Marshall - Vampires' Farm


Dominic J Marshall performs "Vampires' Farm" featuring Luke Wynter on bass and Zoe Pascal on drums in this new episode of NORD LIVE!

NORD LIVE: Joshua Domfeh


We are thrilled to release the first NORD LIVE episode featuring British keyboard ace Joshua Domfeh! This new session series contains incredible live performances by the London-based keyboard player and his band, blending contemporary gospel music and jazz. Recorded live at Sound Technology Studios, UK, November 2021

NORD LIVE: Dominic J Marshall - Boondocks


London-based keyboardist Dominic J Marshall performs "Boondocks" accompanied by Luke Wynter and Zoe Pascal. 

Jesús Molina plays Nord Piano 5 - Smooth EP Layers


In this third episode Jesús Molina combines our EP1 MKI with a classic Dyno setting and Ballad EP1 for a rich, smooth sound.

NORD LIVE: Dominic J Marshall - Still Beats


Dominic J Marshall performs "Still Beats" backed by Luke Wynter and Zoe Pascal. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Thankfulness


Jesús Molina and band perform "Thankfulness" in this last episode of our exclusive NORD LIVE from Altar Audio in Bogota! 

NORD LIVE: Dominic J Marshall


We are excited to release this brand new session featuring London-based pianist/producer Dominic J Marshall (Cinematic Orchestra)! Marshall delivers brilliant performances blending jazz, electronica and hip-hop, accompanied by Luke Wynter on bass and Zoe Pascal on drums. Recorded live at Sound Technology Studios, UK, November 2021.

Jesus Molina plays Nord Piano 5 - Layered Grands


Jesús Molina plays some funky stuff combining the Bright Grand & Digi Grand 2 in the Nord Piano 5

Nord Wave 2 sessions: Shunsuke Watanabe


The acclaimed Japanese keyboard player Shunsuke Watanabe performs a brilliant improvised piece on the Nord Wave 2. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Kadoshin


Another incredible performance by Jesús Molina and his band from our NORD LIVE at Altar Audio in Bogota, Colombia.

Yuki Kishida showcasing the Nord Wave 2


Renowned Japanese keyboardist/composer Yuki Kishida showcasing some brilliant patches on the Nord Wave 2!  

Jesus Molina plays Nord Piano 5 - Acoustic Piano Layers


In this opening episode Jesús Molina uses a beautiful layered patch combining our Mozart Fortepiano and Baby Upright. 

Docskim - kinG


Docskim (BTS, Seo Taiji) performs "kinG" using some of the patches from his Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Agape


Jesús Molina and his band perform "Agape" in this brilliant new episode of NORD LIVE! Recorded live in Bogota, Colombia January, 2021.

NORD LIVE: Funk Jam feat. DominiqueXavier & Swatkins


Brilliant jam session featuring DominiqueXavier, Steve" Swatkins" Watkins, Robert "Sput" Searight and Brandon Brown. Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Saad Keys - Walter


Moroccan-French multi-instrumentalist Saad Keys combines the Chris Maene replica of the historical Anton Walter Fortepiano with Nord's sampled versions - in a fusion blending groove, world music and electronica. Recorded live at Piano Maene, Ruiselede, Belgium, March 2021.

NORD LIVE: Mr Klynik - Long Drive Home


Check out "Long Drive Home" from LA native Javad "Mr Klynik" Day! Recorded live in Blue Dream Studios, LA

NORD LIVE: Swatkins feat. Dominique Xavier - Jam


Check out Swatkins and DominiqueXavier jamming out together at the Blue Dream Studios!

Docskim - Coping.


Check out Docskim using some of the patches from his Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 in "Coping."!

NORD LIVE: Saad Keys - Broadwood


Check out this unique session featuring Moroccan-French multi-instrumentalist Saad Keys combining the historical Chris Maene pianos with Nord's sampled versions - in a fusion blending groove, world music and electronica. Recorded live at Piano Maene, Ruiselede, Belgium, March 2021.

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Departing


The amazing Jesús Molina and his band perform "Departing" in this new episode of NORD LIVE! Recorded live in Bogota, Colombia January, 2021.

NORD LIVE: Mr Klynik - Stank Face


Renowned producer/musical director Javad "Mr Klynik" Day (Ciara, JLO, Kanye West, Ricky Martin, Chaka Khan, Prince, Backstreet Boys) performs "Stank Face" live at Blue Dream Studios, LA. Check this out!

Docskim - SKIM FUNK


Check out Docskim using some of the patches from his new Docskim Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3!

NORD LIVE: Nigel Hall - Don't be Afraid (Outro)


Check out "Don't Be Afraid (Outro)" by the amazing New Orleans-based soul maestro Nigel Hall with his eminent friends! Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA.

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Pichi


The amazing Jesús Molina and his band perform "Pichi" in this new episode of NORD LIVE! Recorded live at Altar Audio, Bogota, Colombia January, 2021.

NORD LIVE: DominiqueXavier - Red Keyboard


Enjoy this wild jam "Red Keyboard" from DominiqueXavier (Ghost Note/Toto/Prince) and his super hero partners in funk!

NORD LIVE: Mr Klynik - Welcome To My Space


Renowned producer/musical director Javad "Mr Klynik" Day (Ciara, JLO, Kanye West, Ricky Martin, Chaka Khan, Prince, Backstreet Boys) performs "Welcome To My Space live at Blue Dream Studios, LA. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - Resurrection


Check out Jesús Molina perform "Resurrection" in this latest episode of the NORD LIVE sessions!

NORD LIVE: Nigel Hall - Don't Change for Me


Check out "Don't Change for Me" by the amazing New Orleans-based soul maestro Nigel Hall with his eminent friends! Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA

NORD LIVE: DominiqueXavier - Good Foot


Don't miss the brilliant jammy "Good Foot" from DominiqueXavier (Ghost Note/Toto/Prince) with his super hero partners in funk! Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA.

NORD LIVE: Mr Klynik - Groovin


We're proud to present the first episode of our session with LA native Javad "Mr Klynik" Day - a prominent arranger, producer and musical director that has worked with the likes of Ciara, Kanye West, Charlie Wilson, Chaka Khan, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Backstreet Boys.

NORD LIVE: Jesus Molina - Nada


Colombian prodigy Jesús Molina performs "Nada" in this latest NORD LIVE episode!

NORD LIVE: Nigel Hall Sessions - Too Sweet


The amazing New Orleans-based soul maestro Nigel Hall performs "Too Sweet" in this latest episode of NORD LIVE! Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA.

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions: Doobie Powell


The legendary Doobie Powell ft. Daniel Weatherspoon perform "Better" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

NORD LIVE: DominiqueXavier Sessions - About You


Enjoy the phenomenal DominiqueXavier (Ghost Note/Toto/Prince) perform "About You" with his amazing mates Robert ”Sput” Searight (drums), Brandon Brown (bass) and Mackenzie Green (backing vocals). Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA

Nord Speedy Tutorials nr 200!


In case you've missed out on the brilliant "Nord Speedy Tutorials" from our UK distributor Sound Technology, they just posted the 200th tutorial! Check out their zippy, bite-sized tutorials for Piano 5, Wave 2, Electro 6, Grand, Stage 3 and much more on their YouTube-channel!

NORD LIVE: Philly Sessions: Natalie Tenenbaum - 2019


Check out the incredible Natalie Tenenbaum perform "2019" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

NORD LIVE: Nigel Hall Sessions - Gotta Go to Work


Check out the amazing Nigel Hall perform "Gotta Go to Work" in this latest NORD LIVE episode!

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina Sessions - 1930


Incredible duo improvisation by Jesús Molina and drummer Nicko Guerrero from our exclusive NORD LIVE session in Bogota, Colombia. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Nigel Hall Sessions - Wake Me


Dont miss Nigel Hall's "Wake Me" in this lovely new live session with the New Orleans-based Soul Maestro! Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA.

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions: Kevin Powell ft. Daniel Weatherspoon - Please


The excellent Kevin Powell ft. Daniel Weatherspoon perform "Please" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!​

NORD LIVE: DominiqueXavier - Strong and Wrong


"Strong and Wrong" is first out in this fresh new live session with the phenomenal DominiqueXavier (Ghost Note/Toto/Prince), Recorded live at Blue Dream Studios, LA.

NORD LIVE: DOMi & JD Beck - Jump


We are thrilled to present this unique performance by the outstanding future-sonic jazz duo DOMi & JD Beck!

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions: Glenn Gibson Jr ft Joseph Pryor


The amazing Glenn Gibson Jr and Joseph Pryor perform "Can't Explain" in this brand new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

In memory of Parris Bowens


In memory of Parris Bowens 1980 - 2021. RIP.

NORD LIVE: Jesús Molina - CAF


Incredible new performance by Jesús Molina from our exlusive NORD LIVE session in Bogota, Colombia. Check this out! 

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions: Parris Bowens


Parris Bowens performs "You're Good" in this brilliant new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

NORD LIVE: Swatkins ft. Moorea Masa - Lost and Alive


Swatkins feat. Moorea Masa performs "Lost and Alive" live at Blue Dream Studios, LA. 

Michael Bereal plays the Nord Piano 5!


The legendary gospel keyboardist/producer Michael Bereal plays the brand new Nord Piano 5 at Blue Dream Studios in LA...check this out! 

NORD LIVE: Philly Sessions: HAEIN


Stunning performance by HAEIN ft Daniel Weatherspoon in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions! 

True Cuckoo samples an Upright for Nord Wave 2


Check out this inspiring tutorial by True Cuckoo showing how to sample an Upright piano for Nord Wave 2 using the Nord Sample Editor 3

NORD LIVE: Swatkins - Couldn't Hurt To Try


Swatkins performs a brilliant version of "Couldn't Hurt To Try" using talk box and Nord Wave 2. Check this out!

NORD LIVE: Philly Sessions: Doobie Powell ft Kevin Powell


The legendary Doobie Powell ft. Kevin Powell perform "I Found Love" in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

Nord World Sessions: Matt Wilde


British keyboardist/producer Matt Wilde is featured in this week's episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Manchester, UK, January 2021.

NORD LIVE: Philly Sessions: Natalie Tenenbaum


Check out the incredible Natalie Tenenbaum in this new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions. 

Nord World Sessions: Alex Pastrana


Colombian keyboard player Alex Pastrana is featured in this week's episode of Nord World Sessions! Recorded live in Bogota, Colombia, February 2021.

Nord World Sessions: Eitan Kenner


NYC-based keyboard player Eitan Kenner is featured in this week's episode of Nord World Sessions! Recorded live in New York, US February 2021.

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions: Joseph Pryor ft Glenn Gibson Jr


Watch the amazing Joseph Pryor and Glenn Gibson Jr in this brand new episode of NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions!

Nord World Sessions: Yein Yong


South Korean keyboardist Yein Yong is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions! Recorded live in Seoul, Korea February 2021.

NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions - teaser


We are excited to present NORD LIVE: The Philly Sessions - an exclusive new live session series featuring some of the finest keyboardists from the East Coast. Stay tuned for some phenomenal performances!

Nord World Sessions: Paolo Sessa


Italian keyboard player Paolo Sessa is featured in this week's episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Naples, Italy in January 2021.

Nord World Sessions: James Anderson


Chicago-based keyboardist James Anderson (Todd Dulaney, John P Kee) is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois, US January 2021.

Nord Live Sessions: Joel Lyssarides - 1984


Joel Lyssarides performs "1984" backed by Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren in this final episode. 

Nord World Sessions: Lasse Piirainen


Finnish keyboardist Lasse Piirainen is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Check him out!

Nord Live Sessions feat. BIGYUKI - Burnt N Turnt


NYC-based BIGYUKI performs "Burnt N Turnt" featuring Randy Runyon and Tim "Smithsoneon" Smith in this new Nord Live Session.

Nord World Sessions: Ondrej Pivec


Czech keyboardist Ondrej Pivec (Gregory Porter, Kennedy Administration)is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Prague, Czech Republic October 2020.

Nord Live Session: Joel Lyssarides - Sam


Joel Lyssarides plays an improvised piece called "Sam" using a patch on the Nord Wave 2 with a pedal steel vibe. 

Nord Live Sessions feat. BIGYUKI - Red Pill


The brilliant BIGYUKI performs "Red Pill" featuring Randy Runyon and Tim "Smithsoneon" Smith in this new episode of Nord Live Sessions!

Nord Live Sessions: Joel Lyssarides - October


Joel Lyssarides performs his beautiful piece "October" feat. Morgan Ågren live at Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm.

Nord World Sessions: Igor Agrich


Ukrainian keyboardist Igor Agrich performs two originals in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Kiev, Ukraine, November 2020.

Gavin Harrison plays his latest patches using two Nord Drum 3P!


The acclaimed British drummer Gavin Harrison demonstrates some of his latest patches across two Nord Drum 3Ps - "double the fun!". 

Nord Live Sessions: BIGYUKI - In a Spiral


Amazing performance from BIGYUKI feat. Tim "Smithsoneon" Smith on drums/vocals in this new episode of Nord Live Sessions. 

Nord Live Sessions: Joel Lyssarides - Chord Trigger


Brand new episode with Joel Lyssarides performing his tune "Chord Trigger" feat. Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren. Check this out! 

Nord World Sessions: Tyrae Brown


Baltimore-based keyboardist Tyrae Brown is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Baltimore, US, November, 2020.

Nord Wave 2 Tutorials by J3PO: Arpeggiator, Patterns, Gate


In this final tutorial Julian "J3PO" Pollack shows different ways of using the Polyphonic Arpeggiator, Patterns and Gate features in the Nord Wave 2. Check this out!

Guide to the Nord Sound Manager


Check out this great new Nord Sound Manager guide created by our UK Distributor Sound Technology. Learn how to download sounds, delete samples, backup your Nord and much more. 

Nord World Sessions: Tim Bakoglu


French keyboardist Tim Bakoglu performs two originals in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Paris, France, November, 2020.

Nord Live Sessions feat. BIGYUKI


We are thrilled to release this exclusive new Nord Live Session with renowned Japanese keyboardist BIGYUKI. The opening song is called "NuNu" featuring Bigyuki on a Nord Wave 2 and Stage 3. 

Nord World Sessions: Carson Elliott


Chicago-based keyboardist/talkboxer Carson Elliott is featured in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live at home in Chicago, Illinois, US, November 2020. Check him out!

Nord Live Sessions: Joel Lyssarides - Stinter Old


New episode with Joel Lyssarides performing a stunning version of his song ”Stinter Old” backed by Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren. Check this out! 

Nord World Sessions: Ezequiel Giunta


Argentinian keyboardist Ezequiel Giunta performs two originals in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2020.

Nord World Sessions: Nikolay Koltsov


Moscow-based keyboardist Nikolay Koltsov performs two brilliant pieces in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Moscow, Russia, November 2020.

Nord World Sessions: Emily Francis


British jazz pianist Emily Francis performs two originals in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live at home in Windsor, UK, September 2020.

Nord World Sessions: Brandon Coleman


Renowned LA-based keyboardist/composer Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Flying Lotus) is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live at home in Sherman Oaks, CA September, 2020.

Nord Live Sessions with Joel Lyssarides


We are excited to release the first episode of our exclusive Nord Live Session with Swedish keyboard master Joel Lyssarides (Dirty Loops, Henrik Linder, Nils Landgren). In the first episode Lyssarides performs a jazz fusion piece called "Blues for Dave" backed by Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren.

Nord World Sessions: Mary Ancheta


Vancouver-based keyboardist/producer Mary Ancheta performs two pieces in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in her studio in Vancouver, BC CANADA.

Nord Wave 2 Tutorials by J3PO: Morphs


In this second episode Julian "J3PO" Pollack shows how to make the most out of the powerful Morph features in the Nord Wave 2. 

Matt Cossey performs "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)"


British keyboard player and Nord artist Matt Cossey put together this great arrangement of the iconic Jacksons tune ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’ using a Wave 2 and Stage 3. Check it out! 

Nord World Sessions: Samuel Murad


São Paulo-based jazz pianist Samuel Murad is featured in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Check it out! 

Nord World Sessions - GLASYS


Portland-based keyboard virtuoso GLASYS performs two original pieces in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live at home in Portland, US, September 2020.

Nord World Sessions: David Davis


Brand new episode featuring the brilliant keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist David Davis from London, UK. 

Nord World Sessions: Natalie Tenenbaum


Amazing performance by NYC-based keyboardist Natalie Tenenbaum in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Check this out!

Nord Wave 2 Tutorial Series by J3PO


Check out the first episode of our inspiring new Nord Wave 2 tutorial series featuring Julian ”J3PO” Pollack! In this tutorial series J3PO shows how to design powerful layered patches, creative ways of morphing sounds and how to build complex rhythmic sound-scapes using the unique features of the Nord Wave 2. 

Nord World Sessions: Michael "Bsharp" Butsorme


The gifted Ghanaian keyboardist Michael "Bsharp" Butsorme performs "Me Da W'ase" and "Gratitude" in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in Accra, Ghana, September 2020.

Nord Live Session: DOMi & JD Beck - Giant Nuts


We're excited to release a bonus track "Giant Nuts" from our exclusive Nord Live Session feat. DOMi and JD Beck. Check this out! 

Nord World Sessions: Salomão Soares


Brazilian keyboard wizard Salomão Soares performs "Alegria de Matuto" and "Passaros" in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in São Paolo, Brazil, August 2020.

Nord World Sessions - Stephon Goodwin


The brilliant US keyboard/organ player Stephon Goodwin performs two funky gospel pieces in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in North Carolina, US, August 2020.

Nord World Sessions - Mike Pensini


Amazing performance by Melbourne-based keyboardist/producer Mike Pensini in this new episode of Nord World Sessions!

Nord World Sessions - Dominic J Marshall


This latest episode of Nord World Sessions features the inspiring producer/keyboardist and beatmaker Dominic J Marshall. Recorded at home in London, UK. Check it out!

Nord World Sessions - Kenny Gabriel


In-demand Keyboardist/producer Kenny Gabriel performs two originals in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in his studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nord World Sessions - Rosemary Minkler


The talented Brooklyn-based musician Rosemary Minkler is featured in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Check it out!

Nord World Sessions: Mark Madzinga


Renowned Zimbabwean keyboardist/producer Mark Madzinga performs two originals in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live in his studio in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 2020.

Nord World Sessions: Deusnir Souza


The gifted Brazilian keyboardist Deusnir Souza performs "Raizes" and "Wurly Impro" in this brand new episode of Nord World Sessions. Recorded live at home in São Paolo, Brazil, August 2020.

Nord Wave 2 in depth guide


Our UK distributor Sound Technology have created a great in depth guide to using the Nord Wave 2 including short video tutorials. Check it out here! 

Nord World Sessions - Osmo Ikonen


Watch Helsinki-based keyboard virtouso Osmo Ikonen in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. This live performance was recorded in Helsinki, Finland, June 2020.

Nord World Sessions - Dominique Brice


The gifted Baltimore-based keyboardist Dominique Brice performs two originals in this new episode of Nord World Sessions. Check it out!

Nord World Sessions - Dave Mackay


The first episode of our new Nord World Sessions features Dave Mackay, a brilliant keyboardist based out of Los Angeles, CA, performing his two pieces "Mute" and "All The Same". 

Nord Live Sessions: Parris Bowens - A Dog Named Ellis


Parris Bowens accompanied by Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren plays a funky piece called "A Dog Named Ellis" in this new episode.

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2: Rhythmic


This final episode shows different rhythmic patches based on the arpeggiator and gate features in the Nord Wave 2. All patches in this episode will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for the Nord Wave 2!

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell - Worship’n


Kevin Powell ends this incredible gospel session with his epic piece ”Worship’n”. Check this out!

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2: Layers


Julian "J3PO" Pollack demonstrates some brilliant layer-based patches in this new episode. All patches will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2.

Nord Live Sessions: Parris Bowens - The Making Of


Parris Bowens performs his tune "The Making Of", accompanied by Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren in this new episode of our Nord Live Sessions

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2: FM/Wavetable


Julian "J3PO" Pollack demonstrates some brilliant patches based on FM and Wavetable synthesis in this new episode. All patches will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2.

Final episode of Nord Lockdown Sessions


We’re ending the Nord Lockdown Sessions with this incredible video by keyboardist/producer Docskim performing his song ”Half & Half" from the rooftop of Studio MIKSCOD in Seoul! 

Nord Gospel Sessions: Glenn Gibson Jr - Devotion


Amazing playing from Glenn Gibson Jr backed by drummer Will Davis in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions. 

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2: Samples


In this second episode Julian "J3PO" Pollack shows the wide selection of samples included in the Nord Wave 2. Check this out!

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Lennard Vink


Renowned Dutch keyboardist/producer Lennard Vink performs "Rev_" in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. Recorded live at home in Rotterdam, Netherlands, May 2020.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Bryn Bliska


Brooklyn-based keyboardist Bryn Bliska performs two brilliant pieces in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Docskim


Seoul-based Docskim performs his piece "Skin" in this new episode. Docskim is a producer and keyboardist of the famous K-pop band BTS. 

How to use the Nord Drum 3P and a sequencer


Check out this great video from Red Means Recording showing how to combine the Nord Drum 3P and a sequencer to make music.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Louie Higuera


Nashville-based keyboardist Louie Higuera (Sister Sledge, Tauren Wells) plays two originals in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Nord Live Sessions: Parris Bowens - What Am I Doing


Watch Parris Bowens play some awesome stuff combining the Nord Wave 2 and Nord Grand in this new episode. 

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Çağrı Sertel


Incredible performance from Turkish keyboardist Çağrı Sertel in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions!

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Joseph Pryor


Baltimore-based keyboard ace Joseph Pryor plays some improvised pieces in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions!

Nord Sample Editor 3: Adding sampled hits and loops


Learn how to easily work with sampled hits and loops in this new episode of our Nord Sample Editor 3 tutorial series produced by SoundTechnology UK. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Alexander Pastrana


The young award-winning Colombian pianist Alexander Pastrana is the Nord Artist of the Month. Check him out!

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Daniella Bernard


Gifted British keyboardist Daniella Bernard performs two beautiful pieces in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. Recorded live at home in London, UK, April 2020.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Robi Botos


Toronto-based piano virtuoso Robi Botos performs two original pieces in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand: Royal Grand 3D


Watch Jesus Molina play the improvised piece "Blues in F" using the "Royal Grand 3D" in this last episode of Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Timothy Mason


Award-winning Gospel musician Timothy Mason performs "Don't Pass Me By" and "My Hope is Built" in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. Recorded live at home in Memphis, Tennessee, US, April 2020.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Eshgin Aghayev


Check out Azerbaijan keyboard virtuoso Eshgin Aghayev performing his songs "Truce" and "Patience" in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. Recorded at home in Baku, Azerbaijan, April 2020.

Jesus Molina Masterclass on Yousicplay


Jesús Molina Music has just released his YousicPlay Masterclass called "Jesús Molina teaches Jazz Piano & Improvisation", featuring the Nord Stage 3! Check it out!

Nord Live Sessions: Kate K-S & Brett Williams "Love You Anyway"


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Kate K-S performing an excellent version of her song "Love You Anyway" accompanied by Brett Williams.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: JaRon Marshall


Check out JaRon Marshall in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions! Recorded at home in Austin, US.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Dominique ”Xavier” Taplin


Hilarious new episode with funk master Dominique ”Xavier” Taplin (Prince, ToTo, Ghost-Note) performing "Funky Llama" and "Laundry Day" feat. Spunk Adams. Check this out!

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell - Skeet


Watch the brilliant Kevin Powell perform "Skeet" feat. Samuel Joseph and Will Davis in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Björn Eriksson


Check out Swedish keyboardist Björn Eriksson on the Nord Wave 2 in this latest episode of the Nord Lockdown Sessions!

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Cisco Swank


Brooklyn-based Cisco Swank shares two magical pieces in the latest episode of the Nord Lockdown Sessions!

Nord Live Sessions: Parris Bowens - Crown


In this episode of the Nord Live Sessions Parris Bowens performs his beautiful "Crown" on the Nord Grand.

Nord Lockdown Sessions - Filipe Martins


Amazing Brazilian keyboardist Filipe Martins performs his originals "Copacabana" and "Avenida Paulista" in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Joshua Domfeh


Talented British keyboardist Joshua Domfeh performs his originals "For You" and "Only Going Up" in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Victor Dey Jr


Renowned Ghanaian keyboardist Victor Dey Jr (Stevie Wonder, Mike Philips, Courtney Pine, Hugh Masekela) performs his pieces "Journey to the Volta" and "Three of Another Kind" with his trio in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Danae Greenfield


Brooklyn-based keyboardist Danae Greenfield creating some great vibes in this third episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions

Nord Artist of the Month: James A. Anderson


James A. Anderson is an award-winning songwriter and keyboard player with many years of experience performing for artists such as James Fortune, Vashawn Mitchell, Tamela Mann, Kierra Sheard, Jekalyn Carr, John P. Kee and Todd Dulaney. Check him out!

Nord Live Session: Parris Bowens - Stockholm Cheese Steak


This new episode contains a smooth funky jam called "Stockholm Cheese Steak" featuring Parris Bowens on Stage 3, Grand and Wave 2, Gustaf Hielm on bass and Morgan Ågren on drums.

Nord Lockdown Sessions: Daniel Weatherspoon


Multi-award winning keyboardist/producer Daniel Weatherspoon performs "East West Hwy" and "Lights Out" using the Nord C2D in this new episode of our Nord Lockdown Sessions. 

Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand: Ballad EP1 & Clavinet


Watch Jesus Molina play some improvised pieces using the Ballad EP1 and Clavinet in this brand new episode. 

Interview with keyboardist David Davis (Stormzy)


British keyboardist and Nord artist David Davis (Stormzy, Sister Sledge, Evelyn King) was interviewed by our UK distributor Sound Technology. Read full article here.  

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell & Glenn Gibson Jr - F in Funk


Incredible funk jam with Kevin Powell (Nord C2D), Glenn Gibson Jr (Nord Grand), Samuel Joseph (bass) and William Davis (drums) in this new episode.

Nord Live Sessions: Parris Bowens - Mitch's Moves


Watch Parris Bowens perform his masterpiece "Mitch's Moves" feat. Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren.

Nord Stage EX model of LEGO bricks


Check out this incredible life-size LEGO model of a Nord Stage EX built by The Brickman. The model took 77 hours to finish, has a light up panel and contains 2869 bricks! 

Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand: #3 White Grand


Jesus Molina performs "Thankfulness" using the White Grand piano sample in this brand new episode. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Danae Greenfield


Nord Artist of the Month is the gifted Brooklyn based keyboardist Danae Greenfield. Check her out!  

Nord Live Sessions: Domi & JD Beck - BC Invaders


Check out the final episode of our exclusive live session with the crazy talented DOMi & JD Beck.

Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand: Imperial Grand


Watch the incredible Jesus Molina perform "Elohim Sabaoth" on the Nord Grand using the Imperial Grand piano sample.

Nord Live Sessions: DOMi & JD Beck - Track One


Brand new episode from our exclusive session with the outstanding duo DOMi & JD Beck.

Nord Gospel Sessions feat. Kevin Powell - Where'd You Go


Kevin Powell feat. Samuel Joseph and William Davis performing "Where'd You Go" in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions!

Jesus Molina plays the Nord Grand


Check out this brand new series with Jesus Molina playing the Nord Grand! In this opening episode Jesus plays his piece "Departing" using the Studio Grand sample.

How to create loops using the Nord Sample Editor 3


Check out this new tutorial video from Sound Technology showing how quickly loops can be created and transferred to a Nord Stage 3.

Nord Gospel Sessions feat. Mike Bereal - Square Up


Michael Bereal playing some funky stuff using his patch "Square Up" from his Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3

Nord Live Sessions: DOMi & JD Beck - Bathroom


Second episode of our exclusive nord live session with the incredible DOMi & JD Beck. Check this out!

Nord Live Sessions: Christian Almiron


NYC based keyboardist Christian Almiron (Lesson GK, Lauryn Hill, Questlove) performing his piece "Around the Houses" on the Nord Grand.

Nord Artist of the Month: Daniel Weatherspoon


Amassing numerous Gold and Platinum records and awards, Daniel's client roster includes world-renowned recording artists such as Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Paula Abdul, Bebe Winans, Cece Winans, Carl Thomas, The Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence and Fred Hammond.  Read more

Nord Gospel Sessions feat. Kevin Powell & Glenn Gibson Jr


Kevin Powell and Glenn Gibson Jr performing "Take'Em To Church" in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions. 

Nord at NAMM 2020: Rosemary Minkler feat. Horace Bray


Rosemary Minkler jamming on the Nord Stage 3 at NAMM 2020. 

Nord at NAMM 2020: The Lesson GK feat. Harry Mack


The Lesson GK feat. Harry Mack vibin' out at the Nord booth at NAMM 2020. 

Nord at NAMM 2020: Kevin Powell feat. Samuel Joseph


Kevin Powell and Samuel Joseph jammin' out at the Nord booth at NAMM 2020. Check this out!

Nord at NAMM 2020: Joseph Pryor feat. Dominique Brice


Amazing performance from Joseph Pryor and Dominique Brice at the Nord booth. 

Nord at NAMM 2020: Julian "J3PO" Pollack


Watch Julian "J3PO" Pollack showcase the brand new Nord Wave 2!

Nord at NAMM 2020: Parris Bowens


The great Parris Bowens performing his tune "Mitch's Moves" at NAMM 2020.

Nord at NAMM 2020: Heather Rivas


Talented Heather Rivas is vibin' out on the Nord Stage 3 at NAMM 2020.

Nord at NAMM 2020: Jesus Molina


Amazing performance from Jesus Molina at the Nord booth at NAMM 2020. Check this out! 

Nord at NAMM 2020: Glenn Gibson Jr


Check out the incredible Glenn Gibson Jr jamming out at the Nord booth at NAMM 2020!

Nord at NAMM 2020: Doobie Powell feat. Kevin Powell


Doobie Powell bringing some gospel funk to the Nord booth at Namm 2020. 

Nord at NAMM 2020: DOMi & JD Beck


The amazing DOMi and JD Beck performing live at Nord Booth at NAMM 2020 featuring the brand new Nord Wave 2.

Best of Nord Sessions 2019!


We’ve had some incredible musicians in our live session series this year. Here comes some of our favorite moments from Nord Live Sessions & Nord Gospel Sessions 2019!

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell & Glenn Gibson Jr


Watch Kevin Powell and Glenn Gibson Jr perform their tune "I Love You" in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions!

Nord Live Sessions: Brett Williams


Brett Williams performs his tune "Beautiful Catastrophe" featuring Gustaf Hielm and Morgan Ågren.

Nord Live Sessions: The Lesson GK


Exclusive new episode with the incredible The Lesson GK performing "Believer" live at Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm. Check this out!

Nord Gospel Sessions: Glenn Gibson Jr


The amazing Glenn Gibson Jr performs his funky tune "I've Got a Feeling" in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions!

Nord Lives Sessions: Kate K-KS & Brett Williams


Kate K-S performing a stunning version of her tune "Waiting" accompanied by Brett Williams in this new episode of our Nord Live Sessions.

Nord live Sessions: Christian Almiron & Julian "J3PO" Pollack


Watch Christian Almiron (Lauryn Hill, Questlove, Lesson GK) and Julian "J3PO" Pollack (Marcus Miller, Michael League, Lesson GK) perform "In the Meantime" using two Nord Stage 3s.  

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell - Soaring


Watch Kevin Powell, Samuel Joseph and William Davis perform "Soaring" in this new episode of our Nord Gospel Sessions. 

Nord Live Sessions: The Lesson GK - A Long Way


We are excited to present the first excellent episode of our Nord Live Session feat. The Lesson GK - the highly acclaimed live act from NYC. 

Nord Gospel Sessions: "Tried It"


Excellent new episode with Kevin Powell and Glenn Gibson Jr bringing some serious funk to the Nord Gospel Sessions with the tune "Tried It"

Nord Live Sessions: Kate K-S & Brett Williams - Young Girl


Soulful new episode with Kate K-S and Brett Williams performing "Young Girl" with Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm. 

Nord live Sessions: Brett Williams #4 Sauce


Brilliant improvisation from Brett Williams on the Nord Grand in this fourth session episode. 

Michael Bereal Sound Bank: #1 Synth Brass


Legendary gospel keyboardist/producer Michael Bereal demonstrates the smooth synth brass patch "Bizz Combo 3" from his Signature Sound Bank

Nord Live Sessions: Kate K-S feat Brett Williams


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Kate K-S performing a beautiful version of her newly released song "Tricks" accompanied by Brett Williams in this new episode of our Nord Live Sessions. 

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions: #8 Junk Funk


This crazy improvised jam ends our session series with the brilliant Rai Thistlethwayte featuring Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm. Check this out!

Brett Williams Sessions #2 Prelude to a Hero


In this second episode Brett Williams performs the drum & jazzy piece "Prelude to a hero" together with Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm. 

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions: #6 April Skies


Watch Rai perform his jazz-flavoured pop-soul tune "April Skies" using the Nord Grand in this seventh episode. 

Mike Patrick Sessions: #8 Another British Anthem


In this final episode Mike demonstrates "The Anthem Synth", a patch created especially for house music lovers.

Nord Gospel Sessions: "The Vibe"


Daniella Bernard and Michael Bereal performing a smooth piece called "The Vibe" in this new episode of our exclusive Nord Gospel Sessions

Mike Patrick Sessions: #7 Royal Gold


In this brand new episode Mike Patrick combines some nice piano and strings patches from his Signature Sound Bank for Stage 3 and Electro 6.

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions: #6 Childhood Blues


Rai Thistlethwayte performing his funky "Childhood Blues" using one of the Wurly patches in the Nord Grand. 

Nord Drum 3P demo video


In this overview video, our UK Distributor Sound Technology demonstrates the Nord Drum 3P and how you can adjust sounds to your tastes using the front panel controls.

Nord Gospel Sessions feat. Mike Bereal - Help Me Lord


The renowned gospel keyboardist/producer Michael Bereal performing "Help Me Lord" using the patch "Bizz Church Attack" from his Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3.

Mike Patrick Sessions: #6 Colours


Mike Patrick performing "Colours" with some of the brilliant retro synth patches from his signature sound bank for Nord Stage 3 and Nord Electro 6.

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions: #5 Jazz Garden


Rai Thistlethwayte jamming out on the Nord Grand along with Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm in this fifth episode of our exclusive Rai Thistlethwayte sessions.

Nord Gospel Sessions #3: Now I Belong To Jesus


Michael Bereal and Daniella Bernard performing a stunning version of "Now I Belong To Jesus" in this third episode of our exclusive Nord Gospel Sessions

Mike Patrick Sessions: #5 Futuristic Cocktail


Watch Mike Patrick create some nice RnB vibes using the "Duvet Pad" and "Ping Pong" patches from his signature sound bank for Stage 3 and Electro 6. 

Melissa Jacobson Sessions: #5 Beethoven


Melissa Jacobson-Velandia plays Beethoven's Piano Sonata No 14, Op 27 No 2 "Moonlight Sonata" - Movement 1: Adagio Sostenuto on Nord Piano 4 using the Grand Lady D sample.

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions: #4 Go Nuts


Rai Thistlethwayte performs his groovy 80s pop tune "Go Nuts" with Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm in the fourth episode of our exclusive sessions series. 

Meet Pete Lee keyboardist for Tom Walker


Our UK distributor Sound Technology got the opportunity to speak to session keyboard player Pete Lee ahead of his gig with Tom Walker at The Roundhouse in Camden, London. Read full interview here 

Jesus Molina plays Latin Jazz at NAMM 2019


The incredible Jesús Molina performing "Cumbialada" at NAMM 2019 featuring Guy Bernfeld (bass) and Jorge "Patax" Perez (cajon). 

Mike Patrick Sessions: #4 Heart Discussions


Mike Patrick plays one of his favourite patches from his signature sound bank, the warm synth brass patch "BrassBoy" - available for both Nord Stage 3 and Nord Electro 6!

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions #3: A jam


Rai Thistlethwayte performing an improvised jazz piece using the Nord Grand and the Mellow Upright sample from our exclusive Nord Piano Library.

Mike Patrick Sessions: #3 M.A.D


The third episode of our exclusive Mike Patrick Sessions contains a smooth piece called M.A.D featuring Dexter Hercules (drums) and Arran Powell (bass)!

Nord Gospel Sessions #2: He Cares


Michael Bereal and Daniella Bernard performing a stunning version of "He Cares" in this second episode of our exclusive Nord Gospel Sessions

Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions #2: San Francisco Street


An amazing version of Rai's "San Francisco Street" performed on the Nord Grand. Check this out! 

Mike Patrick Sessions: #2 Green & Gray


Stunning performance from Mike Patrick showcasing the patch "String Colliseum" from his signature sound bank. Check this out! 

Roll-out photo: Nord Grand


The Nord team gathered for a traditional roll-out photo of the newly released Nord Grand! 

J3PO Sessions #7: Stockholm Blues


We are finishing our exclusive J3PO Sessions with this vibey jazz piece called "Stockholm Blues". All patches are included in the J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 - available for free download!

Melissa Jacobson Sessions: #4 Chopin


The amazing concert pianist Melissa Jacobson - Velandia plays Chopin Etude in E minor Op.25 No 5 on the Nord Piano 4 in this fourth episode of the Melissa Jacobson Sessions.

Introducing the Mike Patrick Sessions


The Mike Patrick Sessions is a brilliant new live session series based on Mike's signature sound bank for Stage 3 and Electro 6. The opening episode is called “The Vibe Is Nice” and feature the superb Dexter Hercules on drums and Arran Powell on bass.

Andertons demoing the Nord Grand


Watch Jack Duxbury and UK Product Specialist Rob Wallace check out the brand new Nord Grand in this video from Andertons.

Nord Artist of the Month: Daniella Bernard


The Nord Artist of the Month is the young talented UK keyboardist Daniella Bernard (Lizzo, Jonathan Nelson, TianaMaj9, Todd Galberth, Fatai). Read more here!

J3PO Sessions #6: Experify


Check out Julian "J3PO" Pollack playing some of his amazing lo-fi hip hop patches from his Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3.

Nord Artist of the Month: Lennard Vink


Lennard Vink is a multi-instrumentalist/producer from Netherlands who has worked with artists such as Romeo Elvis, Ghostface Killah, MNEK and Damon Albarn. Check him out!

Melissa Jacobson Sessions: #3 Scarlatti


This third episode contains a beautiful recital of Scarlatti's Sonata in A major K208 featuring the Italian Grand from the Nord Piano Library. 

Jesus Molina Sessions: #7


This seventh and last episode of our exclusive Jesús Molina Sessions contains a gospel shout piece and a smooth funky improv. 

J3PO Sessions: #5 1988


Enjoy some amazing 80s retro synth patches in this fifth episode of our exclusive Julian "J3PO" Pollack Sessions. 

Nord Grand in action for the very first time!


Check out Joel Lyssarides playing the Nord Grand for the first time live in Frankfurt April 3rd, 2019.  

Melissa Jacobson Sessions: #2 Bach


Watch the phenomenal Melissa Jacobson-Velandia performing Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude in E-flat, BWV 876, No 7 using the Amber Upright in the Nord Piano 4. 

J3PO Sessions #4: Remembering Holdsworth


This fourth episode of our exclusive Julian "J3PO" Pollack Sessions features a nice electronic jazz fusion piece honouring the late Allan Holdsworth.

Buddy Strong at the Nord Factory


Today we got a visit from the great Buddy Strong, member of Dave Matthews Band and former keyboardist of Ariana Grande and Usher. It was great having you here!  

Jesus Molina Sessions: #6 Swing Jam / Jazz Ballad


This sixth episode of our exclusive Jesús Molina Sessions contains a brilliant swing jam and an improvised jazz ballad.

Nord at NAMM 2019: Dominique "Xavier" Taplin


Dominique "Xavier" Taplin (Prince, Toto, Ghost Note) playing some funky Clavinet grooves on the Nord Stage 3 at NAMM 2019. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Dominique "Xavier" Taplin


LA-based keyboardist Dominique "Xavier" Taplin, currently on tour with Toto, (Prince, Toto, Snoh Alegra, Ghost-Note) is the Nord Artist of the Month. Check him out! 

Jacob Banks - Slow Up


British singer/songwriter Jacob Banks performing "Slow Up" live at Jimmy Kimmel featuring Heather Rivas on a Nord Stage 3. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Heather Rivas


Nord Artist of the Month is LA-based keyboardist/composer Heather Rivas (Jacob Banks, Tonina). Read more here!

Julian "J3PO" Pollack Sessions: #3 Dreaming


This third episode contains a beautiful mellow piece called "Dreaming" based on the "Una Corda Piano" patch from the J3PO Signature Sound Bank.

Nord at NAMM 2019: Kennedy Administration


The amazing Kennedy Administration including keyboardist Ondre J Pivec performing their tune "Don't Forget To Smile" live at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2019.

Nord at NAMM 2019: Julian "J3PO" Pollack


Watch Julian "J3PO" Pollack jamming out on the Nord Stage 3 backed by the excellent Lenny "The Ox" Reece (Nord Drum 3P) and Antoine Katz (Bass)

5th episode of the Jesús Molina Sessions


The incredible Jesús Molina performing his own jazz fusion pieces "Mass Ave Blues" and "Grace" on the Piano 4 and Stage 3 feat. Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm. 

Nord at NAMM 2019: Kevin Powell & Glenn Gibson Jr


Brilliant jam session with Kevin Powell and special guest Glenn Gibson Jr, backed by Alphaeus Bennett on bass at the Nord booth 2019. 

Nord at NAMM 2019: Jesus Molina


The outstanding Jesus Molina and bass player Guy Bernfeld killing it at the Nord booth at NAMM 2019.

Nord att NAMM 2019: Kevin Powell


The amazing Kevin Powell rocking the Nord C2D feat. Alphaeus Bennett on bass at the Nord booth at NAMM 2019.

Nord at NAMM 2019: Joel Lyssarides feat. Henrik Linder


Talented Swedish musicians, keyboardist Joel Lyssarides and bass player Henrik Linder jamming at the Nord booth at NAMM 2019.

Nord at NAMM 2019: Michael Bereal


The excellent LA-based keyboardist/producer Michael Bereal jamming out on the Nord Piano 4 backed by Bennett Paysinger on the Nord C2D. Enjoy!

J3PO Sessions #2


Julian "J3PO" Pollack blends jazz with some experimental electronic genres in this second episode of our exclusive J3PO Sessions. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Camilo Sanchez


Colombian keyboardist/producer and Latin Grammy winner Camilo Sanchez is the Nord Artist of the Month. Check him out! 

BIGYUKI w/ Lenny Reece and Randy Runyon


Brilliant live session with NYC-based keyboardist/composer BIGYUKI backed by Lenny Reece and Randy Runyon.

Jesús Molina Sessions: Ragtime & Modern Jazz


This fourth episode contains some brilliant improvised ragtime and modern jazz pieces performed on a Nord Piano 4. 

Introducing the J3PO Sessions


This first episode of the J3PO Sessions is a killer retro hip-hop/lofi jam based on patches from the new J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3. Julian is accompanied by drummer Morgan Ågren and bass player Gustaf Hielm. Check this out!

Brandon Coleman against the clock


Watch keyboard wizard Brandon Coleman creating a stomping funk jam from scratch in just 10 minutes using a Nord Stage 3. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Julian "J3PO" Pollack


The Nord Artist of the Month is LA-based keyboardist/producer Julian Pollack aka J3PO. Check him out!

Jesús Molina plays Latin Jazz


Check out the amazing Jesús Molina playing some excellent Latin Jazz on the Nord Piano 4 in this second episode of the Jesús Molina Sessions. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Karme


The Nord Artist of the Month is London-based keyboardist Karme (Blue, Pixie Lott, Eliza Doolittle, Dionne Bromfield, The Supremes & Rizzle Kicks). Check him out! 

Ghetts - Preach


British rapper Ghetts performing his hit single "Preach" live at Later with Jools Holland featuring Nord Electro 5 HP. 

4 ways of using the Symphonic Choirs on the Nord Stage 3


Check out Nord Product Specialist Staffan Lindroth demonstrating four different ways of using our brand new Symphonic Choirs by morphing and layering the sounds on the Nord Stage 3.

Robyn live at Later with Jools Holland


Check out Robyn performing her new single "Missing U" live at Later with Jools Holland featuring Markus Jägerstedt using a Nord Modular G2X and Nord Stage 2.  

Jesus Molina Sessions #1: Worthy Lamb


We are excited to present the first episode of our new exclusive Jesús Molina Sessions, filmed in Stockholm September 2018 featuring Morgan Ågren and Gustaf Hielm!

Freya Ridings - Ultraviolet


Excellent singer Freya Ridings performing "Ultraviolet" live at Omeara featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Florence + the Machine live at NPR Music


British indie rock act Florence + The Machine performing live at NPR Music featuring Hazel Mills playing a Nord Stage 2.

Nord Artist of the Month: Edu Martínez


The Nord Artist of the Month is the Spanish keyboardist Edu Martínez. Check him out!  

Ondre J Pivec playing the Nord C2D with a Leslie 145


In this second episode Ondre performs his rendition of the gospel classic "His Eye is on the Sparrow" followed by an improvised piece named "Church dance".

Villagers - "Fool"


Irish indie folk act Villagers performing "Fool" live at Later with Jools Holland including a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Neneh Cherry - "Kong"


Neneh Cherry performs her new single "Kong" live at Later with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Stage 2EX in a grand piano cabinet. 

Introducing the Ondre J Pivec Sessions


Brooklyn-based keyboard master Ondre J Pivec recently visited our factory in Stockholm for some exciting live sessions. In this first video Ondre plays the Nord C2D through a vintage Leslie 145 speaker cabinet. 

Tom Misch live at NPR Music


Excellent live session with British artist Tom Misch featuring keyboardist Joe Price on a Nord Stage 2.

Ariana Grande live at BBC Radio 1


Great live session with Ariana Grande performing Thundercat's "Them Changes" including a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Viktor Korzhenko on the Nord Drum 3P


Check out Ukrainian drummer Viktor Korzhenko exploring the Nord Drum 3P! (Click the CC-symbol for English subtitles)

Nord Artist of the Month: Jeong Dong Hwan


Nord Artist of the Month is Korean keyboardist Jeong Dong Hwan here playing some nice jazzy pieces on the Nord Stage 3. Check him out!

Brandon Coleman Sessions: Nord C2D jam


Killer jam session featuring Brandon Coleman on the Nord C2D and Swedish groove-master Morgan Ågren behind the drums. Check this out!

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do


Sheryl Crow performs her smash hit "All I Wanna Do" live on Howard Stern Show featuring Jen Gunderman on a Nord Stage 2.

Nord Speedy Tutorials


Have you seen the Nord Speedy Tutorial series yet? These micro-tutorials contain quick and useful tips for Nord Stage 3, Electro 6, Lead A1 and many more. Watch all episodes here! 

Mac Miller feat Thundercat live at NPR


American rapper Mac Miller performing a brilliant version of "What's The Use?" at NPR Music featuring Thundercat on bass and keyboardist Klynik using a Nord Electro 5D.  

Brandon Coleman Sessions: #5 Cinematic


This brilliant fifth episode of the Brandon Coleman Sessions features a number of creative atmospheric pieces created on the Nord Stage 3. 

Rita Ora - Your Song


British artist Rita Ora performs "Your Song" for BBC Music featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello - Say You Won't Let Go


Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello cover James Arthurs "Say You Won't Let Go" at BBC Radio 1 backed by a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Mike Hough


UK singer/songwriter Mike Hough performing his version of Rihanna's 'Stay' at Reload Sessions accompanied by a Nord Electro 3. 

Nord Piano Library: Digital Pianos


Check out British keyboardist Gabe Piers-Mantell demonstrating our dynamic Digital Pianos from the Nord Piano Library including the DX Full Tines, DX Rubba Roads, DigiGrand 1 and 2.

Brandon Coleman Sessions: #4 Funky Jams


In this excellent fourth episode Brandon plays some serious funky stuff on the Nord Stage 3 and Nord Electro 6 backed by Swedish groove-master Morgan Ågren.

Jesse Early - Restless Heart


US singer/songwriter Jesse Early performing a great version of her single "Restless Heart" at OurVinyl featuring a Nord Electro 3.

Nord Piano Library: Bambino Upright


Watch excellent keyboardist Gabe Piers-Mantell's demoing the Bambino Upright on the Nord Stage 3. 

Roll-out photo: Nord Piano 4 and Nord Electro 6


A traditional roll-out photo of our newly released Nord Piano 4 and Nord Electro 6 together with the people who created and built them!  

Dagny - Wearing Nothing


Norwegian singer Dagny performing "Wearing Nothing" featuring a Nord Electro 5D at The Great Escape Festival, 2017. 

Brandon Coleman Sessions: Venice Beach Party


This third episode contains an improvised jazzy electronica piece based on Brandon's Stage 3 patch "Venice Beach Party”, featuring Morgan Ågren on drums. 

James Arthur - Naked


British pop star James Arthur performs "Naked" live at Capital's Summertime Ball 2018 accompanied by keyboardist Jack Duxbury on a Nord Stage 2. 

Angus & Julia Stone - Passionfruit


Australian Indie pop act Angus & Julia Stone cover Drake's "Passionfruit" live at Triple J featuring a Nord Piano 2. 

Brandon Coleman Sessions: Jazz Fusion


This second episode contains some brilliant Jazz Fusion pieces featuring Morgan Ågren on drums! 

Nord Piano Library: Nefertiti MKI


Check out this funky demo of our Nefertiti MKI played by UK keyboardist Gabriel Piers-Mantell. 

Aloe Blacc live at Kickback sessions


Soulful session with Aloe Blacc performing brand new songs backed by a Nord Stage 2. 

Biggest Weekend 2018


The BBC Biggest Weekend 2018 music festival took place last weekend and it was also probably the "Biggest Nord Weekend" this year so far. Check out this compilation of Nords in action!

Deva Mahal - Snakes


Great live session with Deva Mahal at Later with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Electro 5D.  

Introducing the Brandon Coleman Sessions


We're happy to present this exclusive session with the excellent keyboardist/producer Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Childish Gambino). 
First out is this soulful cool-jazz piece based around a patch from the new Brandon Coleman Signature Sound Bank for the Nord Stage 3, and featuring Swedish groove-master Morgan Ågren on drums!

Nord Piano Library: Amped EP's


Excellent demo by British keyboardist Gabriel Piers-Mantell playing the EP7 MKI Amped and Wurlitzer 2 Amped from our exclusive Nord Piano Library. 

Joel Lyssarides Trio - Nord Night Frankfurt


Live session with Joel Lyssarides Trio at our Nord Night in Frankfurt, April 2018 where we introduced the Nord Piano 4.

James Bay - Us


Great BBC Live session with James Bay performing his new single "Us" accompanied by a Nord Stage 2.

Julia Michaels - Worst in me


Acclaimed singer and songwriter Julia Michaels performing "Worst in me" live at Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - 10 handy tips


In this eighth and final episode, Matt Cossey shares more useful tips and tricks for all Stage 3 users! 

Nord Factory visit


Members of Niall Horan's (One Direction) and Julia Michaels' bands stopped by the Nord Factory for a tour and chat. It was a pleasure having you guys here! 

Jesus Molina Sessions: Stage 3 Uprights


We are happy to introduce this new video series featuring the outstanding piano virtuoso Jesus Molina. In the first episode Jesus plays through all 10 Upright Pianos included in the Nord Stage 3 Factory Bank.

Nord Night in Frankfurt


Here are some pictures from our recent launch party for the Nord Piano 4 in Frankfurt, where we also had the pleasure of hearing Swedish keyboardist/composer Joel Lyssarides perform with his magnificent new trio constellation.

NPR live session feat. Rhye


Great live session at NPR Music with Canadian R&B singer Rhye and his band playing a Nord Stage 2EX. 

Masta Ace live at NPR


Stunning session featuring Hip-Hop legend Masta Ace, backed by the amazing Lee Hogans & Pursuance band including David Stolarz on a Nord Electro 3. 

J3PO - "Dusty Record"


Brooklyn based keyboardist/producer Julian Pollack aka J3PO performing his funky lo-fi tune "Dusty Record" on a Nord Stage 3 ft. Isaac "Funk Nasty" Teel & Justin Goldner. Check this out!

Nord HQ Session - Dominique "Xavier" Taplin


We had the pleasure of having the talented US musician X.A.Vier drop by our Nord factory and captured this spontaneous improvisation on the Nord Stage 3.

Joel Taylor - Two Sides


Australian singer/songwriter Joel Taylor performing his nice tune "Two Sides" live at Jam in the Van featuring a Nord Stage. 

Gabriel Piers-Mantell - Autumn


Check out the final exclusive live session from Sound Technology featuring the excellent Gabriel Piers-Mantell on the Nord Stage 3! 

Robi Botos live at the Nord Factory


We are happy to share this unique live session from inside the Nord Factory in Stockholm featuring the brilliant Robi Botos on a Nord Stage 3.

Jacob Collier feat. Jonah Nilsson - Do I Do


Great live session at Montreux Jazz Festival 2017 featuring the amazing multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier playing a Nord Stage 2 EX and Dirty Loops frontman Jonah Nilsson. 

Moorea Masa & The Mood - Don't Let Me Run


The soulful Portland-based Moorea Masa & The Mood performing "Don't Let Me Run" at Sofar Portland featuring a Nord Stage EX.  

Nord Piano Library - Layer Pianos


Check out our recently added "Layer Pianos" in this video featuring UK keyboardist Gabriel Piers-Mantell! Head over to our Nord Piano Library to download!

Matt Woods "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"


Check out Matt Woods captivating version of the classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", where his amazing voice is accompanied by the Nord Stage 2.

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - Synth Section


In this sixth episode of the series Matt takes you through the some of the new features in the Synth Section of the Nord Stage 3. 

Rudimental - These Days


UK-based electronic act Rudimental performing their hit single These Days ft Jess Glynne and Dan Caplen for BBC Radio 1 featuring two Nord Stage 2s!

Sam Fischer - Getting Older


LA-based neo-soul singer Sam Fischer performing a great version of ‘Getting Older’ for the Mahogany Sessions including a Nord Electro 5! 

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - Song Mode


In this fifth episode Matt Cossey demonstrates how to use the flexible new Song Mode feature. 

Josh Record - The War


British singer/songwriter Josh Record playing a great version of his track "The War" live at Vevo Dscvr featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Katie Pruitt - Loving Her


Nashville-based Katie Pruitt performing "Loving Her" live for OurVinyl featuring a Nord Stage 2 and Electro 5D. 

Vicente García - Dulcito e Coco


Dominican singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy winner Vicente García performing "Dulcito e Coco" live at NPR including a Nord Electro 5D. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Massimo Greco


Nord Artist of the Month is the Italian keyboardist, composer and producer Massimo Greco. Read more here!

Joey Bada$$ - 'When Thugs Cry'


Acclaimed American rapper Joey Bada$$ covers Prince 'When Thugs Cry' for Like A Version featuring a Nord Stage 3. 

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - Morph Assign


In this fourth episode Matt Cossey demonstrates how to use the unique and powerful Morph Assign feature. 

Jesús Molina highlights from NAMM 2018


We invited the outstanding piano virtuoso Jesús Molina to perform at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2018. Here are some highlights from his excellent performance on the Nord Stage 3!

Nord at NAMM 2018


We had a great time at NAMM Show 2018! Here comes a few snapshots from our crowded booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! 

Kemuel Roig live at NAMM 2018


Check out the brilliant keyboardist Kemuel Roig jamming on a Nord Stage 3 live at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2018.

Kennedy Administration live at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2018


Enjoy this soulful performance by the excellent Kennedy Administration at the Nord Booth at NAMM 2018 including Ondre J Pivec on the Nord Stage 3 and Lead A1, and Nathaniel Townsley on the Nord Drum 3P. #iseenord

Stage 3 recieves Future Music Platinum Award


Future Music reviewed the Nord Stage 3 in their January 2018 issue and awarded it the Platinum Award and a 9,5 out of 10 overall rating, concluding "re-cementing its crown as the most intuitive, authentic-sounding, performance orientated stage keyboard around."

Durand Jones and the Indications live at KDHX


Indiana-based Durand Jones and the Indications perform "Is It Any Wonder" live at KDHX Studios featuring a restyled Nord Electro 3. 

New demo of the soulful Amber Upright


Check out this superb new demo of the Amber Upright by Gabriel Piers-Mantell. Read more and download the Amber Upright here!  

100000th Pitch Stick produced


We recently received something unique at the Nord Factory - Swedish wood turner Aaby Henriksson aka. "Mr. Pitch Stick" recently produced his 100 000th Pitch Stick for us since he started in 1996 and made us this anniversary present. Did we mention that he's 82 years old and still going strong? 

Nord Artist of the Month: Arthur "Buddy" Strong


The Nord Artist of the Month is the brilliant US keyboardist Arthur "Buddy" Strong who has worked with artists such as Usher, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and many more. 

Gabriel Piers-Mantell - The Weight


The second episode of Sound Technology's Nord Stage 3 sessions featuring the excellent keyboardist Gabriel Piers-Mantell, drummer Freddy Sheed and bass player Diego Rodriguez. 

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - Zones, Splits & Crossfades


This third episode demonstrates how to use Keyboard Zones, Split Points and the new Split Point Crossfade feature introduced in the Nord Stage 3. 

Robi Botos Sessions: Blues Shuffle


We round off the Robi Botos Sessions with this amazing Blues Shuffle finale featuring Swedish groove master Morgan Ågren. In this last episode Robi plays the Royal Grand 3D with no effects.

Grizfolk - In My Arms


Los Angeles-based rock band Grizfolk performing their single "In My Arms" live at OurVinyl Sessions with a Nord Electro 4D. 

Matt Cossey Nord Stage 3 Tutorial - Seamless Transitions


In this second episode of our new tutorial series Matt demonstrates the new Seamless Transitions functionality introduced with the Nord Stage 3.

Kinga Glyk live at Leverkusen Jazz


Polish bassist Kinga Glyk is a rising star on the Jazz/Blues scene, here performing "Circle" live at Leverkusen Jazztage 2017 featuring Rafał Stępień on a Nord Piano.

Izzy Bizu live at Vevo dscvr


Excellent live session with British artist Izzy Bizu performing "What Makes You Happy" featuring Mike Patrick on a Nord Electro 5D. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Nuno Pires


Nord Artist of the Month is the Portuguese keyboardist and producer Nuno Pires. Read more!

Robi Botos Sessions - Vintage Electric Pianos


In this brilliant sixth episode Robi improvises on some vintage Electric Pianos - a funky dry EP Sparkletop and his own customized "Robi EP" patch. 

Camila Cabello - Havana


Camila Cabello performs 'Havana' live at Billboard's Women in Music 2017 featuring Buddy Strong on a Nord Stage 2 EX.

Nord Stage 3 Tutorial Series by Matt Cossey


This new series will guide you through the basic concept and features of our new flagship instrument, the Nord Stage 3. The first episode gives a quick overview of the panel concept and general features.

The War on Drugs at the Nord Factory


We had the pleasure of having keyboardist Robbie Bennett of The War on Drugs stop by the Nord Factory yesterday.

Joey DeFrancesco Trio - Who Shot John?


Marvellous performance by Joey DeFrancesco Trio live at Dizzy's in 2016, featuring the Nord Stage 2 and the sun setting on the NY skyline in the background!

Roberto Fonseca - Asi Es La Vida


Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca performing "Asi Es La Vida" live at Guardian Music with a Nord Stage EX. 

Robi Botos Sessions: Clavinet & Drums


In this fifth episode Robi Botos pulls out his Clavinet and Drum chops and talks about how his background as a drummer has affected his keyboard playing style.

The War on Drugs - Pain


The acclaimed indie rock band The War On Drugs perform "Pain" live from their rehearsal studio in Philadelphia featuring a Nord Electro 3HP. 

Sound Technology Sessions: Gabriel Piers-Mantell


Check out this new series of excellent performances featuring keyboard player Gabriel Piers-Mantell, drummer Freddy Sheed and bass player Diego Rodriguez.

In this first session Gabriel plays a Nord Stage 3 with the recently introduced Amber Upright.

Lewis Capaldi - Fade


Scottish rising star Lewis Capaldi performing "Fade" live at Vevo featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Kenny Dickenson


The Nord Artist of the Month is British keyboard player Kenny Dickenson who has worked with artists such as Billy Bragg, Dave Stewart, Natalie Imbruglia, Sophie Ellis Bextor and many more. Read more!

Robi Botos Sessions: Classic Jazz Styles


Check out Robi Botos taking the Nord Stage 3 through classic jazz styles in this brilliant new episode. 

Loney Dear - Hulls


Emil Svanängen, aka Loney Dear, performs 'Hulls' live at Real World Studios on a well-wrapped Nord Stage 2. 

JP Cooper at the Nord HQ


UK rising star JP Cooper and his band, currently on a European tour, visited the Nord factory yesterday. It was a pleasure having you here guys!    

Jazze Belle - SCW


Excellent live session with electro-soul act Jazze Belle at Sofar featuring a Nord Electro 3. 

Isla Wolfe - The Weekend


British R&B singer Isla Wolfe performs SZA's 'The Weekend' live at Reload Sessions featuring a Nord Stage. 

Robi Botos Sessions: Synth Jam


Check out Robi Botos killing it on some classic synth patches featuring groove maestro Morgan Ågren in this new episode of the Robi Botos Sessions.  

JP Cooper ft Yungen at BBC Radio 1


Great live session with British soul singer JP Cooper ft Yungen and our new flagship Nord Stage 3! 

Giant Rooks - New Estate


German indie-pop act Giant Rooks performing "New Estate" in this Vevo dscvr live session featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Nord at Music China 2017


We were well represented by our distribution partner Algam China at China Music Show in Shanghai this week. Thanks to Algam China and to everyone who stopped by our booth! 

Robi Botos Sessions: Mellow Upright


In the second episode Robi plays his upright of choice - the Mellow Upright! 
This exclusive Nord Stage 3 live session was recorded in Stockholm, September 2017.  

Nord Artist of the Month: Nicolas Börger


Nord Artist of the Month is German keyboardist and producer Nicolas Börger. Read more!

Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Santiago


New Orleans' legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing "Santiago" live at KCRW featuring Kyle Roussel on a Nord Stage 2 EX. 

Chronixx live at NPR Music


Brilliant live session with Jamaican reggae artist Chronixx at NPR Music featuring a Nord Piano 2 HP. 

Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke


American singer/songwriter Khalid performing "Young Dumb & Broke" live at Later with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Stage 2 on a rarely tilted stand.  

Robi Botos Sessions #1 feat. Morgan Ågren


We invited the award-winning Hungarian/Canadian keyboard virtuoso Robi Botos to Stockholm for an exclusive Nord Stage 3 live session! Swedish groove master Morgan Ågren joined Robi for this first episode that focuses on classic vintage instruments like Wurly, B3 Organ and Clavinet.

Sigrid - Dynamite


Norwegian rising star Sigrid performing "Dynamite" live at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton featuring a Nord Electro 5D. 

Acantha Lang - Ride This Train


London-based soul singer Acantha Lang performing "Ride This Train" at Sofar London with an Electro 4. 

Iron & Wine live at Pitchfork


Nice live session with celebrated American singer-songwriter Iron & Wine at Pitchfork Live featuring a Nord Stage EX. 

Nord at Scandinavian Music Expo 2017


Last weekend we displayed the new Nord Stage 3 at the Scandinavian Music Expo in Stockholm. Thanks to all visitors who stopped by our booth and DJ Service for a great arrangement!  

The Lique - Carry On


Las Vegas-based live hip-hop act The Lique performing "Carry On" at Sofar Los Angeles featuring a Nord Stage 2.

Anderson East - Devil In Me


Southern soul singer-songwriter Anderson East performing "Devil in Me" live at Paste Studios, NYC featuring a Nord Electro. 

Duende Libre - "Razzle Dazzle"


Groovy latin jazz trio Duende Libre performing "Razzle Dazzle" live at KNKX studios featuring Alex Chadsey on a Nord Stage 2. 

Athletic Progression - Benihana


Danish instrumental hiphop act Athletic Progression performing "Benihana" live at Sofar Aarhus featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Joss Stone - This Ain't Love


Soulful live session with Joss Stone and her band at Paste Studios, NYC featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Daymé Arocena - El Ruso


Cuban singer Daymé Arocena performing El Ruso live at Radio Nova featuring keyboardist Jorge Luis Lagarza Perez on a Nord Stage 2. 

Maggie Rogers - 'On + Off'


American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers performing a great version of her song 'On + Off' featuring a Nord Electro 5 live at Triple j.  

Morgan James - Ransom


Great live session with New York-based soul singer and songwriter Morgan James at OurVinyl featuring a Nord Electro 4D. 

Nord Stage 3 now shipping!


The Nord Stage 3 is now shipping and here's a traditional roll-out photo of the first batch of our new flagship and the people who created and built them!

Kromosons - "Baião de Three"


Nice latin-flavored fusion from Brazilian group Kromosons, with plenty of smooth electric piano action on the Nord Stage 2. 

Davey Allen - The Way It Is


Very soulful performance by Davey Allen performing his song "The Way It Is" live at Monterey Pop Fest 2017 on the Nord Electro 5D!

Nord Drum 3P Basics #5


In this fifth episode we explore how to adjust sensitivity, threshold and dynamic curves to fine tune the response to your preferences and also how to adjust for playing with hands and integrating a Kick Pedal in your setup.

Riot Child - Castle On The Hill


Check out LA-based Swedes Riot Child performing their version of Ed Sheeran's "Castle On The Hill" in their apartment!

Tokio Meyers - Capricious


Check out British artist Tokio Myers performing “Capricious (Crooked Colours rework)” featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX at Sofar London

Charlotte Day Wilson - Work


Canadian R&B singer Charlotte Day Wilson performing "Work" live in Studio Q featuring Nick Nausbaum on a Nord Electro 5D. 

Nord at KOBA Show 2017


We were very well represented by our Korean distributor Soundcat at KOBA Show 2017. Excellent artist performances, product demonstrations and a nice booth impressed the visitors and got a lot of attention from the press. Thanks to everyone at Soundcat and keep up the good work!   

Nord Artist of the Month: Mike Patrick


Nord Artist of the Month is British keyboardist, composer and producer Mike Patrick. Read more here!

Nords in action at BBC 1s Big Weekend 2017


Want to see some Nords in action at the BBC 1's Big Weekend 2017? Check out this compilation of live clips featuring Katy Perry, Zara Larsson, JP Cooper, Biffy Clyro, Lorde, London Grammar, HAIM and many more!

Horrorshow - Eat The Cake


Australian hip hop duo Horrorshow performing their single "Eat The Cake" live at Triple J featuring a Nord Electro 4D. 

James Arthur - Into You/Ignition


British popstar James Arthur performing "Into You/Ignition" live at Capitol FM featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Salvador Sobral and Los Penultimos - You've Changed


Nice live session with Salvador Sobral, Portuguese singer and Eurovision winner 2017, and Los Penultimos featuring keyboardist Gori Matas Sabate on a Nord Electro 3. 

10cc - Art For Art’s Sake


Legendary British rockband 10CC performing "Art For Art’s Sake" live at Later…with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Stage! 

Nord Artist of the Month: Ondre J Pivec


Nord Artist of the Month May is Czech musician Ondre J Pivec, who has been working with Gregory Porter, Kennedy Administration,  Andra Day, Wu-Tang and many others. Read more about Ondre J here.

Pablo Mastodon and Buddy Strong factory visit


Yesterday we had the pleasure of having both Buddy Strong (keyboardist for Ariana Grande/Usher) and the legendary Pablo Mastodon (US Tech Support for Nord Keyboards) visit our factory.

"Future Music Platinum Award" to Nord Piano 3


"Improved in all the right places, the NP3 provides a very authentic piano playing experience, and the included sample content makes it very hard to beat"

Nord Piano 3 is reviewed in the new issue of Future Music where it was given the magazine's "Platinum Award" and a verdict of 9.2 out of 10.

Giorgio Di Malo - "Indipendence"


Great playing by Giorgio Di Maio on the Nord Piano 3, performing his own composition "Indipendence".

Nord at Superbooth 2017


Synth geeks favorite music fair Superbooth 2017 took place in Berlin last week, and we were represented with an exclusive preview of the Nord Stage 3. Enjoy some pics from our stand as well as the show in general!

Jesús Molina - Nokia Tune Improvisation


Check out the amazing keyboard virtouso Jesús Molina in this impro session featuring a Nord Electro 4 HP. 

Nord Drum 3P Basics #4


In this fourth episode of our tutorial series we walk you through the built-in effects of the Nord Drum 3P: EQ, Drive, Sample Rate Reduction, Ring Modulation, Reverb and Delay!

Robi Botos & Friends - Calhoun Square


Excellent keyboardist Robi Botos invited some world-class musicians including Cory Henry, Lionel Loueke and Larnell Lewis for this brilliant studio session in Montreal, Canada. Check this out!  

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals - Am I Wrong


Celebrated US singer/producer Anderson .Paak and his band The Free Nationals delivering the funky "Am I Wrong" live at Later with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Stage 2.   

Kadeem Tyrell covers Beyoncé's 'Freedom'


UK singer Kadeem Tyrell performs Beyoncé's 'Freedom' live at Reload Sessions featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Nord Drum 3P Basics #3


In this tutorial series we will cover the basic functionality of the Nord Drum 3P. In this third episode we are demonstrating Basic Editing, including how to select channels, the "Pad Follow" mode and the "Edit All Channels" feature. 

MIPA Award to Nord Piano 3


YAY! The Nord Piano 3 just won a MIPA AWARD for the second year in a row! Thank you! 

Nord Stage 3 at Musikmesse 2017


We're having a great time at Musikmesse, Frankfurt,  with lots of interest for the brand new Nord Stage 3. For those of you who can't go to Frankfurt we've added a few pics from our booth!

Lydia Kitto - "Ride"


Great Sofar session by Lydia Kitto​ performing "Ride", featuring the Nord Lead 4! 

Sampha live at NPR


The UK singer, songwriter and producer Sampha delivers a beautiful version of his tune Plastic 100°C on the Nord Electro 5 HP. 

Scorching jam session


Another brilliant session with Russian keyboard players Valery Stepanov and Stanislav Iashvili featuring a Nord C2D, Electro 5 and Piano 3!   

The Funky Knuckles - New Birth


Amazing live session with Texas-based The Funky Knuckles featuring excellent Caleb Sean McCampbell on a Nord Stage.

Erik Rapp - No Reason


Swedish singer Erik Rapp performing "No Reason" live at East FM featuring a Nord Electro 5D.  

TaRon Lockett jamming on the ND3P


Brilliant drummer TaRon Lockett and keyboardist Nick Semrad combining the Nord Drum 3P with a bunch of effect pedals in this jam session. Check it out! 

Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave


British electro duo Snakehips and Danish singer performing "Don't Leave" live at BBC Radio 1 featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Bill Laurance at the Nord Factory


 Bill Laurance, Grammy award winner and original member of the acclaimed Snarky Puppy stopped by at the Nord Factory for a tour and a chat. Nice having you here! 

Victoria Canal covers Isn't She Lovely


Brilliant version of Isn't She Lovely by Spanish-American singer/songwriter Victoria Canal featuring a Nord Electro 5D. Check it out! 

Theo Croker - Meditations


Jazz Trumpeter Theo Croker and his band featuring Sullivan Fortner on a Nord Stage 2 performing live at London Jazz Festival 2016.

Nord Artist of the Month: Dani Ferrer


Nord Artist of the Month is Spanish keyboardist Dani Ferrer (Love of Lesbian, Mi Capitán, Marc Parrot). Read more here

Ed Sheeran live at BBC 1


British superstar Ed Sheeran covers Little Mix's "Touch" live at BBC Radio 1 featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Ikiz Cabin Crew - On Time


Swedish/Turkish drummer Ikiz and his Cabin Crew live at Durango Studios featuring keyboardist Joel Lyssarides on a Nord Stage 2 EX and Lead A1.  

Nord Drum 3P Basics #2


In this second episode of the ND3P Basics tutorial series we walk you through the System settings, Copy/Paste, Swap and Sound Init functionality of the Nord Drum 3P!

Great jam session feat Piano 3 and Stage 2 EX


Russian keyboard players Valery Stepanov and Stanislav Iashvili showcasing the Nord Piano 3 and Nord Stage 2 EX. Enjoy!   

1705 - Dharma Bums


Hungarian electronic jazz trio 1705 including Nord Artist Zsolt Kaltenecker performing "Dharma Bums" featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX and a Nord Drum 3P. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Nick Semrad


Nick Semrad is a keyboard player/producer based in LA and NYC, and has performed/performs with such artists as Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles, Miss Lauryn Hill, Bilal, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, and many others. Check him out!

Nord Drum 3P Basics - Selecting, replacing and storing sounds


In this new series we will cover the basic functionality of the Nord Drum 3P, starting off with browsing kits, replacing sounds in a kit and storing custom kits.
More episodes coming very soon! Let us know if you have ideas for other topics for this series!

The Marcus King Band - Rita is Gone


Phenomenally talented guitarist/singer Marcus King and his band performing live at Jam in the Van featuring a Nord Electro.      

Amazing live session with Kemuel Roig


Cuban keyboard virtuoso and Nord Artist Kemuel Roig showing some excellent skills on the Nord Stage 2 EX. Check it out! 

Miguel "Chango" Garcia & Fabian Prado - Vos también estabas verde


Nice performance by Miguel "Chango" Garcia & Fabian Prado with the song "Vos también estabas verde", featuring Nord Electro 5D and Nord Stage 2.

Orphan Colours - Goodnight California


British folk rock band Orphan Colours performing "Goodnight California" live at Sofar Sounds featuring a Nord Stage! 

Eugenio Ventimiglia on the Nord Drum 3P


Some really amazing grooves here on the Nord Drum 3P by Eugenio Ventimiglia! Great stuff!

Aurora covers Massive Attack


Norwegian rising star Aurora delivers a great version of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" live at Triple J featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Ben Creighton Griffiths - Morning


Amazing performance by UK multi-instrumentalist Ben Creighton Griffiths performing on a Harp and Nord Stage 2 at the same time!

Noir Et Blanc Vie reviews the Nord drum 3P


Really cool video review of the Nord drum 3P by LA based video blog Noir Et Blanc Vie. Check it out! 

Highlights at NAMM 2017 - part 2


Check out some of the highlights from day 3 at the Nord booth!

Highlights at NAMM 2017 - part 1


Check out some of the highlights from the Nord booth at NAMM 2017 so far featuring Robi Botos, Gloria Gaynor, Mike Aaberg, Ty Bailie and ikiz. 


Rag'n'Bone Man - Skin


Rag’n’Bone Man performs Skin live at BBC Music featuring a Nord Stage 2 EX.

Nord Artist of the Month: Albin Westerlind


Nord Artist of the month is Swedish keyboardist and composer Albin Westerlind. Check him out here! 

Walkthrough of the Nord Piano 3


Check out this extensive demonstration of the Nord Piano 3 by Jack Duxbury at Andertons Music. 

Jesús Javier Molina Acosta on the Electro 4 HP


Do not miss this amazing clip of Jesús Javier Molina Acosta performing some magic on his Nord Electro 4 HP!

The Internet live at NPR Music


Check out Grammy-nominated neo-soul band The Internet in this great live session at NPR Music featuring a Nord Electro 3. 

JP Cooper - One More Time/Again


British pop/soul singer JP Cooper performing live at BBC Radio1 featuring a Nord Stage 2 and Nord Electro 5D. 

Nord Drum 3P jam session


Check out Austrian drummer Johannes Kölbl in this great live looping session combining the Nord Drum 3P and Ableton Live.  

Allen Stone - Upside


Amazing live session with Allen Stone and his band on top of the Capitol Records Tower, featuring two Nord Stage 2 and a Nord C2D!

Nord Artist of the Month: Christopher Noodt


Nord Artist of the Month is German keyboardist Christopher Noodt! Berlin-based Noodt is one of Germany's most in demand keyboardists and has collaborated with many of Germany´s top-acts, such as Mark Forster, Marteria, Dendemann, Sido and many more. Check him out!

Take a look at more of our German Nord artists here!

Thirsty Merc - Tommy and Krista


Australian rock band Thirsty Merc performing "Tommy and Krista" featuring excellent keyboard player Rai Thistlethwayte on a Nord Stage EX. 

NLA1 Creative Sound Design - part 4


In the final episode of our Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design series Swedish keyboardist Albin demonstrates how to create an expressive virtual instrument using 4 layers.

All patches in this tutorial series will be available for download here!

A.B. Original ft. Paul Kelly - Dumb Things


Australian hip-hop act A.B. Original are joined by rock-legend Paul Kelly for a cover of his 1988 hit single "Dumb Things" at Triple J featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Anthony Hamilton - Coming From Where I'm From


Grammy Award winning R&B singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton performing a great version of “Coming From Where I'm From” live at BBC Radio 1 with a Nord Stage 2.

Izzy Bizu - White Tiger


British singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu performing White Tiger live at the BBC Radio 1 featuring a Nord Stage 2.

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Static and effect based layers


In the third episode of our Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design series, Albin Westerlind shows an example of working with static and effect based layers.

All patches in this tutorial series will be available for download here

Nadia Washington - Come Back To Me


Check out brilliant Nadia Washington blending soul, jazz and RnB in this live session featuring a Nord C1 and Nord Electro 3!

Nord Artist of the Month: Javad Day


Nord Artist of the Month is American keyboardist Javad Day who has worked with artists such as Chaka Khan, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Backstreet Boys to name a few. Check him out here

The Jezabels - Rosebud


Australian indie rock band The Jezabels performing "Rosebud" live at Billboard featuring a Nord Stage EX. Check it out! 

Electro 4 performance in the Antarctic


We got these amazing pictures from French engineer/keyboardist Baptistou who has created a foldable Nord Electro 4 and brought it to the Antarctic where he performed for penguins.

Playing the Nord Drum 3P with hands


Swedish drummer Julia Ivansson has made a great video playing the Nord Drum 3P with hands (over a prerecorded groove she also created with the Nord Drum 3P).

Nord at Musical Instruments Fair Japan


Our new distributor in Japan, YMJ Yamaha Music Japan, boosted the Nord brand with an impressive booth at Musical Instruments Fair Japan November 4-6. Thanks Toshihiro for a job well done! 

Wilco at the Nord HQ


Mikael Jorgensen and Pat Sansone from the American rock band Wilco stopped by for a Factory tour and a chat today. Nice having you here!  

Navarone Boo - Shelter


US keyboardist Navarone Boo covering Porter Robinson & Madeon's hit single "Shelter" using a Nord Stage 2. 

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Creating a dynamic patch


In the second episode of this Nord Lead A1 tutorial series, keyboardist Albin Westerlind demonstrates how to create a very dynamic and playable patch. Read more and download the patch here!

Paco Carrieri - "So It May Secretly Begin"


Listen to Paco Carrieri's superb RnB version of the Pat Metheny song "So It May Secretly Begin" on the Nord Piano 3!

Nord at China Music Show


Our new distribution partner Algam China and their excellent demonstrator Pierre Pradat raising eyebrows and open up ears to the Nord sound at China Music Show in Shanghai. Check out some photos from the show!  

Excellent demo of the Nord Electro 5D!


Don't miss this great walk-through of sounds and features in the Nord Electro 5 produced by Australian retailer Better Music

Mats/Morgan Live Sessions - Part 3: Improvised


Third and final video from our Live Session with the legendary Mats/Morgan Band - this time two improvised pieces, one with the whole band and one featuring Mats solo on the Nord Piano 3

Derrick Hodge feat. keyboardist Mike Aaberg


American keyboardist Mike Aaberg displaying his brilliant skills on a Nord Stage in this live performance with Derrick Hodge at The Kennedy Center

Gavin Harrison plays the Nord Drum 3P


Legendary British drummer Gavin Harrison is currently touring with King Crimson, where he's integrated the Nord Drum 3P in his setup. Check out this video of Gavin playing through some of his favorite kits!

Platinum Award for Nord Drum 3P


Whooohooo! We've just been informed that UK magazine Future Music have reviewed our new Nord Drum 3P and decided to give it the Future Music Platinum Award! :)

Nord Lead A1 Creative Sound Design: Playing Live with Multilayers


In this new Nord Lead A1 tutorial series Swedish keyboardist and composer Albin Westerlind will focus on creative sound design using the Nord Lead A1 and how to make patches optimized for live performances.

In this first episode Albin demonstrates how to work with a multilayer patch using the morph feature. All patches in this tutorial series will be available for download here

Raid - Keys & Turns


Check out Serbian DJ and Composer Raid in this improvised session combining a Nord Stage 2 and some scratching! 

William Bell live at NPR Music


Legendary Stax Records soul singer William Bell and Total Package Band performing a soulful session featuring a Nord Electro 5D at NPR Music. Check it out! 

Nord Live Sessions with Mats/Morgan Band: "Elka Deep Phase"


Second episode from our Nord Live Sessions with Mats/Morgan Band feat. Stefan Jernståhl, performing Morgan Ågrens "Elka Deep Phase".

The Paul Skerritt Band feat. James Harrison - Cheek to Cheek


British keyboard player James Harrison showing some great skills on his Nord Piano 2 in this live session with the Paul Skerritt Band. 

Asher Fulero Band - "Get It"


Here's a great clip of US Nord Artist Asher Fulero Band performing a very smooth funk fusion number live at Goodfoot Pub & Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

Parcels - Herefore


Berlin-based Parcels performing their funky electro soul tune "Herefore" at Sofar London featuring a Nord Electro 3. Enjoy! 

Nord Artist of the Month: Julia Ivansson


Nord Artist of the Month is Swedish drummer Julia Ivansson who currently plays with Jens Lekman, Rebecka & Fiona, Mapei and more!

Pat Mastelotto and Gavin Harrison factory visit


King Crimson played Stockholm this weekend and we had the pleasure of chatting with the legendary drummers Gavin Harrison and Pat Mastelotto who both use Nord Drum 2 and 3P in their live setup! 

Nord Live Sessions #2: Mats/Morgan Band - "Valdez in the Country"


We had the pleasure of recording a session with the legendary Swedish musicians Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren who have been playing together since early 80's. The current band also includes the amazing multi-instrumentalist Stefan Jernståhl on keys. 

Matt Cossey Tutorial #6 - Mixed Features


In this roundup of the Tutorial series, Matthew Cossey gives some examples of advanced layered patches and how to control the layers independently during a performance on the Nord Stage 2 EX.

Multiple synchronized arpeggiators on the Nord Lead A1


Here are some really good examples of tempo-synced arpeggiators on the Nord Lead A1 by YouTube user Echo Fabric! The same tricks apply to the Nord Lead 4 too!

Nord at the Adagio Convention in Madrid


For two whole days Adagio displays all brands they carry for Spain Portugal and Italy. More than 400 people enjoying music and great demonstrations as well as stocking up for the big season. Enjoy some photos from the show!

Cory Henry and Robi Botos


Short but amazing clip of the equally amazing Cory Henry and Robi Botos taking turns at both the keyboards and the drums! Pure magic!

Nord Drum 3P with loop pedal


US percussionist and drummer Larry Salzman sent us this inspiring video where he plays the Nord Drum 3P with a loop pedal to overdub different elements with this atmospheric composition as the result.

Christian Frentzen on the Nefertiti MKI


Superb playing by German musician Christian Frentzen showing off the new Nefertiti MKI! If you haven't already, download the Nefertiti for your own Nord for free here.

Herbert Medeiros on the Nord Electro 5D


Brazilian keyboard player Herbert Medeiros​ explores the Nord Electro 5D in a very tasteful manner, covering a very wide range of sounds and styles - long video but lots of good stuff in there! 

Maya Fadeeva - "Moves Like Jagger" -


Super cool jazz rendition of the Maroon 5 song "Moves Like Jagger by Russian singer/songwriter and producer Maya Fadeeva and her band, with a really tasty piano performance by Daniel Koegel on the Nord Piano 2!

Shout-out to Deka Group in Panama!


We are grateful to have so many great distributors all over the world that work hard to make our instruments available to musicians. Today we would like to give an extra shout out to one of our newest distributors, namely Deka Group in Panama who've really impressed us with their dedication and arranging Nord clinics. Here's a little collage from some of their Nord Clinics and events from the last year! Keep up the good work!

#iseenord at Allsång på Skansen


Swedish keyboard player Martin Persson sent us this great photo from his keyboard booth of Swedens most popular outdoor musical TV-show SVT Allsång på Skansen that's broadcast live from Stockholm every week each summer.

Sampha - "Blood on Me"


The brilliant UK artist and producer Sampha performed his new single "Blood on Me" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week, featuring two Nord Electro 5's!

Núku - Slnecný Lúč


Check out Slovakian band Núku performing "Slnecný Lúč" live on Balcony TV featuring both the Nord Lead 4 and the Nord Drum 2!

Vök - Waterfall


Here's Icelandic dream pop group Vök with their song "Waterfall" performed at the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik with some great pad sounds on the Nord Lead 4.

Jacob Collier - Eleanor Rigby


"Eleanor Rigby" gets a new haircut from multiinstrumentalist wunderkid Jacob Collier in this Maida Vale session from BBC Music, with some really juice clavinet-playing on the Nord Stage 2 too!

Next generation Nord player


German keyboard player Stephan sent us this wonderful photo of his 12 weeks old son who appears to enjoy hanging out with his father's Nord Electro 3!

Kygo on Nord Stage 2 at the Olympic end ceremony in Rio!


Majestic #iseenord moment from the Olympic closing ceremony in Rio, where Norwegian artist Kygo performed live on the Nord Stage 2 together with US artist Julia Michaels!

Nord Artist of the Month - Emie R Roussel


Nord Artist of the Month is Canadian pianist and composer Emie R Roussel, here seen performing with her Emie Roussel Trio on the Nord Stage 2!

Rammstein - "Ich Tu Dir Weh"


Dramatic live performance by German industrial metal band Rammstein at the Hurricane Festival, featuring a couple of Nord Stage 2 EX and a somewhat mistreated keyboard player that is hopefully resurrected at the end of the song! 

Matt Cossey Tutorial #5 - Using the Master Clock feature


In this fifth episode Matt is explaining the how to use the powerful Master Clock feature found in the Nord Stage 2/2 EX, Nord Lead 4 and Nord Lead A1. ‪

Oh Wonder - "Technicolour Beat"


Great atmospheric pop from UK band Oh Wonder performing their song "Technicolour Beat" featuring the Nord Electro 5 HP!

Wild Belle "Throw Down Your Guns"


US band Wild Belle performing "Throw Down Your Guns" live on WFUV featuring the Nord Electro 4D!

Nord Piano 3 and Nord Drum 3P now shipping!


The Nord Drum 3P and Nord Piano 3 are now on their way out to a store near you. As tradition demands, here's a pic from our factory with the people who created and built them!

Matt Cossey Tutorial #4 - Customizing your B3 Sound


In this fourth episode Matt is explaining the how to customize the B3 sound in Organ Section further. ‪

Nord Piano 3 takes the stage in Madrid!


The new Nord Piano 3 will be featured at the big Placido Domingo tribute concert tonight in the Real Madrid stadium, and played by Spanish keyboard player Basilio Marti!

Glasys - "The Pressure"


Check out US artist Glasys performing his song "The Pressure" live onTVPDX Portland TV using only a Nord Stage 2 and a Nord Drum 2 (sequenced externally).

Tor Egil Braseth - "Come Sunday" (Ellington)


YouTube user Tor Egil Braseth made this fantastic little video where he's playing Duke Ellingtons "Come Sunday" on the new Nefertiti MKI (with the amp sim enabled)!

Night Marks Electric Trio - "Archeo X"


Groovy stuff from Polish Night Marks Electric Trio with nice bits on the Nord Stage 2!

James Williams and Band - "Asimov"


Students of Australian Institute of Music performing a very nice cover of Larry Goldings "Asimov", with very tasteful use of the Nord C2 by James Williams!

Julia Holter - "Feel You"


The amazing Julia Holter performing "Feel You" live on KCRW, with Julia on the Nord Stage 2! 

DGM - "Animal"


Energetic video from Italian progressive metal outfit DGM with "wireless" Nord Lead 4 and Nord Electro 5D!

Run River North - "29"


Slow morning? Let Run River North wake you up with their song "29" performed live in JamInTheVan!

Ella Henderson - Ghost


Check out British singer and songwriter Ella Henderson performing "Ghost" in BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, featuring the Nord Stage 2! 

Matt Cossey Tutorial #3 - Working with Drawbars


It's time for the third episode of the Matt Cossey Tutorial series - this time Matt goes through the basics of working with Drawbars as well as other basic aspects of the Organ section!

Hilda - "Smashing Hearts"


Check out Swedish artist Hilda performing her song "Smashing Hearts" live accompanied by a Nord Stage 2 and a Nord Lead 4! 

Akie Bermiss - Medicine


Raw and groovy stuff from US artist Akie Bermiss in this Sofar Sounds session in New York, performing the song "Medicine"!

Marble Sounds - "The First Try"


Nice performance by Belgian Marble Sounds "The First Try" live at Studio Brussel featuring a Nord Piano 2 HP and Nord Electro 3! 

Krzysztof Mroziak & Bad Boys Project - Half and double


Nice performance from Poland with Nord Stage 2 and Nord Lead A1 by Krzysztof & Bad Boys Project!

Sick Live - "She Must Be From Heaven"


Funky performance from the Polish band Sick Live in this live rendition of their song "She Must Be From Heaven", with lots of Nord Stage 2!

Bill Laurance Group ft. Stuart McCallum - "Money in The Desert"


Enjoy Bill Laurance Group performing the majestic piece "Money in The Desert" live at Band on The Wall 2016, with Snarky Puppy keyboardist Bill Laurence on the Nord Stage.

Matt Cossey Tutorial #2 - String Resonance and Pedal Noise


In the second episode of Matt Cossey's Tutorial series the Piano section is in focus, demonstrating the String Resonance and Pedal Noise features and customizing your piano sound with these.

Factory visit from David Cook


US Nord Artist David Cook, who is also Musical Director for Taylor Swift, stopped by the factory yesterday with some of his bandmates from the Shayna Steele band that delivered a magical show at Fasching later on! 

Ikiz Cabin Crew - "Hallshuk"


Atmospheric composition "Hallshuk" performed by Ikiz Cabin Crew live at Sound Picnic, featuring ikiz on drums, and Joel Lyssarides on the Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Lead 4. 

I Am Karate - Bloom (Livesession)


Check out Swedish electro pop duo I Am Karate performing their song "Bloom" featuring the Nord Stage 2!

REKK - "I Never Thought"


If you're in the need for some soothing folk rock, check out german band REKK's beautiful song "I Never Thought" featuring the Nord Stage 2.

Steve Winwood chooses the Nord C2D


We're very excited to hear that the great multi instrumentalist and rock legend Steve Winwood chose the Nord C2D Combo Organ for rehearsing his tour with Steely Dan!

"The Nord C2D is the most adaptable keyboard I’ve ever come across." he says. "It can be a tone-wheel organ, a vintage euro organ, a pipe organ or two attached, programmable midi keyboards, all of which I make use of at various times, and its internal sounds are infinitely useable".

Click here for the full story!

Susanna feat. Helge Sten & John Paul Jones 'We Offer'


Listen to Norwegian singer, musician and producer Susanna Wallumrød perform her song "We Offer" with none other than John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on Mandolin and Norwegian noise legend Helge Sten (Deathprod) on guitar in this special WiMP session.

Clavinet Love!


Check out Ron Reinhardt playing his custom Clavinet patches on the Nord Stage 2! Groovy stuff!

More photos from Messe 2016!


Here comes some more snapshots from the Nord Booth and also some random discoveries at the Messe, as tradition demands!

MIPA 2016 Award for the Nord Piano 3!


We're thrilled to have received the MIPA Award 2016 in the category "Best Stage Keyboard" for our new Nord Piano 3 tonight at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Photos from Messe


Here are a few pics from the Nord booth at the first day of Musikmesse 2016, stay tuned for more pics tomorrow!

Getting ready for Messe 2016


We're in Frankfurt, putting the finishing touches on our booth at Musikmesse 2016 that opens tomorrow, April 7th! If you're a visiting, you'll find us at Halle 9.1, D11! Welcome!

Tedeschi Trucks Band live at NPR


The amazing 12-piece Tedeschi Trucks Band performing live at NPR featuring keyboardist Kofi Burbridge on a Nord Stage 2. Check it out!

Introducing the Matt Cossey Tutorial series


In this new Tutorial series British keyboardist Matt Cossey will guide you through some of the brilliant Nord features and share his tips and tricks to get the most out of your Nord keyboard. In the first episode he's demonstrating the Morph Assign feature.   

Performance and Production by Matt Cossey

Thomas Reichhart - Qui Vive! (Op. 12) Grand Galop


Great performance and video by German pianist Thomas Reichhart showing the Nord Piano in action!

East Forest - Hold On


Armed with a looper, a Nord Electro 4 and a bunch of effects and field recordings - East Forest creates a live electro-acoustic dreamscape from the ground up combining elements of classical, electronic, and experimental pop. Enjoy! 

Visit from Italy


Yesterday we had the pleasure of having our Italian distributor Mogar Music and dealers from all over the country at the Nord HQ. The training day included a factory tour, product seminars, Q&A with Hans Nordelius and was rounded up with a nice dinner. Thanks for a great day and keep up your good work! 

Ella Eyre - Deeper


Check out British R&B singer Ella Eyre performing "Deeper" at Capital FM featuring a Nord Piano 2! 

Third Rail featuring George Whitty - Do A Little Dance


Jazz fusion supergroup Third Rail performing live in Cologne featuring keyboardist/producer George Whitty on a Nord Lead 3. 

Billy Bragg - Ideology


English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg performing "Ideology" live in his studio featuring Owen Parker using a Nord Electro 4D and a Nord Piano 2. 

Wintergatan - Marble Machine


It's not red but we're happy to make an exception for this fantastic video of Swedish renaissance man Martin Molin's homebuilt "Marble Machine" – powered by hand and featuring 2000 marbles! Unbelievable stuff and great tune too!

Nord Artist of the Month is Owen Parker


Nord Artist of the Month is British keyboard player Owen Parker who has worked with artists such as Annie Lennox, Billy Bragg, James Morrison, Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Check him out here!

Ikiz Cabin Crew - Zoetic Sessions


Turkish-Swedish jazz drummer Ikiz and his Cabin Crew including pianist Joel Lyssarides and trumpet player Jonne Bentlöv live at Sound Picnic in Istanbul.  

HÆLOS - Dust


London-based electro-pop trio Hælos performing "Dust" at KEXP using a Nord Piano 2 HP. 

Gesu no Kiwami Otome - Otonatic


Japanese progressive indie band Gesu no Kiwami Otome (ゲスの極み乙女。) performing "Otonatic" featuring a Nord Electro 4. 

Sam Smith feat. Mary J. Blige - Stay With Me


British pop star Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige aka "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul" performing Stay With Me live at Vevo featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

X Ambassador at Nord HQ


Yesterday we had the pleasure of having X Ambassadors' keyboardist Casey Harris at the Nord Factory for a tour and a chat!   

Zara Larsson - Uncover


Swedish rising star Zara Larsson performing her hit single "Uncover" live at Vevo Dscvr featuring a Nord Stage 2! 

Nord Artist of the Month is Johan Dalgaard


Nord Artist of the Month is Johan Dalgaard, read more about him here

Slideshow from NAMM 2016


We just got home after a great NAMM Show 2016! Here are a few snapshots from the booth and other discoveries!

Nord at NAMM 2016 - day 3


Highlights from day 3 at the NAMM booth including Rachel Flowers, Francesco Saglietti, Matt Cossey Band and more! 

Nord at NAMM 2016 - day 2


Some highlights from day 2 at the NAMM Booth featuring Brandon Coleman, Alex Alessandroni Jr., Justin Kauflin and more. Enjoy! ‪

Nord at NAMM 2016 - day 1


Check out some of the highlights from the first day at the Nord Booth featuring Cory Henry, Nick Semrad, Eyal Amir and more!

Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - Live Oak


American singer-songwriter Jason Isbell performing a nice version of "Live Oak" at KEXP featuring Derry deBorja using a Nord Electro 3. 

Meet James Bay's keyboardist Jack Duxbury


Our UK distributor Sound Technology had the pleasure of meeting Jack Duxbury, keyboard player with James Bay, for an interview. Check it out! 

See you at NAMM 2016!


Welcome to booth #6464 at NAMM Show 2016, January 21-24th!

Nord Artist of the Month: Joel Lyssarides


Nord Artist of the Month is the young gifted Swedish jazz pianist and composer Joel Lyssarides

Derry deBorja stopped by the Nord HQ


Yesterday we had a nice visit from Nashville based keyboardist and Nord artist Derry deBorja currently touring with Jason Isbell. Great having you here! 

Jim Watson rocking the Nord Electro 5D


UK keyboard player Jim Watson and drummer Simon Lea performing an improvised piece at the Sound Technology Sessions. Enjoy! 

Oddisee - "Contradiction's Maze"


American rapper and producer Oddisee performing "Contradiction's Maze" live at KUTX Austin featuring a Nord Electro 4. Check it out! 

Haywyre - Endlessly


American electronic jazz artist Haywyre performing his new single Endlessly using a Nord Stage 2.

Nord Artist of the Month: David Cook


Nord Artist of the Month is US Keyboard player David Cook!

Steve Gadd Band - Duke's Anthem


Impressive live performance from legendary Steve Gadd and his band at Leverkusener Jazztage 2015 featuring Larry Goldings on a Nord Stage 2. 

The Dukes of September - What a Fool Believes


The Dukes of September - a super group comprised of pop/rock/R&B icons Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers) and Boz Scaggs performing What a Fool Believes, backed up by a Nord Stage. 

MusicRadar reviews the Nord Stage 2 EX


"Its no menu diving/live focused approach is still hard to beat and the sounds/facilities are top-notch. The Nord Keyboards Stage 2 EX is a killer package...".

Read full MusicRadar review here

The Stone Foxes - Eye For Love


San Fransisco-based rock and roll band The Stone Foxes performing Eye For Love featuring a Nord Electro 3 on Audiotree Live. 

Nord Live Sessions #1


We're happy to kick off the Nord Live Sessions at the Nord factory in Stockholm. In this first session we invited the three young Stockholm-based musicians Joel Lyssarides, Oskar Alex and Axel Fagerberg to play around with some of their ideas. Enjoy!

Recorded live with no external processing, except for a multi-effect pedal on the Nord Drum 2.

Ella Eyre - Love Me Like You


Talented singer Ella Eyre performing Love Me Like You at the Abbey Road studios featuring a Nord Piano 2. 

Nord Seminar at RML


We're a proud sponsor of RML Music College in Stockholm - a music education for talented young musicians focusing on instrumental studies and songwriting. Earlier this week our Product Specialist Staffan held a Nord Seminar at RML including the history of Nord, Product demonstrations and other nice-to-know stuff! 

Brandon Coleman at the Nord HQ


Excellent keyboard player Brandon Coleman, currently touring with Kamasi Washington, stopped by the Nord Factory today. It was a pleasure having you here!  

Stevie Wonder performing "Summer Soft"


Legendary Motown artist and musical genius Stevie Wonder performing "Summer Soft" featuring keyboardist Eddie Brown on a Nord Electro 4D. Check it out!  

Dessy Di Lauro - Why U Raggin'?


Take a look at neo-ragtime artist Dessy Di Lauro performing "Why U Raggin'?" at featuring Nord Artist Ric'key Pageot on the Nord Stage 2, who's currently touring with Madonna.

Music City Jam Sessions - Bart's Blues


Check out this amazing jam with some of the finest musicians from Nashville, with Michael Whittaker on a Nord Electro 5D 73 and a Nord Lead 4!

Art Of Sleeping - Hotline Bling


Australian indie-pop act Art of Sleeping cover Drake's "Hotline Bling" at the Triple J using a Nord Stage 2. 

The Suffers - "Giver"


Great performance by Texas-based soul group The Suffers, with the song "Giver", featuring the Nord Electro 4 SW73.

Nord Training Day with Adagio and AB Music


We just had the pleasure of spending a day with representatives from our Spanish distributor Adagio and associated music stores for a day filled with all things Nord. Thank you!

Rikard From And The Organics - It's All About My Girl


Stunning live session by Rikard From and the Organics on Swedish Radio P4 Västerbotten featuring a Nord C2D! 

Electro 5D gets 10/10 and Future Music Platinum Award!


The November issue of Future Music Magazine features a review of the Nord Electro 5D, calling it "Pretty much unbeatable!" and giving it the Future Music Platinum award! Read more quotes and what other reviewers have said about the new Electro in the Press section!

The Delta Saints visited the Nord Factory


We just had the pleasure of meeting the lovely guys from Nashville based group The Delta Saints, who're playing in Stockholm tonight!

James Bay - Hold Back the River


British singer-songwriter James Bay performing his hit single "Hold Back the River" at Transmitter featuring keyboardist Jack Duxbury on a Nord Stage 2 and a Nord Electro 4D.   

Nord on MusicTech's list of the ten best 10/10's


"We could put any number of Nords in this Best 10/10 category, so well and consistently have they scored over the years. That goes for the Stage, the Lead, even the A1, but were we to be forced to go for one, it would probably be the Nord Lead 4. For a wide-ranging synth, this is the one. For an analogue and easy option, go for the A1; for a proper keyboard, go for the Stage. Like we said, pick a Nord, any Nord…"
- MusicTech Magazine

Read full article here.

Visit from James Bay's keyboardist


British keyboard player Jack Duxbury, currently touring with James Bay, stopped by the Nord HQ for a Factory Tour while in town. Nice having you here!   

Jim Watson jamming on the Nord C2D


Another great live performance by Jim Watson and Simon Lea at the Sound Technology Sessions, this time featuring a Nord C2D. 

Gregory Porter & Laura Mvula - Water Under Bridges


Gregory Porter and Laura Mvula performing "Water Under Bridges" at the Graham Norton Show accompanied by Chip Crawford using a Nord Electro.  

Nord Sample Editor - How to easily create your own samples


See how quickly you can create your own sample and transfer it to your Nord keyboard using the Nord Sample Editor. Download the Nord Sample Editor for free and create your own samples today! 

Elliot Moss - Slip


New York-based electronica artist Elliot Moss performing his tune "Slip" at the Sofar Sounds using a Nord Stage 2. 

Nord at MusicExpo Brazil


The MusicExpo Brazil 2015 took place in Sao Paulo last week and we were well represented by our Brazilian distributor Soundix. Thanks to Product Specialist Jobert Gaigher for great demonstrations and to Soundix for a fantastic Booth. 

Marcus Miller Band feat. Brett Williams


Stunning live session from Marcus Miller Band at the North Sea Jazz Fest 2015 featuring the talented keyboardist Brett Williams on a Nord Stage 2. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Davide Rossi


Nord Artist of the Month is the Italian keyboardist Davide Rossi who has worked with artists such as Eros Ramazzotti, Loredana Bertè, Laura Pausini and many others. Read more about him here.

Charlie Puth - "Marvin Gaye"


Check out Charlie Puth performing his hit "Marvin Gaye" on the Nord Electro 5 and also some nice beatboxing in the Billboard studios! 

Naughty Boy live at BBC Radio 1


Naughty Boy ft Little Simz and Tom Prior cover the Arctic Monkey's "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High" live at BBC Radio 1 featuring two Nord Stages. 

Nord at Scandinavian Music Expo 2015


Last week we showcased our products at the Scandinavian Music Expo 2015 in Stockholm. Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Nord Booth and to DJ Service for a nice arrangement!

Snarky Puppy - Ready Wednesday


Amazing groove from the New York-based collective Snarky Puppy live at Jefferson Center featuring a Nord Stage and a Nord Electro. Enjoy! 

Training Day at Nord HQ


Our Swiss distributor Heer Music visited the Nord HQ for a busy Training Day featuring a factory tour, product training and a Q&A session with Hans Nordelius followed by a nice dinner. We also had the pleasure to invite the great musician and demonstrator Matt Cossey from the UK. Many thanks to Heer Music and Matt Cossey for a really nice day!

Nord at Salon Algam


Last week we had the pleasure to visit the Salon Algam arranged by our French distributor Algam. Hundreds of dealers visited the event including great live performances, mingling and product demonstrations by French keyboardist Jacques Julienne. Thanks to everyone at Algam and keep up the good work! 

Nord Electro 5 reviewed in Keyboard Magazine


The latest issue of Keyboard Magazine features a great review of the Nord Electro 5:

"With the Nord Electro 5, Nord has moved the needle on what players can expect in a focused yet versatile workhorse"

Read the full review here, and check out the Nord Electro 5 In The Press page for more reviews!

Nord Electro 4D at the Apple Event


Great to see a Nord Electro 4D on stage with One Republic at the Apple Event September 9. Check it out! 

Introduction to the Nord Sample Library 2.0


Curious about the new Nord Sample Library 2.0 and like to add some new sounds to your instrument? Check out this little introduction video covering all the new stuff and how to get the new sounds into your Nord!

Billy Cobham 5tet feat. Cristophe Cravero


Stunning live performance by Billy Cobham 5tet at Nancy Jazz Pulsation 2011 featuring Christophe Cravero on a Nord Stage. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Pierre Swärd


Nord Artist of the Month is Swedish organ legend Pierre Swärd, who made the switch to the Nord C2D several years ago and hasn't looked back since!  

Jim Watson jamming on the Nord Stage 2 EX


Acclaimed British keyboardist Jim Watson performs an improvised piece using the new Nord Stage 2 EX 88 at Sound Technology Sessions. Jim is accompanied by long-time friend and musical collaborator Simon Lea on drums. Enjoy! 

Winner of the #iseenord photo contest


Rogerio Oliveira from Brazil is the happy winner of a Nord Lead A1 with this great photo of the future Nord generation! We received over 3000 photos and we also picked 4 photos that all win Nord merchandise, click here to see them

Nord Drum 2 jam session


Nice video from Italian F&M Rhythm Section featuring the Nord Drum 2 in different electronic pop settings!

Matt Cossey demonstrates the new Nord Stage 2 EX


Don't miss this demonstration of the new Nord Stage 2 EX that Matt Cossey has put together, covering all the newest features and also some of the new sounds in the Nord Sample Library 2.0

Cas Haley - I'm Free


Great live performance by American singer Cas Haley and his band at Jam in The Van featuring a Nord Stage.

Nord Artist of the Month: Will Janssen


Canadian keyboardist Will Janssen is a member of the Dubai-based rock band The Boxtones and has performed with acts such as Pharrell Williams, The Who, Richard Ashcroft, The Ting Tings, Lily Allen, Europe, & Jason Derulo. Check him out!

The Great Fall


Anthony Martinez sent us this horrifying clip of a gig gone horribly wrong when the stage suddenly collapses in the middle of song... Luckily no-one got hurt and he tells us his Nord Electro 2 "still worked perfectly afterwards with just a bit of cosmetic damage (which I am having repaired)". PS! Don't watch if you're sensitive to keyboard-violence!

Great demo of the Silver Grand and DX-sounds by Mike Pensini


YouTube user Mike Pensini has put together this nice little video with our latest sounds, the Silver Grand, DX Rubba Roads and DX Full Tines!

Gorgon City feat. MNEK - Ready For Your Love


British electronica duo Gorgon City and MNEK performing their hit single Ready For Your Love at the BBC Radio 1 featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Kamasi Washington - Re Run Home


Great live session on KCRW with American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington and his band featuring Brandon Coleman on a Nord Stage 2! 

Nord Artist of the Month: Brandon Coleman


Brandon Coleman is born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has had the privilege of performing with the industry's most sought after musicians including the likes of Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Angie Stone, Babyface, Jamie Foxx, Shuggie Otis and Kamasi Washington. Read more here!

Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire


English indie band Bastille performing their hit single "Things We Lost In The Fire" at Sofar London using no less than two Nord Stage 2s! 

Francesco Saglietti demoing the new Silver Grand


We were so lucky to have talented Italian keyboard player Francesco Saglietti do a little demo for our newest addition to the Nord Piano Library, Silver Grand. Enjoy!

Interview with Hozier's keyboardist Mia Fitz


Our UK distributor met up with Mia Fitz, currently on tour with Hozier, at London's Roundhouse. A huge fan of the Nord Keyboards Stage 2, Mia took some time out during soundcheck to tell us what she likes most about Nord's flagship board, and how it is the perfect fit for Hozier's lauded live shows. Check out the interview and a video too here!

The Late Call - The Pact


Nice performance by singer-songwriter Johannes Mayer aka The Late Call featuring a Nord Stage at Sofar Stockholm

Mellow Upright demo by Francesco Saglietti


LA based keyboardist Francesco Saglietti playing a beautiful cover of "Luz Negra" with our new Mellow Upright. Listen to more sound demos and download it here

Amazing solo by Tim Carmon


Acclaimed keyboardist Tim Carmon impresses Eric Clapton with a brilliant Nord Lead solo at Madison Square Garden. Check it out! 

Seinabo Sey - Younger


Swedish rising star Seinabo Sey performing her hit single "Younger" backed up by a Nord Stage 2 at KCRW.  

Unforgettable Service Stories - part 1


"Nord Electro left on top of the roof while driving up the highway". Read how it turned out! 

Vance Joy - Georgia


Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy performing his single "Georgia" featuring a Nord Electro 4 HP at Melbourne Town Hall. 

Arnold + Sukroso - Role For Gold


Cool video from the Berlin based joint venture of guitarist Robin Sukroso and drummer/keyboardist Sebastian Arnold using a Nord Modular G2 and a Nord Rack 2. 

Nord at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm


We're proud sponsors of KMH – The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Former KMH students include many eminent musicians and skilled music teachers, contributing to the Swedish music phenomenon. Website:

Nord Artist of the Month: Miguel Rico


Talented Colombian keyboardist Miguel Rico has worked with famous Latin artists like Fonseca, Kany García and Juan Pablo Vega. Check him out!

Kiesza - Hideaway


Really nice performance by Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza with a Nord Electro 3 at KISS FM

Swedish Dealer of the Year 2014


Swedish dealer DLX Music has done such a great job with selling Nord in Sweden they were awarded "Swedish Dealer of the Year 2014". Keep up the good work lads!

St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Grass Is Greener


Great blue-eyed soul from St. Paul and the Broken Bones live at KEXP including keyboardist Al Gamble on a Nord Electro 4D. 

Nord Lead A1 reviewed in Sound on Sound


The Nord Lead A1 is reviewed in the latest issue of Sound On Sound magazine where it is described as a “super little synthesiser”. “...the A1 lent itself to a serendipitous style of programming, and tweaking knobs here and there led to some unexpected and rather fine-sounding results”. The full review can be read in the June issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

Read what others have to say about the Nord Lead A1 here!

Meet our US Tech Support Pablo Mastodon


From the everyday end user to the Hollywood megastars performing at their sold out tours, Pablo Mastodon provides brilliant personal technical support to each person he encounters. He also has an impressive collection of Nord instruments. Read full article here!  

Visit from the US!


We've had a really nice visit from our US distributor AM&S. The US Training Day included a factory tour, product presentations and a Q&A with CEO/founder Hans Nordelius. We also awarded the AM&S Sales Team for their outstanding performances during 2014. It was a pleasure having you here and keep up the good work!  

Phox - Leisure


Nice performance by American indieband Phox including talented singer Monica Martin and keyboardist Matteo Roberts on a Nord Stage 2, at Jam in the Van, May 2015. 

Nord Stage 2 EX now shipping!


We have just started shipping the first Nord Stage 2 EX units from our Stockholm Factory, and here's a little photo of the first batch along with the people who made them!

Hiromi live at Tokyo Jazz Festival


Stunning performance by Japanese composer and keyboard virtouso Hiromi combining a Nord Electro and a Grand Piano at Tokyo Jazz Festival. 

Kygo - Firestone


Check out Norwegian House phenomenon Kygo performing his hit single "Firestone" live at Le LAB Virgin Radio, accompanied by a Nord Stage EX.

Great demonstration of the Nord Electro 5


US Music Retailer Kraft Music has put together this extensive video of the new Nord Electro 5, presented by Chris Martirano.   

Nord Artist of the Month: David Tench


David Tench has been playing keys and working as a musical director since 1998 after graduating from LIPA. For the last ten years he has been working with the likes of Kylie Minogue, The Voice in the UK, Will Young, Spandau Ballet, Leona Lewis, Take That, Lady Gaga, Craig David, Westlife and many more. Check him out!

Poppy Ackroyd - Rain


Amazing live performance by British composer and pianist Poppy Ackroyd with a Nord Piano 2 at Union Chapel, London. 

Tove Lo - Habits


Swedish rising star Tove Lo performing her hit single "Habits" at Virgin Radio accompanied by a Nord Lead A1

Public Service Broadcasting - Go


Here's London-based Duo PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING performing their song "Go" featuring the Nord Lead 4R!

Ural Thomas & The Pain - Here Comes The Hurt


Don't miss this great recording of US Soul group Ural Thomas & the Pain​ live at from Pickathon​ festival 2014, with plenty of nice organ parts on the Nord Stage 2!

Matt Cossey Band live at Musikmesse


Check out some highlights from the performances by Matt Cossey Band at Musikmesse 2015. They focused on medleys of popular songs to show off the versatility of the Nord Stage 2.

Federico Solazzo live at Musikmesse


Here's a snippet of Federico Solazzo performing along with Genzo Okabe (sax) and Luciano Poli (bass) at the Nord Stage at Musikmesse earlier today! More live videos coming soon!

MIPA award for Nord Electro 5!


We are very proud to announce that the new Nord Electro 5 has been awarded a MIPA 2015 in the category "Best Stage Keyboard" at Frankfurt MusikMesse

Nord Lead A1 voted "Best Hardware Synthesizer"


Nord Lead A1 was voted "Best Hardware Synth" by the readers of German magazine Keys! Thank you very much, it's a great honor!

The New Orleans Suspects - "Grits"


Killer groove from supergroup The New Orleans Suspects at KDHX featuring keyboardist C.R Gruver(Leo Nocentelli of the Meters) on a Nord Electro 3. 

Nord Artist of the Month: Ric'key Pageot


Nord Artist of the Month is Canadian keyboardist Ric'key Pageot who's currently rehearsing for his 3rd world tour with Madonna and also producing music for Award-winning singer Dessy di Lauro. Pageot has previously worked with Cirque du Soleil, Diana Ross and many more. Check him out!

Backstage at BBC's The Voice


Our UK distributor Sound Technology had the pleasure to visit the BBC's The Voice band at Elstree Studios. The band are using four Nord Stage 2 keyboards. They caught up with Musical Director David Tench and keyboard player Steve Tuner after a rehearsal, just a few days before the final. Read the full article here! 

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years


British trio London Grammar performing their song "Wasting My Young Years" in Studio Q featuring a Nord Stage 2. 

Billie Leyers - Mad About You (cover)


Check out Dutch artist Billie Leyers​ performing her version of the Hooverphonic song "Mad About You" on the Nord Stage 2!

Greighwolfe - Hurt Me


Soulful performance by Greighwolfe at the Sofar Sounds featuring a Nord Stage 2!

Nord Electro 5 Roll-out!


Say cheese! Here's a roll-out pic from the Nord Factory in Stockholm with the first batch of Nord Electro 5's soon on their way to USA!

Thiago Gomes - Nord Funk Jam


Groovy video from Thiago Gomes jamming away on his Electro 4D and Nord Lead 2X. Nice!

Visit from Cory Henry


Grammy Award-winning organist/keyboardist Cory Henry stopped by at the Nord Factory while in town. Cory Henry is mostly known for his work with Snarky Puppy and has performed with The Roots, Boyz 2 Men, NAS, Derrick Hodge, Robert Glasper, Bruce Springsteen and many more. Nice having you here! 

Nord Electro 5 showcase in Korea


Our Korean distributor Music Metro Inc arranged a Nord Electro 5 showcase featuring demonstrations and live perfomances by Italian keyboardist Federico Solazzo. Thanks to Music Metro Inc and Federico Solazzo for the good work done! 

The Audible Doctor - The Winter


 Brooklyn-based rapper/producer The Audible Doctor featuring a Nord Electro 4 HP live at the Sofar New York

Amazing Nord Stage Battle


Toronto based keyboardists Anthony Brancati and Robi Botos dueling with their Nord Stages. Check it out! 

Nord Drum 2 demo by Brad Park


Get some inspiriation and see how easily you can create sounds and integrate the Nord Drum 2 in an acoustic setup in this great demonstration by Canadian drummer Brad Park

Years & Years - Take Shelter / Bills Bills Bills


Great performance by Olly Alexander from the British electronica trio Years & Years featuring a Nord Stage 2.   

Father John Misty - Bored in the USA


Acclaimed singer-songwriter and Ex-Fleet Foxes member Father John Misty performing his song "Bored in the USA" accompanied by a Nord Stage 2 at the WNYC. 

Dumpstaphunk feat. Ivan Neville


Groovy stuff from Dumpstaphunk featuring the legendary New Orleans keyboardist Ivan Neville on a Nord Stage. 

Joel Sarakula - Northern Soul


Catchy souly pop from Australian artist Joel Sarakula​, performing his song "Northern Soul" at a Sofar Sounds​ session in Munich! 

Azure - Hiptronics


Great live performance by jazzfunky Azure playing some highlights from their latest album Hiptronics. Italian keyboardist and producer Federico Solazzo combines a Nord Stage 2 and Nord Lead 4.   

Live from NAMM 2015 - Robi Botos, Matt Cossey and Michael Gallant


Check out some highlights from the third day of NAMM 2015 at the Nord Booth with amazing performances by Robi Botos, Matt Cossey and his Band, and Michael Gallant.

Haywyre - Insight


Super video from artist Haywyre performing his tune "Insight" rockin' the Nord Stage 2!

TEC Award for the Nord Lead A1 at NAMM 2015


Hooray! We're thrilled to have received the very prestigious TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Award for the Nord Lead A1 in the category 'Best Musical Instrument Hardware' 2014 at the NAMM Show 2015 in Anaheim, California! It's a great honour, thank you! 

Jonah Wei-Haas, Scott Kinsey, Pete Levin at NAMM Show 2015


Here's a taste of some of the performances that took place in the NAMM 2015 Nord booth #6464 on January Friday 23rd, featuring Jonah Wei-Haas, Pete Levin w/band and a little glimpse of Scott Kinsey from the Bass Bash evening in Anaheim.

Nord VIP Party at NAMM Show 2015


We've had a great night with distributors and musicians at the Nord VIP Party. Stunning live performances, nice drinks and lots of mingling. We also awarded the best US retailers for their contribution to record sales during 2014. Many thanks to our US distributor AM&S and everyone who stopped by!  

Rachel Flowers, Robi Botos and Joey DeFrancesco at NAMM 2015


Check out some highlights from the first day of NAMM 2015 at the Nord Booth with amazing performances by Robi Botos, Rachel Flowers and guest appearances by Joey DeFrancesco and Brian Auger!

Live performances at the Nord Booth


We're happy to have a lot of talented musicians performing live at our booth 6464. Check out the live schedule here! 

NAMM 2015 has started!


The doors to the NAMM Show have now opened and we're looking forward to meeting all the musicians and music lovers out there at the Nord Booth 6464. Here are some pics of the preparations from yesterday!

Blackberry Smoke - One Horse Town


Really nice southern rock from Blackberry Smoke featuring keyboardist Brandon Still on the Nord Electro 2.

Hozier - Take Me To Church


Great video of Hozier performing "Take Me To Chuch" on Later... with Jools Holland, featuring Mia Fitz on the Nord Stage EX!

Classic Hooks on Nord!


Nexus Institute of Creative Arts teaching staff has made a great video showing a range of patches they made for playing popular songs using the Nord Stage 2 and Nord Lead A1! 

Fractures - It's Alright


Great performance by Melbourne-based indie band Fractures including a Nord Electro 4 at The Mahogny Sessions

Blind Boys of Alabama - Amazing Grace


Stunning performance by the legendary gospel group Blind Boys of Alabama at Audiotree, accompanied by a Nord C2 Combo Organ. 

We are ready for NAMM Show 2015...


Best Hardware Synth 2014: Nord Lead A1!


We are thrilled and honoured to announce that the Nord Lead A1 is awarded "Best Hardware Synth 2014" by MusicTech Magazine. Many thanks! 

Create the Nord Sound Logo - win a Nord Drum 2!


Help us create the official Nord sound logo reflecting the world of Nord Keyboards. The best contribution may be used in upcoming official Nord videos and will be awarded with a Nord Drum 2.

Read more here!

Rachmaninov on the Nord Piano 2


Whoah! Don't miss this breathtaking performance by Thai pianist Sek Thongsuwan. This piece by Rachmaninov really puts the Nord Piano 2 through the paces both speedwise and dynamically. Music starts from 0:52.

Grand Upright - new video!


In case you've missed the fantastic Grand Upright, check out this video demonstration of this magnificent full bodied upright! Performance by Erik "Errka" Petersson.

Download the Grand Upright here!

Nord Lead A1 - Access all styles


Great video from YouTube user Whentherushcomes demonstrating a wide range of sounds and effects on the Nord Lead A1!

New tutorials for the Nord Drum 2 now available!


Want to create your own drum sounds? Learn some basic tricks in this quick guide for the Nord Drum 2: Creating a basic kit from scratch

If you're already acquainted with the Nord Drum 2 and want to dig deeper into sound design, check out this video focusing on more advanced synthesis: Advanced drum synthesis

Nord Artist of the Month: Richard Barbieri


Featured Nord Artist of the month is UK keyboard legend Richard Barbieri!

Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling


Nice live performance by English singer-songwriter Jessie Ware at Later... with Jools Holland featuring a Nord Electro 2 and a Nord Stage 2. 

Alice Boman - What


Swedish rising star Alice Boman performing "What" featuring a Nord Electro 4D on KEXP November, 2014.

"Kittyhawk" and "Dowsing" stopped by at the Nord factory


Chicago-based indie bands Kittyhawk and Dowsing stopped by the Nord HQ for a factory tour. 

Introducing Nord Artists!


We have just launched the Nord Artists section where we will be presenting a selection of the talented musicians all over the world that choose to play Nord. Featured Nord Artist of the month is US drummer Kimberly Thompson!

Ryan Adams live on Jimmy Fallon


Acclaimed American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams performing "Kim" on the Tonight Show featuring a Nord Stage. 

Amp Fiddler - I Believe In You


Great number from Amp Fiddler performing "I Believe in You" live on BBC Radio 1, with plenty of nice electric pianos on the Nord Electro. 

Mellow Upright demonstration by Beto Machado


Check out YouTube user Beto Machado's demonstration of the soft-hammered Mellow Upright - our latest addition in the Nord Piano Library. Download it here!

Fatai - Sam Smith Medley


Absolutely stunning performance by Australian artist Fatai, performing a medley of songs by Sam Smith. She's soulfully accompanied by keyboardist David Taafua on the Nord Stage 2.

Visit from Bryan Ferry's band


Bryan Ferry's band including keyboardist Paul Beard, Guy Pratt and Jorja Chalmers stopped by for a chat and a factory tour while in town. Nice to have you here guys!  

Scorching jam session at Nord HQ


Swedish renowned organist Pierre Swärd and world famous Nord C2D player Joey DeFrancesco had a brillliant organ duel at the Nord HQ. Enjoy!

Mikky Ekko - Stay


Intimate live session by Nashville singer/songwriter Mikky Ekko at KCRW, October 2014. 

Twin Shadow - Slow


Here's electro pop artist George Lewis Jr aka. Twin Shadow performing the killer tune "Slow" as a part of the Billboard's Tastemakers series in New York. 

Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap


Brilliant performance by Australian electronica star Chet Faker playing a Nord Electro 4D at Vevo Live sessions, September 2014. 

Nord at Music China 2014


We were well represented at the Music China 2014 trade show in Shanghai, by our distributor Eastern Edison Technology. The Nord booth was crowded and the famous jazz pianist Mr. Dongfeng Liu played great performances. Thanks to all Eastern Edison staff for a job well done! 

Joey DeFrancesco at Blue Note Milano


Some amazing shots of the excellent organist and Nord C2D player Joey DeFrancesco live at Blue Note Milano, October 2014. 

Shelby Lynne - She knows


Critically acclaimed country singer Shelby Lynne performing "She knows" featuring a Nord Electro 4D

Bruno Mars - Grenade


Great performance by multi-awarded Bruno Mars accompanied by the Nord Electro.

Quick Guide: Working with Bundles


This quick guide explains the concept of Bundles and how to easily use them with the Nord Sound Manager.

The Jelly Factory - "So Happy"


Nice fusion number from Italian group The Jelly Factory led by guitarist Luca Gelli, featuring Leonardo Volo on the Nord Stage EX! 

Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy


Elegant soulful pop by Paolo Nutini at the KCRW September, 2014. Keyboard player John Tilley plays the Nord Electro 3HP. 

Special Providence - Northern Lights


Check out this great studio session by Hungarian progressive metal band Special Providence. Keyboardist Zsolt Kaltenecker plays a Nord Piano 2 HP and uses the Electric Grand CP80 from the Nord Piano Library.

Tennis - Never Work For Free


Nice live session at the WFUV by Denver-based indie band Tennis. Keyboardist and singer Alaina Moore plays the Nord Stage. 

German Distributor on visit!


We've had a nice visit from our German Distributor Sound Service accompanied by dealers from both Germany and Austria. On the agenda we had seminars, factory tour and live music from keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl. Thanks for a nice day and hope to see you again soon!  

Kōan collective - Neo Soul


Talented pianist/composer Jonah Wei-Haas performing the groovy "Neo Soul" with his jazz group Kōan collective. Jonah plays a Nord Stage EX. 

Fitz and The Tantrums - Out of My League


Energetic soul-influenced indie pop from Fitz and The Tantrums live at KUTX, July 2013. Keyboard players James King and Jeremy Ruzumna are using the Nord Stage 2.

Andrew Belle live at SXSW 2014


Brilliant atmospheric live performance by singer-songwriter Andrew Belle using the Nord Electro 4D at SXSW 2014. 

David Bridie - The Shortest Day Of The Year


The versatile Australian musician David Bridie performing The Shortest Day Of The Year on the Nord Stage 2 at Music Feeds Studio. 

Daughtry - Waiting For Superman


American band Daughtry performing their song "Waiting for Superman" live at a Billboard Studio Session. Keyboardist Elvio Fernandes plays the Nord Stage 2.

Nord Lead A1 awarded "Audiofanzine Best Value Award 2014"


French online music magazine Audiofanzine has published a great review (in French) here, and also awarded it the "Audiofanzine Best Value Award 2014". Thanks guys!

Quick Guide: How to transfer a sample


Curious about a new sample from the Nord Sample Library? Here's a simple guide how to download and transfer a sample to your instrument using the Nord Sound Manager!

New Mellotron sounds coming soon!


The legendary tape based "sampler" Mellotron is 50 years! To celebrate this anniversary we've licensed some amazing new sounds from the original master tapes to the Nord Sample Library, including some really exclusive goodies! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our existing Mellotron and Chamberlin Libraries!

Athletic Theme Jazz - The Consouls


The Consouls has done a soothing, groovy remake of the "Athletic Theme" from the classic Nintendo game Super Mario World! Great electric piano on the Nord Stage 2! Cool!

iSeeNord winner!


We're stunned by the amount of great pictures from all over the world that you guys shared! Selecting a winner among nearly 1400 contributions was hard, so we decided to also give a Nord T-shirt to 7 other favorites!

Click for a slideshow to see the winner of a Nord Drum 2 and the 7 t-shirt winners! 

Super tasty Nord Lead A1!


Celebrating the debut of the Nord Lead A1 on the Chinese market, our distributor Eastern Edison made this marvellous cake in 1:1 size! We hope it tasted as good as the A1 sounds!

Quick Guide: How to update the OS


We recommend that you always have the most recent OS in your Nord instrument to ensure an optimal experience - here's a simple guide how to update!

Asa - Dead Again


Nice performance by Nigerian singer/songwriter Asa accompanied by a Nord Stage 2 at the Live Deezer Sessions, August 2014.

Quick Guide: How to transfer a piano sound


Curious about trying a new sound in your in Nord instrument but don't know how to do it? Here's a simple guide how to download and transfer a sound to your instrument using the Nord Sound Manager!

Mumford & Sons live at David Letterman


Great performance by the multi-award winning folk-rock band, Mumford & Sons at Live on Letterman, October 2012. Keyboardist Ben Lovett plays a Nord Stage Ex.

Moldover on visit


Matt Moldover aka "the godfather of Controllerism" stopped by our factory while in town. Moldover is a composer/producer/performer based in San Fransisco and also known for designing and building his own MIDI controllers. Thanks for a nice chat and hope to see you again!  

James Blake - Overgrown


The multitalented musician and producer James Blake combining a Nord Wave and a Nord Piano 2 at Apogee Studios, April 2013. Enjoy!

Super reviews for the Nord Lead A1


Two more great reviews just in for the Nord Lead A1! Keyboard Magazine sums up: "...the A1, like its big sister the Lead 4, is an inspiration machine. The presets alone beg you to get lost in the music, and there’s enough sonic potential here to keep you discovering and creating new and exciting sounds for a long time to come."

AskAudioMag joins in saying "Wonderfully responsive Fatar keybed, a TON of oscillators to pick from for sound sources, everything is controlled with your hands - very little diving into menus, 4-part multi-timbral engine lets you leverage the power of the keyboard four times over."

Read more quotes and reviews in the Nord Lead A1 Press section!

The Shout Out Louds - Hard Rain


The Swedish indie-pop stars Shout Out Louds using a Nord Electro 3 at a nice live session on KCRW, May 2013.

Control Tower Jam!


Bouncy beats and wavy melodies from Canadian group "Joshua Van Tassel's Double Tooth" jamming away in the Control Tower of Halifax Stand International Airport, Nova Scotia! Keyboard player Robbie Grunwald plays an Nord Electro 4 as well as some vintage goodies!

Brandt Brauer Frick live @ RA Sessions


Hypnotic and cool video of German electronica group Brandt Brauer Frick performing live in at the Resident Advisor HQ, featuring both the Nord Drum 2 and Nord Wave!

Nord Lead A1 demo by Chris Martirano


Chris Martirano and Nova Musik has made a nice comprehensive demonstration video of the Nord Lead A1, check it out! 

Mayer Hawthorne - The Stars Are Ours


The versatile American singer, songwriter and producer Mayer Hawthorne backed up by a Nord Electro 3 on KCRW, January 2014.

The National - Pink Rabbit


The National has grown to become one of the biggest indie rock bands. Here is an excellent live performance featuring a Nord Stage 2 on KCRW in Los Angeles, CA. 

The Greyboy Allstars live in the KPLU Studios


Renowned funk-jazz band The Greyboy Allstars played some funky stuff in the KPLU studios in Seattle, May 2013.  

Goodbye Heart - Seconal


Seattle dreampop duo Goodbye Heart combines atmospheric synths, electronic percussion and heart-wrenching vocals. Here live in the KEXP studio using a Nord Electro. 

The California Honeydrops live in New Orleans, LA


Check out this brilliant blue-eyed soul from The California Honeydrops live at Jam In The Van, New Orleans July 2014. Keyboardist Lorenzo Loera uses a Nord Electro 3.  

Lianne La Havas - Lost and Found


The British folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas performing her ballad "Lost and Found" with a Nord Stage 2 at the Nokia Lumia Live Session.  

Sam Smith at Glastonbury Festival


Great performance at Glastonbury Festival 2014 by the British singer-songwriter Sam Smith accompanied by a brilliant sounding Nord Electro 3. 

Nord Night in Stockholm


On Monday July 7th we arranged a summer event with JAM Syntotek and Jerker Antoni in Stockholm. Nice mingle, jam sessions and product demos by keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl. Thanks to JAM Syntotek, Jerker Antoni and everyone who stopped by!  

Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked


The celebrated Swedish artist Lykke Li performing her own song “No Rest For The Wicked” with a Nord Stage at KEXP in May, 2014. 

Allen Stone live in Austin, TX


The gifted soul and R&B-singer Allen Stone performs his own composition "Million" at Jam In The Van in Austin, TX March 2014. Keyboardist Steve Swatkins plays on a soulful sounding Nord Stage 2.      

Excellent jam session on the Nord C2D


British organist John-Paul Gard playing his own tune ”Funky Flip Flop” on a Nord C2D with a looper pedal and that turns out really cool. 

Great Australian Nord Stage 2 demo


Check out Rudi from Australian music store Better Music demonstrating the many aspects of the competent Nord Stage 2.

Jon Cleary live in New Orleans, LA


The acknowledged funk & RnB pianist Jon Cleary and his band played some really funky grooves at the Maple Leaf  Bar in New Orleans earlier this spring. Cleary uses a Nord Electro 2. Enjoy!  

Bronkenstein Connection - "Winter In Servoz"


Swedish Nord C2D-player Erik Brinkman and his band Bronkenstein Connection playing his own bluesy tune called ”Winter in Servoz” in Nice 17th of May 2014. 

London Grammar live on "Late with Jools Holland"


The British trip-hop trio London Grammar, formed by Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic 'Dot' Major, made a huge success with their debut album ”If You Wait” last year. Here performing "Strong" with a Nord Stage 2 on ”Later with Jools Holland”.

Keyboardist Andy Burton on visit


We had a nice visit from the U.S. this morning. Keyboardist Andy Burton and Technician Alex Alvarez, currently touring with John Mayer, stopped by while in town. On tour Andy uses a Nord Stage 2 and has previously worked with artists like Rufus Wainwright and Ian Hunter.

Saturday Morning Slow Jams - Transformers theme


Here's real gem! - Check out the project Saturday Morning Slow Jams' amazing R&B version of the Transformers (cartoon) theme! 
Groovy stuff (and nice keyboard)! If this put you in a nostalgic mood, they've got more cartoon themes on their YouTube channel.

Visit from the UK!


We’ve had a pleasant visit from our UK distributor Sound Technology accompanied by dealers from all over the UK. Product Specialist Kristofer Ulfves and Swedish keyboard player Stefan Jernståhl played them through our product range followed by a Q&A session with Nord founder Hans Nordelius. Thanks for a great day guys and hope to see you again soon! 

Nord at Palm Expo 2014 in China


Our distributor in China, Eastern Edison Technology, held their annual presentation party for their VIP dealers during the Palm Trade Show 2014. The French piano and synth virtuoso Pierre Pradat did a stunning demonstration of the new Nord Lead A1and the Nord Stage 2. Thanks to all Eastern Edison staff for a great show and a very nice party.

DENBROK - In The Name Of Love


Haunting live performance by Dutch artist DENBROK featuring a bottle, a rainstick, a Nord Electro 3 and Ableton. Cool!

Nord at KOBA 2014 in Seoul


The 24th annual Korean Equipment Show took place in Seoul 20-23rd of May and Nord was duly represented by our distributor Music Metro!

Swedish Hammond legend Merit Hemmingson live in Stockholm


Merit Hemmingson known as “Queen of Swedish Hammond Folk Groove” gave us a small sample from her upcoming album ”Hommage till Jan” which is a tribute to Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson. Merit, playing a Nord C2D, and drummer Ola Hultgren did an excellent performance in this beautiful setting on Södermalm, Stockholm on Wednesday 28th May. Read more about Merit Hemmingson here.

First Aid Kit - To a Poet



First Aid Kit is the critically acclaimed swedish duo comprised of Johanna and Klara Söderberg, whose vocal harmonies and folk-influenced songwriting take inspiration from the likes of Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom and Bright Eyes. Here’s their own composition “To a Poet” with Johanna playing a Nord Electro 3!

Happy 80th Birthday Bob Moog!


Today would have been the 80th birthday of the great synthesizer pioneer and inventor of Moog Music. Here in our factory together with Nord founder Hans Nordelius. 


Snapshots from MIDI HACK


This weekend the 24 hour hackathon MIDIHACK took place in Stockholm. Nearly 150 music technology enthusiasts met up to use their creativity for exploring new and exciting musical ideas! Great fun! 

Dustin Robinson - They Say


Groovy, soulful beat-boxing number from Dustin Robinson called "They Say" featuring the Nord Electro 3! Talented guy!

Dr John - Right Place Wrong Time


The Master of New Orleans piano - Mac Rebennack aka Dr John shows his characteristic skills on the Nord Electro 3 at the Sunshine Blues Festival in Boca Raton, Florida.    

Incubus cover by Alfred Tapscott and Pau Picornell


Check out this nice live recording of Alfred Tapscott (Nord Stage) and Pau Picornell (drums) making their own interpretation of Sick Sad Little World by Incubus. Tapscott tried to make his Nord Stage sound like a distorted guitar and the result turned out pretty cool! 

Famous friends at the Nord HQ


This weekend we've had the privilege of meeting some amazing musicians at the Nord HQ. Justin Timberlake's band members Dontae Winslow (trumpeter) Justin Gilbert (keyboards) and Daniel Jones (musical director) stopped by and jammed a little in our studio. We also got to meet with brilliant multi-instrumentalist YouTube-phenomenon Giulio Carmassi, currently touring with Pat Metheny as a part of the Unity Group.

Jazzy improvisation on the Electro 4 HP


Here's a nice little improvisation by Christian Valk on the Nord Electro 4 HP, using the Studio Grand 2 C7 Grand Piano. The improvisation is based on "Nimm Oh Herr, die Gaben, die wir bringen", a German spiritual.

Great Nord Drum 2 reviews!


Two great reviews of the Nord Drum 2 just in! First, Sound on Sound says "If the original Nord Drum was good, the sequel might just be perfect" and calls the Nord Drum 2, Nord Pad and Nord Beat "an inspirational combination"

iDrumMag is also very positive, describing Nord Drum 2 as "an ideal brain for drummers and percussionists to explore."

Read more in our press section!

Snarky Puppy Live at Fasching


Super nice live recording of US fusion group Snarky Puppy playing at the legendary jazz club Fasching during the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2013. Listening to keyboardist Bill Laurance amazingly dynamical playing (from 09:30) on the Nord Stage EX really blew our minds!

Rikard From & The Organics - "The Thrill Is Gone"


Great live recording of Rikard From and The Organics performing BB Kings "Thrill Is Gone" at the Umeå jazz club. Rikard plays the Nord C2D (hidden in an vintage enclosure) through a Leslie 3300.

Datfunk - "CPM"


Check out Greek keyboard king Asterios Papastamatakis rocking the Nord C2D and Nord Stage 2 performing "CPM" with his band Datfunk in Athens. 

Nord in the Snow at NHL!


Our trusty US support genius Pablo tipped us about this rather unusual appearance of a Nord Electro 3 in a snowy American football arena in Chicago! In the intermission between 2nd and 3rd periods Blues Brothers "tribute band", the Blooze Brothers performed in front of more than 62 000 hockey fans while the snow was pouring down

Nord Lead A1 roll out!


Honoring a Clavian tradition more than a thousand years old, we offer you this roll out photo of the joyous Nord team with the first batch of the Nord Lead A1 to leave the production line in Stockholm! 

Mezzoforte - Four Corners


Great capture of the Icelandic fusion supergroup Mezzoforte performing at the legendary Nefertiti Jazzclub in Gothenburg, Sweden. Keyboardist Eyþór Gunnarsson uses the EP6 Sparkletop Vintage 67 on his Nord Stage!

ABA - Fell in love with a boy


Great cover of Joss Stone's "Fell in love with a boy" by Italian artist ABA (Chiara Gallana) featuring Federico Solazzo on the Nord Electro 3 HP and the new Nord Lead A1! 

The Trio - Englishman in New York


A group calling themselves The Trio decided to funk up Sting's classic 'English Man in New York' and it sure grooves! Plenty of nice Nord Stage EX action in there too by Rich Metherell!

Nice Nord Lead 4 Review in AudioFanzine!


AudioFanzine has published a thourough review of the Nord Lead 4 concluding that "Its easy handling will please wealthy beginners, while its advanced synthesis possibilities will suit experienced sound designers. And, finally, its sturdy and light construction make it ideal as a stage keyboard. So, in short, there's something to please everybody!"

Read more reviews of the Nord Lead 4 here! 

Award for AM&S at NAMM 2014!


At the NAMM show Nord distributor American Music & Sound was awarded the ”Atta Way To Go of the Year” for the 2013 sensational US-sales. Congratulations!

James Fox Higgins - A Change Is Gonna Come


Nice video of Australian artist James Fox Higgins and his band performing a great version of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" with some nice bits of the Nord Stage 2 too! 

Jean Michel Jarre!


We were so lucky to get a visit from french synthesizer legend Jean Michel Jarre at our NAMM booth and we also got a chance to show him our brand new synthesizer, the Nord Lead A1!

NAMM Report 2014


NAMM 2014 is over and visitors at our booth #6464 could be the first in the world to check out the brand new Nord Lead A1 first hand, as well as enjoy a number of talented acts performing during the day. Click images for a slideshow!

Julia Holter - City Appearing


Here's a stunning performance by the incredible Julia Holter performing her song "City Appearing" live in the KEXP radio studio with the Nord Stage 2 playing a central part.

Hiromi Uehara on the Nord Lead 2


Great video with the amazing Japanese composer and pianist Hiromi Uehara shredding the Nord Lead 2 and a Grand Piano in this number called "Time Difference"!

Joey DeFrancesco Trio in Stockholm!


Organ wizard Joey DeFrancesco with his Trio delivered a great show at Fasching, Stockholm yesterday and we're thrilled Joey chose to play the Nord C2D

Nord Lead 4 reviewed by the Freemasons!


In this new video interview from Future Music, James Wiltshire from The Freemasons explains why he loves the Nord Lead 4, and it's also a great video introduction to the instrument!

Freemasons review the Nord Lead 4!


We're honored and thrilled to see that Future Music put our new Nord Lead 4 on their cover of this months issue, and a great review inside too!

For more reviews, see the Nord Lead 4 press page! [LÄNK TILL NL4 PRESS]

Musicians Planet Stockholm!


Here in Stockholm the music show Musicians Planet was held for the third year in a row and we had a nice little Nord setup together with our swedish dealer 4Sound! Click the image for some pics!

Nord at ExpoMusic Brasil!


The music fair MusicExpo 2013 recently took place in Sao Paulo, and we were duly represented there by our distributor Quanta Brasil! Click the image for some pics from the booth!

Wobbly visitation!


We had a pleasant surprise visit last week from US producer Sonny Moore who took the time to check out all our new synthesizer instruments! Click for a little pic of Clavia founder Hans Nordelius and Sonny chilling in our lounge!

Sounds like a Nord Lead 4!


Perfect Circuit Audio has put together this nice little video showing off a wide range of sounds possible with the new Nord Lead 4!

Back to school with Nord!


We've had nice company this week from our Polish distributor Audiostacja and UK distributor Sound Technology, joined by from  dealers from their respective markets. Product Specialist Tomas Johansson, Swedish keyboard legend Stefan Järnståhl and percussionist Axel Fagerberg played them through our entire product range followed by some good food and drinks! Thanks for your time and hope to see you again!

Nord Lead 4R roll out!


As always, when the first batch of a new product leaves the production line we gather for a little celebration photo, so lets hear it for the new Nord Lead 4R!

Ambient improvisation on the Nord Lead 4


Here's a haunting dark ambient improvisation by YouTube user Tipo Stereo on the Nord Lead 4 drenched in drive effects and reverb. Great stuff!

New Jam Trio "As en la manga"


New Jam Trio is a sofisticated fusion/latin/jazz act from Argentina. Check out this composition "As en la manga" with the composer himself, Diego Mano at the Nord Piano!

I can't give you anything but love - Uli Geissendoerfer Trio


Nice rendition of the classic by Uli Geissendoerfer Trio featuring Pascale Elia - don't miss his brilliant solo on the Nord Stage!

A visit from the Prince of Kosher Gospel!


US gospel singer and keyboardist Joshua Nelson and his crew recently performed at the Stockholm Gospel festival and stopped by the Nord factory for a chat, praising the Nord C2D and Nord Pedal Keys 27 for it's realism and authentic sound. Joshua’s voice is often compared to that of gospel legend Mahalia Jacksons and is also known for his unique blend of gospel and jewish music.

Nord Stage 2 Morph control!


Here's a short but inspiring video demonstrating the Nord Stage 2 Morph feature being controlled by an EHX step analog/cv step sequencer (connected to the control pedal input of the Nord Stage 2)!

BEMET - The Track


Tired after too much vacation? Why not let Israeli project BEMET's energetic drum & bass / dubstep / hip hop number "The track" wake you up, featuring Hod Moshonov on the Nord Stage Classic.

Pierre Swärd on the Nord C2D


Swedish jazz-soul organ legend Pierre Swärd chose to use the Nord C2D exclusively on his new album "Slow but Fast" where he's joined by Joakim Ekberg on drums and Jan Ottesen on guitar. Check out two of the songs here and have a groovy summer!


Slow But Fast

Nord Lead 4 demos by the Freemasons


UK remix and production duo Freemasons made these two demos during their work with the great new Nord Lead 4 Program Bank! All synth sounds come from the Nord Lead 4, with some drums and external processing added.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Nord C2D doing Miles in the sun


Asterios Papastamatakis sent us this groovy clip of him performing a version of the Miles Davis's "All Blues" at the Matala Festival in Crete on the Nord C2D. Also, we must admit hard not to start day dreaming seeing the majestic scenery in the background!

Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad now shipping!


 We're happy to announce we've started shipping the new Nord Drum 2and the ultra sleek Nord Pad! Here's a happy crowd at the Stockholm factory with the first units to leave the production line!

Nord Lead 4 Arpeggiator Party


Here's a little clip of our Product Specialist Tomas Johansson demonstrating an amazing 6-layered arpeggiator patch using two Nord Lead 4's. All elements (3 percussion sounds and 3 synthesizer sounds) are triggered live (no sequencers involved). Head over to the Nord Lead 4 product page to read more about our new synthesizer!

Nord Lead 4 shipping!


The amazing new Nord Lead 4 is now on its way to stores! We always capture the moment when the first batch of a new product leaves our production lines, so here it is! Greetings from everyone at the Clavia factory!

Daft Punk Medley by Pigeon


 Australian band Pigeon has cooked together a brilliant medley of some of Daft Punks famous hits, performed live in their studio in this groovy video! Check out the rare Nord Lead 2X Anniversary Edition with inverted keys!

Lion D - Work


To celebrate that the sun is shining in Stockholm, here's a happy piece of Italian reggae from Lion D called "Work" with David "Shiny D" Assuntino on the Nord Stage 2!

James Blake - Retrograde


Haunting performance by the amazing James Blake on the David Letterman show playing "Retrograde" from his new album "Overgrown", featuring the Nord Piano.

Nord Electro 4 family review in Sound On Sound!


The April Issue of Sound On Sound features a very nice review of the Nord Keyboards Electro 4 range: "Clavia's updated Electro range prove that if you need top-quality staple keyboard sounds, playability and simplicity, Nords still lead."Click here for more reviews of the Nord Electro 4 series!

MIPA Award for Nord C2D!


The Nord C2D won the MIPA award 2013 in the category Best Portable Organ at the Frankfurt MusikMesse! A big thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Jen Armstrong - Kemosabe (cover)


 We had the pleasure of having the talented Jen Armstrong perform at our Nord booth at the NAMM show earlier this year. Here's a video of her doing a wonderful rendition of Everything Everythings's tune "Kemosabe" on the Nord Electro 3 HP. Check out Jen's own music here!

Nord Drum - featuring Harry Coade and Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai)


Watch Jamiroquai's Derrick McKenzie and London-based musician/producer Harry Coade perform with the Nord Drum virtual analogue drum synthesizer. Harry plays via the Nord Beat control app for iPad, Derrick via electronic pads and acoustic triggers! Read more about the Nord Drum here!

Rikard From & The Organics


Swedish organ quartet Rikard From & The Organics sent us these deliciously groovy live-recordings from a recent gig at Scharinska in Umeå, Sweden. Rikard plays his Nord C2D directly into the PA and uses the internal rotary simulation! More goodies from the gig here!

Organ grinders swing

Beach Boys playing Nord!


 Don't miss this unique video of the Beach Boys performing at the 2013 NAMM Show, including the brilliant "God Only Knows" with two Nord Electro 4's taking care of the piano and organ parts!

Nord Salesman of the Year!


A big up to Micke Söderström from Swedish retailer 4Sound for being an amazing Nord ambassadeur, actually so good that we decided to give him the Nord Salesman of the Year Award! Congratulations!

Nord Achievement Award for Canada!


 We'd like to congratulate our Canadian distributor Erikson Music on receiving the Nord Achievement Award for their outstanding sales performance in 2012!

Three takes on the Nord C2D!


We're very proud to present this new video for our Nord C2D Combo Organ. We invited three very different musicians to do their thing with the Tone-Wheel, Pipe Organ and Transistor organ respectively. Thanks to Pierre Swärd, Ulla Olsson and Mats Björke for great work and to Hasse & Lasse for making the video! Enjoy!

On Stage with Robin Svensson!


Swedish keyboardist Robin Svensson sent us some great pictures from some of the shows he's been playing with the Nord Stage 2 for famous Swedish acts like Loreen, Peter Jöback, Lisa Miskovsky and Danny Saucedo.

Miley Cyrus - Jolene


Here's a nice take on the classic song 'Jolene' from Miley Cyrus' "Backyard Sessions", featuring plenty of the Nord Stage 2!

Happy New Year!


 We'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! Enjoy this nice shot Federico Solazzo sent us from new years eve in Venice, Italy where he played his Nord Stage 2 and Nord Lead in front of 80 000 people!

Nord Electro 4 HP review in Music Tech Magazine!


MusicTech Magazine has reviewed the new Nord Electro 4 HP in the December issue! Here are some quotes: 
"The Electro 4 HP is without doubt a fine keyboard that maintains the family's reputation for doing a relatively small number of things but doing them well. At its heart, it's an extremely playable and great-sounding keyboard with some stunning instruments" 
"Still sounds and feels amazing, 9/10".

Nord Electro 4 SW73 shipping!


Clavian traditions demand a roll out photo for every new product so here's a little picture you can print out and put on your refrigerator door of the happy Clavia crew with the newborn Nord Electro 4 SW73! Cheers!

Rehearsing with Robbie Williams


We were lucky enough to be invited to the final production rehearsal for the Robbie Williams sold out shows at The O2 Arena in London last week. Musical director and keyboard player Paul Beard is using a Nord Stage 2 HA88. Here's a video preview of the rehearsals from Robbie's website including a nice shot or two of the Stage 2!

Miranda y La Soul Band


Great live video of Colombian band "Miranda y La Soul Band" playing a souly number called "¿Por que?" Thanks to the band's Nord Stage-playing keyboard player Daniel Rojas for sharing!

Ad Libitum Project - River Of Your Love


Here's a nice video from Ukrainian band AdLibitum Project performing a smooth little pop-fusion thingy with plenty of Nord Stage, played by Rodion Ivanov and great vocals by Kate Ivanova.

The Royal Organ Duo


Don't miss this groovy little number from a british duo with the unassuming name The Royal Organ Duo! Rich Milner plays the Nord C1 and tells us it's "perfect for negotiating my way round London on public transport and still being able to do Organ gigs…"

RoboJazz on the Nord Stage 2


Check out Canadian composer Mathieu Fiset performing a version of his composition "RoboJazz On The Dance Floor" on the Nord Stage 2". Read more about Mathieu Fiset's music here!

Musicians Planet, Stockholm


This weekend the Musicians Planet music fair took place in Stockholm for the second year in a row with a multitude of nice instruments and gear on display, including plenty of Nord keyboards! Click the image for some snapshots!

Nord Stage 2 nominated for TEC Award 2012


We are thrilled to announce that the Nord Stage 2 has been nominated for the very prestigious TEC Award in the category for Musical Instrument Technology, Hardware. The Award winners will be announced at the 2013 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. See the list of all the nominees here!

The Sounds of the Nord Stage 2


Matt Armstrong has created this great musical walkthrough of the wide range of sounds possible with the Nord Stage 2. Nice playing, Matt!

Nord Electro 4 HP shipping!


As the ancient Egyptians used to say, "Roll-out picture, or it didn't happen", so here we are in Nord factory with the newborn Nord Electro 4 HP! Cheers!

Kasia Grzesiek - Forget Regret


Smooth performance by Polish artist Kasia Grzesiek and her band doing their version of the Roy Hargroves song "Forget Regret". The Nord Stage 2 is played by Pavel Olshovga!

Dan Helgesen gets the Nord C2D!


Renowned Swedish hammond player and tone wheel enthusiast Dan Helgesen has now added the Nord C2D to his rig. When not busy touring, Dan is also involved in a small company called Mafy that makes custom made Leslie cabinets and more!

Nord C2D on the road with Timbuktu & Damn!


 Swedish keyboardist Erik Hjärpe from the band Damn sent us this picture from his workplace this summer, on the road with Swedish soul legend Timbuktu.

Demo days at Nord!


We'd like to thank all the lovely people from our Czech republic distributor K-Audio and the resellers from Swedish Order Music Sweden for attending our Nord demo days in august! Hope to see you again soon! Click for some snapshots!

Classic Hooks on the Stage 2!


 Matthew Cossey and friends have created a little video medleying together 10 classic keyboard hooks including directions on the keyboard patches that were used on Matt's Nord Stage 2. Great work guys!

Darren Heinrich & The B Team - Golden Orb


Here's a soothing, beautiful little piece of music from the Australian group out Darren Heinrich & The B Team, with Darren on the Nord C1 thru a Leslie 145 cabinet. Read more about Darren Heinrich here.

Gavin Harrison chooses Nord Drum


Acclaimed British drummer and percussionist Gavin Harrison, best known for playing with the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, has added the Nord Drum to his set-up. "Playing the Nord Drum is the most fun I've had from electronic drums," says Gavin. "Playing a percussion synthesiser is so much more expressive than playing samples.". Read more about Gavin Harrison here!

Asterios Papastamatakis - Burn Out


Check out Nord artist Asterios Papastamatakis shredding the Nord C2D in this performance of his song "Burn Out". Asterios' impressive playing style includes using the Nord Stage 2 for the bass part via the lower manual of the Nord C2D. Enjoy and have a great summer! 

Great patches from Federico Solazzo


The very talented Federico Solazzo has put together a great video showcasing a bunch of nice patches he has created with his Nord keyboards! As a nice bonus, all the patches heard in the video can be downloaded for free from Federicos webpage. Great work, and a big thanks to our Italian distributor Mogar and Federico for making it happen!

A little jam


Today it is Funky Friday so here's a little jam with a Nord Stage 2 and a Moog from YouTube user OhmDsp!

Nord Electro 4D now shipping!


The new Nord Electro 4D is now shipping and as always we thought we'd share a happy picture from the roll-out at the Nord factory!

Jambra - Folha de Laranjeira


Keyboard player Guilherme Ribeiro from the Brazilian band Jambra sent this video of a groovy little number called Folha de Laranjeira. Nice playing and good looking keyboards:)

Samantha Natalie - A Great Wall


Here's a hypnotic video of US artist Samantha Natalie and her band performing an acoustic live version of their beautiful song "A Great Wall", also including a great apperance by the Nord Stage 2.

JAM 40 years!


We'd like to congratulate Marty Golden, Eddy Schenker, Martin Szpiro and everyone else at our Canadian distributor JAM Industries with their 40th anniversary!

NAMM Musicmesse Russia!


One of the biggest music fairs in Russia took place May 16-19th and we'd like to thank our distributor Multimedia Club LLC for representing Nord in two nice booths! Click the picture for a little slideshow from the show!

Those Scandinavians!


We just had the pleasure of having the wonderful people from Luthman and 4Sound Norway, Finland and Denmark over for a day dedicated to the red stuff and just to hang out! Great feedback from the people selling our products and hearing them play was a blast! Click the picture for a little slideshow!

Welcome Melody House!


We are very happy to have distributor Melody House on board to handle the GCC region in the Middle East; Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates! Here's staff member Jerry John in the Nord booth at the Palme Music trade event thats taking place May 1-3 in Dubai.

Brilliant review of the Nord Drum in Future Music/Musicradar!


The first reviews of the newNord Drum are in! Here's some great quotes from the Future Music/Music Radar review:

"Playing the Nord Drum via a set of pads is a riot, and I can enthusiastically report that it unequivocally qualifies as an 'instrument' in every sense of the word, being responsive, dynamic and expressive. The range of sounds it can produce is quite amazing, from the authentically analogue to the suprisingly 'acoustic', the bangin' to the delicate, and the stridently industrial to the lavishly organic".

"Verdict: A superb drum synth for drummers, percussionists and programmers alike…"

Read the full review at

Carmassi One Man Big Band


The absurdly talented multi-instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi just finished a new live-studio video where his newly aquired Nord Stage 2 plays a central role (and his approx. 38 other instruments do the rest). Most of the arrangements are improvised, read more about how he recorded it here.

Nord C2D now shipping!


The Nord C2D and the Nord Drum are now both shipping and here's a jolly roll out picture for you all! Cheers!

Visit Canada!


Today, Peter Patrick and Steve Knowles from our Canadian distributor Erikson Music stopped by to check out our new stuff and hang out! Click the image for a mini-slideshow!

Nord Achievement Awards 2012!


The Musikmesse is an outstanding place for us to meet all the great distributors we're working with and this year we handed out the Nord Achievement Award to no less than 7 distributors for their great work in 2011!

Click the image to see photos of the Award winners!

Nord Piano 2 'Best Stage Piano' at the MIPA awards!


Last night the annual MIPA Award ceremony was held at the Musikmesse and we are very happy that our new Nord Piano 2 won the MIPA Award for 'Best Stage Piano'!

Click the image for a photo of the Clavia crew receiving the MIPA award! See all the winners here. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Rob Gentry - Such A Good Feeling


UK electronic pop act Rob Gentry sent us a charming video of him performing his catchy tune "Such A Good Feeling" in a studio. Rob's self-produced debut EP Not Like Me also features heavy use of the Nord Lead 3 and Nord Stage EX. Check out his SoundCloud page for more of his music!

4 Hands on the Stage 2


Chuck Gilmore sent us this beautiful original piano composition he made with his Nord Stage 2 and features both the Grand Imperial and Grand Lady D pianos at the same time! Enjoy!

Nord Piano 2 now shipping!


We've now begun shipping the new Nord Piano 2 and we'd like to share a photo of the happy Clavia crew taken at the product roll-out!

Jon Cobert shredding the Electro 3


Check out this great video of Chris Fox & Mojo Monde featuring Jon Cobert performing a groovy version of "Hey Pocky A-way" by The Meters.

Esteban Sehinkman Trio


We're starting off Nord World 2012 with an atmospheric video from Buenos Aires based group Esteban Seinkman Trio. The jammy little piece is called "Pájaro de Fuego" (Fire Bird), with a good share of soulful sound from Estebans Nord Stage 76.

Greetings from Norway


Dag Selboskar from our Norwegian distributor has composed this beautiful video, with equal parts majestic nature and stunning keyboards. Good work!

Lasim Lach Disk


HaCartel is an Israeli band with a distinct sound and here's a rather unconventional music video. Their keyboardist Yakir Ben-Tov tells us he uses his Nord Stage and Nord Wave for nearly everything he does.

Check out more of their music here!

Nord in Brazil!


The Expomusic 2011 show recently took place in S‹o Paulo and our distributor Quanta Music did a fantastic job representing Nord at this impressive music show!

Click the image for some pictures from Quanta's Nord booth!

Argentinian Vintage Bonanza


Our International Sales Manager Tomas Enochsson recently visited famous Argentinian musician/composer Ernesto Romeo in his studio in Buenos Aires and enjoyed improvised soothing electronic music in the genre of Vangelis and Brian Eno, all played on a myriad of vintage analog synths as well as the Nord Stage 88EX.

Click the image for a slideshow from his studio!

Musicians Planet, Stockholm


This weekend the Musicians Planet show took place for the first time in Stockholm, with workshops, seminars, concerts and naturally heaps of desirable instruments to drool over. A big up to JAM for representing us at the show!

Click the image for a slideshow!

Ares leads the way


Here's a stunning Nord Lead 2X video from Ares Kalogeropoulos. All the sounds are coming out from the Nord Lead 2X (rack version), including the drums and shows how versatile this classic synth really is! Check out by Ares Kalogeropoulos YouTube channel for more great Nord Lead-music!

Nord Artist Interview: David Tench


Our friends at UK distributor Sound Technology met up with versatile keyboard player David Tench for an interview. David is a long time Nord player and recent duties include being musical director and keyboard player for Kylie Minouge on her 2011 "Aphrodite" tour and many more.

Groovy Voodoo Child


Asterios Papastamatakis combines the Nord C2 Combo Organ and the Nord Stage 2 creatively in dual manual setup. Here's Asterious performing a super groovy version of Hendrix' Voodoo Child!

Details on his setup and more videos at Asterios' YouTube channel!

Derek Sherinian at Nord!


When rock legends Black Country Communion played Stockholm in august, keyboard maestro Derek Sherinian dropped by the Nord headquarters for a cup of coffee. Derek has been playing Nord for nearly ten years, including Nord Lead 3, Nord Modular G2, Nord Electro 3 and his latest addition is the Nord Stage 2. He just released his latest solo record Oceana featuring a dream team of musicians from Toto, Planet X, Whitesnake and more.

Brilliant Nord Stage 2 video!


Joe Davison from London based music production studio Auburn Jam Music has made a really great little YouTube video demo of new Nord Stage 2.

Great work!

A visit from 4Sound


This week we had a very nice visit from the Swedish music retail store 4Sound. We showed the guys around the Nord World Head Quarters including our crowded studio and our product specialist Tomas gave them a thorough walk-thru of all things Nord. Thanks to 4Sound for a great time and also a big thanks to Bose for lending us their speakers!

Click the image for some snapshots from the visit!

Pianist portrait: Jakob Karlzon


Magnificent swedish jazz musician Jakob Karlzon shares his thoughts on his choice of instruments (Steinway Grand and Electro 3 HP) and the way they are shaping his music.

Karlzon and his group Karlzon 3 just released their new album The Big Picture.

Nord Stage 2 gets rave reviews!


The first reviews of the Nord Stage 2 are in and we could not have wished for a better reception so far!

See the Nord Stage 2 Press page for details!

Farewell, The Ark!


Swedish glamrockers The Ark are currently touring Sweden to say a last goodbye to all their fans. We are thrilled that The Ark's keyboard maestro Jens Andersson is playing the Nord Stage 2 on this tour and want to wish the band the best of luck!

String Swing with the C2


Check out this great clip from the brilliant gypsy jazz group Romane Roots & Groove performing at the Sunset club featuring some juicy organ playing by Christophe Cravero on the Nord C2 Combo Organ!

Nord at the Roskilde Festival


At the recent Roskilde Festival our danish distributor Luthman and 4Sound Denmark set up a portable recording studio where festival visitors could play and record their own music, and Nord gear was duly represented in the studio. Looks like it was a great place to be!

Click the image for some snapshots!

Nord in Athens!


We'd like to thank our new Greek distributor Tony's Keyboards for doing such a great job representing Nord Keyboards in Greece. Here are some pictures of their Nord stand at the recent Music Expo 2011 in Athens.

Click the image for slideshow!

Giulio Carmassi and Lizzy Loeb


Here's the result of a recent collaboration between ultra-talented multi-instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi and the amazing New York-based singer-songwriter Lizzy Loeb performing some of Lizzys original songs together. The result has a very nice "live" sound and all video material is from the actual recording takes in the studio. A Nord Stage Classic is used for the electric piano.

Nord at Palm Expo 2011


The Palm Expo 2011 music fair took place in Bejing 26-29th of May and is China's largest International exhibition on Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology. Many of our Nord products were on display and we'd like to thank our Chinese distributor, Eastern Edison Technology for putting together a nice looking stand!

Click the image above to see some pictures from Palm Expo 2011!

Cumbia Rebelde!


This great performance from Colombian band Puerto Candelaria should get you all in the right mood for the weekend! Great song and the Nord Stage EX handles its Farfisa organ duties with splendor.

Isola - What Can We Do?


Belgian pop-rock band Isola just finished the video for their song "What Can We Do" where a certain Nord Electro 3 makes a very sleek appearance, both visually and aurally... Nice video, guys!

Danish sound waves!


Here's a nice and soothing tune Nord Wave-user Michael Kastrup sent us. The song was made using a Nord Wave only, overdubbing it several times and the result is called "Copenhagen Swag". Enjoy!

RnL Project revisited!


Israeli group RnL Project has sent us their latest energetic musical construction where a Nord Stage Classic plays a central role. Check it out!

Nord Stage 2 gets MIPA award 2011 for best 'Stage Piano'


Whohooo! Yesterday we had the great honour of receiving the MIPA 2011 for the Nord Stage 2, in the category 'Stage Piano'. The Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) was held for the 12th time and is the result of over 100 magazines from the international musical press voting for the best products in their respective categories.

Click the image above for some photos from the award ceremony!

Finally Friday!


Time to go home and play with our keyboards! Next week is going to be an exiting week for us with the Musikmesse Frankfurt starting on April 6th. We wish you all a happy weekend with this picture sent to us by Christoph Siegenthaler showing how it feels to play a Nord!

Visit from our Italian distributor Mogar!


The likeable lads from our Italian distributor Mogar dropped by the Nord Factory this week... We gave them a guided tour of the factory of all things red, played some keyboards and we had a great time together!

Nord Stage 2 now shipping!


Here's a picture for you of the happy Nord Crew from the roll out ceremony of the new flagship keyboard Nord Stage 2!

ProAudio Electronics gets Nord Achievement award


ProAudio Electronics has received the Nord Achievement Award after many years of excellent tech service and support. Click for photos of Pablo Mastodon and Mike Jay and their good looking Nord showroom in Tampa, Florida. Congratulations, guys!

Artwork on Stage 88


The keyboardist Laurent Dessain of the French indie band CRaWLeR got help from his friend Pink Tara to make some really impressive artwork on his beloved Nord Stage 88.

Appaloosa Country Band


Frederic and Dominic Flibotte are no strangers to Nord World, they have shown up in previous NAMM show reports. The brothers sell Nord in their music shop in Quebec, and perform with the Appaloosa Country Band. The video they sent us is a compilation with some of the great classic songs and features Frederic on his Nord Stage and Nord Wave.

TEC Award for the Nord Electro 3 at NAMM Show


We are honored and very proud to announce that the Nord Electro 3 was given the prestigious TEC award 2010 in the category "Musical Instrument Technology/Hardware" in Anaheim, California. 

The TEC award (Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards) is an annual program set to ''recognizing the achievements of audio professionals'' and was awarded for the first time in 1985.

TEC Award for the Nord Electro 3 at NAMM Show


We are honored and very proud to announce that the Nord Electro 3 was given the prestigious TEC award 2010 in the category "Musical Instrument Technology/Hardware" in Anaheim, California.

The TEC award (Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards) is an annual program set to ''recognizing the achievements of audio professionals'' and was awarded for the first time in 1985.

Live from Florence


The Jelly Factory from Italy was founded by Leonardo Volo (keyboards) and Luca Gelli (guitars) as an original music project, developed through the interpretation of the musicians who are part of the "factory" itself. This video was recorded live in July 2010 and features: Luca Gelli (guitars), Leonardo Volo (Nord Stage EX), Matteo Giannetti (bass), Francesco Cherubini (drums). Stefano Scalzi (trombone), Dario Cecchini (saxophone). Molto bouna!

Nord User Forum


Johannes Emmerling is a long time Nord user, who on his own time has set up a public discussion forum for Nord Stage, Nord Electro and Nord Piano users. This is a great place to visit if you want to "meet", share files and discuss matters with fellow Nord users from all over the world.

Simon and Jérôme


Simon Oslender Germany and his dutch drummer friend Jérôme Cardynaals may very well be the youngest musicians published on Nord World. Simon is 12, Jérôme is 14, and they've recently been awarded with the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours award in Amsterdam. Simon has been playing his Nord C2 for a year now, if you click here you'll get some more Youtube results from Twogether. Keep it up guys, you are great!

Twin Shadow & Nord Wave


Here is a video that Wynn from Twin Shadow made with a US retailer to talk a bit on how the band used the Nord Wave in order to get all the major cool sounds from the record available on stage.

Charlie Peterson with his Nords


We got a very nice email from Charlie Peterson: "Many, many thanks for creating such unbelievable instruments! I own a Nord Electro 2, a Nord Lead 2X, and just purchased the Nord Piano...which is absolutely incredible.

All three of my Nords were recently featured in a CD release show for NYC artist Annie Fitzgerald, held in Minneapolis, MN. Her album "In Good Time" was released back in September, and I played the Electro and Lead, and our friend Ashley Ewing played the Nord Piano.



This video, shot by 2010 VMA winner Matt Hartzler for Filligar, has been garnering a lot of plays. It's an great piece of work and features the Nord Electro 3 prominently, with an outstanding performance from Filligar keyboardist Casey Gibson.

Maurits Boegman


Maurits Boegman is a dutch keyboardplayer and his office is full of the good, Red stuff as can be seen in the slide show that stat when you click the picture above. Maurits plays in the band of singer/songwriter Dotan and with the Dutch Idol winner in 2008, Nikki. Trivia fact: Nikki's album with the song Can't stop thinking about you was recorded in the very same Sweden where all of Maurits' red keyboards are made.

Ukrainian Music Fair


Our distributor in Ukraine - Real Music Ltd took part in the recent Ukrainian Music Fair 2010. The visitors were very interested in the Nord products, especially the Nord Wave and Electro 3.

Electro Birthday Cake


Steve Peglar wrote in to tell us about his creative coworkers: "I am a longtime Nord Electro owner/user (since 2003), and I was pleased to have been presented with this birthday cake today by my coworkers at my company here in Ft. Worth, Texas. I thought you'd like to see it.". Thank's for sharing this, it looks delicious.

Michael G with his Nords


The Paul Thorn Band are making great progress in the US and European charts with their american roots rock. Keyboardist Michael Graham owns a Stage Classic, an EX, an Electro 3 and is in the progress of incorporating his new Nord Wave into the setup. Have a look at the "Pimps & Preachers" video for some really nice Electro 3 organ and Stage EX electric pianos.

Scott Kinsey


Our good friend Scott Kinsey recently played in Stockholm and invited the crew to come and listen. Boy was he making the best of his Nord setup, with a Stage EX and his trusty Nord Lead 2. Don't miss it if these great guys play in your neighborhood: Scott Kinsey - Keyboards, Scott Henderson - Guitar, Matthew Garrison - Bass, Karim Ziad - Drums. Thanks for a great show!

Jazz on the C2


Arnaud Vilquin is an 18 year old jazz pianist and organist who lives in Paris - France. He has been using his C2 with the Pedal Keys 27 for some time now and had to tell the world: "The Nord C2 is an amazing instrument. It's an immense pleasure to play with it at home and on stage. Furthermore, it looks great! The sound is really realistic, the Nord C2 is by far the best digitally modeled organ I've ever heard."

Expomusic 2010


Expomusic is the largest music trade event in Latin America. The Nord instruments were of course there at the recent 2010 show, represented by our Brazilian distributor Quanta Music. Click on the Expomusic logo to see pictures.

Bin-Jip from Budapest


Zsolt Kaltenecker is the keyboard player in Bin-Jip from Hungary. He sent us this YouTube clip featuring the band using no less two Nord Waves to create a great soundscape, with Zsolt mainly playing a modified version of the extraordinary Mellotron Piano.

Peter Jöback's Trio


One of Sweden’s most respected singers, Peter Jöback is going on a intimate tour in Scandinavia this autumm. This time the band is in the trio format, and this puts our good friend, the discreetly tailored Rickard Nilsson in the hot seat. 

Rickard will not only be in charge of the keyboards, he will also do the bass. Good for him that he got himself a C2 and a Pedal Keys 27. Did we count to 6 Nords on stage? That must be some kind of record with a trio.

Adam Wakeman & his Nord Piano


Adam Wakeman, keyboard player extraordinaire and member of the Wakeman Keyboard Dynasty, is currently on tour with tv personality Prince John Michael Osbourne. During a day off in Stockholm, Adam came upon the Nord Piano for the first time; he sat down and played it for a while, and got totally hooked. 

A phone call later he had purchased the Nord Piano from his UK suppliers and they asked us if we could deliver it directly to him during the sound check. Since the Nord HQ is not far from the well known Globe arena where the band played that night, we were honored to do just that.

Sex and the Nord Lead


Ross Lara describes himself as a huge Nord Lead addict. "I use my Lead religiously on all my songs. All of my sweeps and oscillated sound design is performed with my Nord, Live shows are enhanced tremendously too! Recently, I did a remix of George Michael's - "I Want Your Sex" - by Chris Mann. All the keys on this track were performed with the Nord Lead!"

Lionel Richie on stage


From the german TV showWetten Dass Mallorca comes a clip of Lionel Richie performing on stage with an impressive Nord setup.

Live at the Buenos Aires Museum of Natural History


Esteban Sehinkman is a piano player, composer and producer based in Argentina. Check out his trio, playing live at the Buenos Aires Museum of Natural History, featuring Daniel Pipi Piazzolla on drums, Matías Méndez on bass, and Esteban himself on a Nord Stage 76. Esteban wrote: ”I'd like to be part of the Nord World Archive section, I'm a big fan of Nord products, Best keys ever!!!” Of course man, thanks for sharing the clip.

Great stuff from Israel


Eyal Amir is a 25 year old musician and Nord user from Israel. He sent us this great clip of Project RNL, covering the Blur song “Song 2”. Project RnL is a new entity from Israel, led by multi personality vocalist Ray Livnat.

The band was founded in 2010, and performs a mixture of original songs and new versions of familiar ones. Eyal, the producer and keyboard player for the project, uses his Nord Stage Classic for most of his choices of sound, as can be shown in the video.

C2 review in Downbeat


The Nord C2 has been reviewed in the 2010 August issue of Downbeat, one of the most famous and respected Jazz magazines on the planet.

On stage with João Pedro Pais


At the age of 38 João Pedro Pais is one of the most charismatic Portuguese artists. Above pictured on the 'Rock In Rio' venue.

Since his debut João has released five albums, touring with great international names as well as achieving Platinum awards and ''Globo de Ouro'' in both Best Singer and Best Song categories.

Why Brett chose Nord


Brett Lindeman, talented keyboardist currently playing with Kate Voegele, shares a video where he explains why he chose Nord.

Nord as a cake topper


Claire and Mike sent this adorable looking wedding cake topper, which is just too cute not to show to the rest of the world. They both play in a band at church, and says they love their Nord. We wish them a happy marriage and good luck in the future!

Summer tour with Oskar


Oskar Linnros just released his solo debut album, and will now go on tour in Sweden, with his Nord Piano 88.

Oskar, who is a key ingredient in successes as Snook, Maskinen and Veronica Maggio, is currently one of the most aired artists on Swedish radio, and we wish him all the best on the upcoming tour.



New York-based singer, songwriter and pianist Jon Regen returns with his new single REVOLUTION, the follow-up to his acclaimed 2008 release LET IT GO.

Mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay/John Mayer), REVOLUTION showcases Regen's masterful marriage of pop and jazz, alongside the riveting organ and Mellotron samples from the  Nord Electro 3. Hear REVOLUTION online at

Hear us in da phunky way!


Stefan Jernståhl and Nord goes way back, and with his extraordinary playing talents, it was an easy decision to call him for some groovy EP demos for the new Piano Library. Visit Stefan at myspace to learn more about his work.

Salem at Love2010


Celebrating the royal wedding, rising star and dear Nord friend Salem Al Fakir entered the Love2010 stage with his Nord Wave, entertaining the crowd as well as the royal couple.

Nord at Palm Expo 2010


Nord had some excellent exposure at the 2010 Palm Expo, which took place late May at the Agricultural Exhibition Centre in Beijing. A big thanks to our Chinese distributor Eastern Edison for bringing it all together.

Hear us in a classical way!


Sebastian Örnemark is a student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Hear him playing a selection of classical piano songs on the Nord Piano. Visit Sebastian at myspace to learn more about him and his music career.

Wanna play reggae on your Electro 3?


US keyboard magazine writes an inspiring article of how to play reggae bubble style, using the Nord Electro 3. Read more on the website.

Nord Piano Now Shipping!


A very happy Nord Crew, celebrating the roll-out of the sensational Nord Piano 88. The Piano is now officially shipping! The only stage piano that lets YOU decide what sounds you want to play.

Smooth greetings


Greetings from France, and the band Smooth, a trio that borrows and mixes sounds and rhythms from their forefathers, displayed and put back together with inventiveness, jubilation and sensuality.

Playmobil Electro action


Dutch Nord user Wout Blommers has been a 'friend of the family' for over a decade now.

Wout kindly sent us some pictures of his son's Playmobil figures, along with our Frankfurt Messe USB memory stick. We thought they were hilarious and decided to put them up in the Nord World column. Enjoy!

Chill-out/Lounge on Wave


German keyboardist Bernd Wurzenrainer and the international lounge-project ''AKmusique'' have produced a very smart lounge/smooth jazz cd, extensively featuring the Nord Wave synthesizer.

The CD can be bought from as well as from Bernd is also our German demo guy, seen at the Frankfurt show. Pay him a visit on MySpace.

Kettil plays The King


Kettil Medelius is a Swedish jazz keyboardist working for the Swedish National Theater, Riksteatern since 27 years. Right now he is touring with the rock theater show 'Always on my mind - the Spirit of Elvis Presley' all over Sweden. Visit Kettil on MySpace.

Back to the classics


Our Friends Electric are a UK based Eighties tribute band, specialized in the alternative/new wave music from the early part of that decade.

Nord PK27 now shipping


As of this week, the long awaited Nord Pedal Keys 27 is now shipping. Above is a picture of a happy Nord production team celebrating the first assembled production unit.

Bliss out Berni


Berni Weber is a swiss C2 player in the band Bernhard. With a background in both classical- and jazz music, Berni has been an active keyboard player for the last 35 years, touring all around Switzerland with different rock and pop bands.

Italian Hammond Day 2010


This year Nord attended the Italian Hammond Day, held in Paderno D'Adda, near Milan. Hammond Day is a musician and fan-organized meeting based around original vintage Hammond organs and their clones.

Our italian distributor Mogar was there to demonstrate the Nord C2 organ, which received a very positive feedback.

On stage with Kent


The band Kent is not only one of the larger Swedish acts, but also one of the more influential on the modern indie-stage. Playing keyboard with Kent on tour, is Nord-user Andreas Bovin, who manage to keep a cool head, on a busy stage.

For the victims in Haiti


We'd like to acknowledge the fitting initiative taken by Nord-user Glen Scott and his record label Hidden Beach Music, with the song 'The Impossible', bringing awareness and help to Haiti at this time of crisis.

Jeremy Monteiro trio


From Groove Junction, Malaysia, comes this clip with ''Alligator Boogaloo'' performed by talented organist Jeremy Monteiro and his trio.

Slope scouting


A wonderful winter postcard from France and the KiCCA & iNTRiGO trio. What do you do when you are a B3 player, and get a winter gig in the Italian Alps? You bring your Electro of course! Oh, and bringing the Red makes you very visible in the slopes as well.

Behind the keys


Swedish keyboardist Johan Persson sends us a picture from the latest Lars Winnerbäck-tour. Johan, who has a background in classical- and swedish folk music, makes an excellent contribution to the modern folk rock genre.

Scott plays his Nord on the highway too!


Jazz Synthesizer kingpin and long time Nord Keyboard user Scott Kinsey has been keeping very busy preparing new releases for Human Element, The Scott Kinsey Group and Tribal Tech!

Beyond hearing him on the road with his band and on Hollywood Soundtracks for movies such as Oceans 11/12/13 and Analyze That, you may have also caught Scott recently on the U.S. tour with guitarist and jam band guru Jimmy Herring.

Scott's current CD "Kinesthetics" is available on abstractlogix.

The man behind the music


Mike Weiser is a composer/producer, teaching music in New York City, US. Mike has a different kind of passion, composing music for iPhone apps, with the help of Nord Keyboards.

Tracks included in his portfolio amongst others: StickWars (featured in Apple's iTunes Rewind 2009: Apps) and Ramp Champ (Macworld's "Best Designed iPhone Game" of 2009). Visit Mike's website for more information about apps soundtracks.

New distributor in Japan


Nord appoints KID/Korg Import Division as the new distributor for Japan. On the picture above: Mr. Norio Iwasaki of KID shaking hands with Mr. Tomas Enochsson of Nord Keyboards.

Touring the r-e-d brand


Swedish keyboard player Marcus Olsson plays Nord on stage, touring with prominent Swedish artists such as Ulf Lundell, Magnus Uggla, Lena Ph, Moneybrother and David Urwitz to name a few. Visit Marcus on MySpace.

SoundLab Modular G2 tutorial


Roland Kuit (composer / artist) has put together an interactive Modular G2 tutorial that covers all levels of usage.

Learn how to take advantage of the power in the Modular synthesizers! To order this tutorial, contact Roland for further details.

Loyalty award to Nova Musik


This year at NAMM, we had the great pleasure to hand out the ''Loyalty and commitment of the year'' award to Tony Gral and his staff at Nova Musik, Milwaukee.
- Keep up the good job guys!

Improvised geniosity


Christian Larese is an Austrian Electro 3-user who we stumbled upon on YouTube. This improvisation is a real masterpiece and we'd love to share it with the rest of you guys. Also check out Christian's band Madebyus.

Video greetings from Colombia


Puerto Candelaria is one of the most important jazz groups in Colombia and communicates intimate musical interpretations with ironic humor and explosive beats. The group strives to include modern musical elements without loosing the essence of traditional Colombian rhythms and melodies.

The soundtrack of our keys


Martin Hederos, known from The Soundtrack of Our Lives, is here seen on stage with his Nord setup. Martin has also been playing with names such as Nina Ramsby, Weeping Willows, Ane Brun and Stefan Sundstrom.

Dan Thouin on TVJazz


Canadian keyboard/organ player Dan Thouin is a proud owner of several Nord keyboards and is here seen on TVJazz, playing the C1 Combo Organ. As a musical director for the Montreal Jazz Festival, Dan has had the pleasure of playing with artists such as Elvis Costello, Joe Lovano, Madeleine Peyroux and Jamie Cullum.

On stage with Mando Diao


Mats Bjorke, playing in the Swedish band Mando Diao, sent us some fantastic snapshots from their ongoing tour in Europe. Enjoy the slideshow and be inspired by Mats wicked Nord set up. Also be sure to visit their web page to learn more about the band.

Have a great tour!


With both feet on the ground, Peter Hallström is one of many talented keyboard players using Nord. Right now Peter can be seen playing with Carola on the Christmas in Bethlehem-tour. Peter is also well known as a songwriter for artists such as Björn Skifs, Sarah Dawn Finer and Lisa Nilson to name a few.

Richard Devine Modular G2 sound give away


We are happy to announce that composer/producer Richard Devine is featured in the latest issue of Electronic Musician Magazine. 
Richard Devine is a long term program contributor for Nord and he is kind enough to release some never before heard programs for the Modular G2 synthesizer. Visit Richard Devine web site to learn more about him and his work.

Download programs here.

Congratulations Ane!


Ane Brun, the young and very talented Swedish/Norwegian singer-songwriter receives the prestigious 'Prins Eugenes Kulturpris' award. We send our warmest congratulations to Ane, who is a happy Nord keyboard user.

From Renato with love


Well acknowledged mr Renato Neto sends a greeting from stage. Renato has an impressive biography and has, besides his own project Straight Jackets, played with artists such as Scott Henderson, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Michael Ruff, Dianne Reeves and Prince to name a few.

Red alert with Jernstahl


Swedish keyboard player Stefan Jernstahl is playing Nord instruments. Right now Stefan is seen on stage on Swedish Stadsteatern and with multi talent artist Eric Gadd, but has also recently played with artists such as Nils Landgren, Stephen Simmonds, Eros Ramazzotti, Magnum Coltrane Price and Victoria Tolstoy to name a few.

Nord at Music China


Our Chinese distributor reports from a busy Shanghai, where this years Music Messe just finished. Music China is the largest music expo in Asia and our distributor Eastern Edison were present to show a selection from our product line of keyboards.

Nord on stage with Pål Svenre


Grammis awarded producer Pål Svenre plays with prominent names such as Robyn, Westlife, James Ingram and Lisa Nilsson to name a few. Here seen playing a Nord Stage keyboard on the rehearsal for Swedish live TV broadcast ''Världens barn''

Greetings from Steve x2


Our friend Steve Weingart sent us a picture with his greetings. Steve is a brilliant musician who plays with Jimmy Haslip, Scott Henderson and Chaka Khan just to name a few. Here seen with Steve Lukather who celebrated his 50th birthday on stage yesterday.

Nord Achievement Award 2008/2009


We are happy to announce 4Sound Stockholm, Sweden as the recievers of the Nord Achievement Award 2008/2009 for best retail sales three (!) years in a row. Seen here from the left: Tomas Enochson (Nord Sales Manager) and the 4Sound keyboard crew: Mikael, Joachim, Linus and Magnus.

Melody Club on Nord


Melody Club keyboardist Jon Axelsson plays Nord Lead 2X on stage.

Music show with Swiss precision


Musik Produktiv invited their customers and suppliers to the premiere edition of MP Music show. Our Swiss distributor Heer Music was there to present the Nord Keyboard range for the many enthusiastic visitors.

Nord entering the stage


Talented mr. Pete Levin entering stage at Moody Jazz Café with Pete Levin Trio, playing his Nord C1 Organ. Visit Pete Levin for more information, sound clips and tour dates.

Denmark goes Vintage


Nord Keyboards was present last week at the Vintage show in Svendborg, where tons of people came to try out the new Electro 3 and C2 Organ. With a growth of over 40% it is very exciting to be a part of this, says Karsten Hillersdal from our Danish distributor Luthman Scandinavia.

Nord on Algam reseller show


Our french distributor Algam presented the Nord brand at their annual retailer show. Here with Xavier Tribolet (Yael Naim) playing an armada of Nord keyboards. Also check out the impressive line up from the Nord booth.

Nord teaming up with Bose


Bose is touring thru Scandinavia to demo the new L1 Live system. They turned to well renowned keyboard manufacturer Nord to bring a Nord Stage EX with them on the road. To read more about Bose visit

Nord on tour in Sweden


Nord premium user Christer Karlsson plays Nord C2 Combo organ, Nord Wave and Nord Stage EX 88 with such prominent Swedish artists as Ulf Lundell, Peter Jöback, Eva Dahlgren and Ebba Forsberg.

Jean Michel Jarre speaking up


Hear the world famous french synthesizer guru Jean Michel Jarre describing his passion for Nord products. Make sure to visit Jean Michels site for tourdates and updated info!

Cruzin' with Nord


Cruzin' keyboardist Bong Singson performing at the Nord Grand Launch in Ortigas, Philippines. Mr Singson plays a Nord Electro 3 and a Nord Lead 2X to jam with bandmates Bong Gonzales and Willy Elazegui.

Little Feat in Stockholm


Little Feat played at the Stockholm Jazz Festival in July. Keyboardplayer Bill Payne was introduced to a Nord Stage EX 88 right before the gig and was so taken away by the sound and action that he chose to use it for the whole show! And what a show it was, thanks Bill for a great concert. So where did they go after that? Find out at the Little Feat site!

Summer NAMM 2009 pictures


See Chris Martirano crowning the Nord booth at Summer NAMM 2009 in Nashville earlier this summer. Pretty impressive setup. For live pictures see Chris demonstrating the C2 Combo Organ, the Nord Stage EX and the Nord Wave (as live as it gets, directly from the show). We thank our american distributor American Music & Sound for the nice pictures!

Nord celebrates 10th MIPA-award


We are very honored and pleased to have received our 10th M.I.P.A award at the 2009 Musikmesse. This time the Nord Wave was awarded top honors in the Synthesizer Hardware category. Thanks to all of you who voted for us, and to the entire M.I.P.A crew.

NordDay in Kazan, Russia


Steaming hot pictures from NordDay in Kazan, Russia: a whole day of events featuring major acts performing on Nord instruments. Those Russians really rock hard, check it out!

Nord User clips