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Markus Jägerstedt Sound Bank

A collection of Swedish pop sounds for Nord Stage 4


Acclaimed Swedish keyboardist/producer Markus Jägerstedt has designed a creative patch collection for Nord Stage 4 based on the Swedish pop sound and his work with artists like Robyn, Seinabo Sey and Loreen.

“This collection is mixed in two categories where one is very basic pop sounds and the other is more experimental. I guess you can use them for whatever style you like but I have done them mainly for pop, electronic pop and a bit of jazz”

Stockholm-based Markus Jägerstedt is an established keyboardist/producer/songwriter and one of Sweden’s most hired musicians. Markus has worked with artists such as Robyn, Loreen, Seinabo Sey, Röyksopp, Veronica Maggio, Miriam Bryant and Oskar Linnros.

Download the Markus Jägerstedt Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

Michael Bereal Sound Bank

Exclusive new signature sounds for Nord Stage 4


The renowned gospel keyboardist Michael Bereal has created 32 exclusive signature patches for Nord Stage 4! The patch collection is geared towards the church world and contains Michael’s signature piano sounds, powerful synths, atmospheric pads and much more.

This sound bank pretty much showcases what I do, week in and week out on my job of music, in my church and in production

Michael Bereal is an acclaimed gospel keyboardist/producer based out of Los Angeles, CA and has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Faith Evans, Charlie Wilson, Marvin Sapp, Mary Mary, The Soul Seekers, Kirk Franklin, Norman Hutchins and many others.

Download the Michael Bereal Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

OS Update for Nord Stage 4

Including improvements and fixes


The new Stage 4 OS v1.24 contains improvements and fixes. See Update history for a complete list of changes. 

We recommend all Nord Stage 4 owners to update their instruments and to use the latest version of Nord Sound Manager (v7.84)

Download the Nord Stage 4 OS v1.24 here

Introducing the Nord Grand 2

A new generation of our acclaimed Grand series


The Nord Grand 2 features the latest generation premium Hammer Action keybed from Kawai.

Combining the responsive feel of an acoustic grand piano with our world renowned Sound Libraries and a tactile user interface, the sleek and elegant Nord Grand 2 offers a genuinely unique experience.

Read more about the Nord Grand 2

Introducing the Soft Grand

A mellow grand piano with a smooth rich tone


Soft Grand is a modern compact size grand piano equipped with extra soft hammers giving a very soft, yet dynamic, response.

With its warm, mellow and gentle sound, the Soft Grand adds a unique new character to the Nord Piano Library.

Download for free and listen to sound demos here

Nord Sound Manager Update

Now converts legacy samples for use in Stage 4 and Piano 5


The Nord Sound Manager ´v7.82 now supports converting samples from Nord Sample Library 3.0 and legacy user-created samples for use in Nord Stage 4 and Nord Piano 5. See Update history for a complete list of changes. 

Download the Nord Sound Manager here

Christian Almiron Sound Bank

Exclusive new signature patches for Nord Stage 4


NYC-based keyboardist Christian Almiron has created 32 exclusive signature sounds for the Nord Stage 4 inspired by genres such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop and Film music. The patch collection includes experimental synth sounds, vibey piano layers, cinematic soundscapes and much more. 

"The sounds that I've created for the Stage 4 stem from film music, hip-hop, classical and from noise, synths and just all sort of electronic music or pop music even. I like to produce as well so I had those influences come into the creating of these patches"

Christian Almiron is an established keyboardist/composer/producer based in New York and has worked with artists such as Babyface, Lauryn Hill, Questlove, Lupe Fiasco, Gwen Stefani and many others. 

Download the Christian Almiron Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

NORD LIVE: Nigeria Sessions

featuring some of the finest keyboard players in Nigeria!


We are proud to introduce NORD LIVE: Nigeria sessions - a unique new series featuring some of the finest keyboard players in Nigeria! The renowned Lagos-based keyboardist/producer Ojekunle "Dejikeyz" Ayodeji and his band perform "Greenland" in this opening episode. 

The Nigeria Sessions contain stunning live performances from Ojekunle Ayodeji aka Dejikeyz, Adedayo Ajayi aka DPlus, Godwin Hillary aka Hillsplay, Samuel Chiemeka Onwuasoanya Jr. aka SCOJ, James Aliko and Adeniyi Stephen aka Steph Ade. The sessions were recorded live at Clout Studios in Lagos and Showgear Studios in Abuja. Read more

Filipe Martins Sound Bank

Exclusive signature patches for Nord Stage 4


We are excited to release this exclusive signature sound bank for Nord Stage 4 designed by the renowned Brazilian keyboardist Filipe Martins! This brand new patch collection features 32 signature sounds with influences from neo-soul, RnB and gospel. 

"I really enjoy playing neo-soul and RnB so I have created a lot of patches inspired by those genres"

Filipe Martins is an in-demand keyboardist/musical director based in São Paulo who has worked with dozens of Brazilian artists including PC Baruk, Eli Soares, Eyshila, Bruna Karla and many others.

Download the Filipe Martins Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

Introducing the Stockholm EP

A vintage electric piano with exceptional sound and detail!


We are proud to release the Stockholm EP, a classic 1976 Mark I Stage EP, delivering both a fat, round bottom with well balanced bells, as well as a more barky and shallow sound when hit hard.

With its exceptional dynamic range and very versatile voicing the Stockholm EP is our most detailed electric piano yet, being equally at home in soft and singing ballads or in harder, funkier styles.

Download for free and listen to sound demos here