Nord Stage 2 - Update History

v3.00 (2019-02-12)

  • Added support for version 6 .npno files

v2.28 (2018-05-16)

  • Spare part compatibility update

v2.26 (2017-08-31)

  • Layer piano sounds were incorrectly sorted into the Grand bank by the OS (should be the EPiano2 bank). Fixed.

v2.24 (2017-04-03)

  • Changes to production test routines

v2.20 (2017-01-24)

  • Fixed bug where Long/Soft Release would not work as expected with Synth Pianos
  • Increased the bank size for each Piano category from 9 to 15. Locations above 9 are indicated A-F
  • This update will move Wurlitzer sounds from the E.Piano 2 to the E.Piano 1 bank, making the E.Piano 2 bank a dedicated Synth Piano bank
  • Enhanced Pedal Noise functionality where the base Pedal Noise level and character can be set individually per .npno file at the authoring stage. Specifically, this will give the Steinway No. 1 Piano sound a more appropriate (subdued) Pedal Noise character
  • Note 1: After performing this update, only use Nord Sound Manager v6.90 or higher, to ensure trouble free file handling
  • Note 2: Backup files created from instruments with this OS can not be used on instruments with OS version below 2.20

v2.14 (2016-04-19)

  • Fixed bug which could cause the instrument to become unresponsive in remote mode, on rare occasions.

v2.10 (2015-06-22)

  • A new Dynamics (velocity) curve added, replacing the old "Normal" setting (no LED lit in Dynamics section). The new curve provides improved dynamic control when playing soft and makes the keyboard slightly "heavier". The old "Normal" curve is moved to position 1 and the old curves 1 and 2 were merged into position 2. Curve number 3 is the same as before. Important! Programs stored with the old "Normal" curve will be automatically re-stored to use the curve in position 1, the old "Normal" curve. Programs stored using old curves 1 or 2 will use the new merged curve in position 2 upon update. 
  • NSMP format 2: Supporting Unpitched and Silent strokes.
  • Fixed sustain enable problem (only revA machines suffered from problem). Thanks to Fabio for reporting!
  • Broken NSMP/NPNO files: Changed error message (now including "Press [SHIFT] to continue).

v2.06 (2015-04-30)

  • Displaying category only for NSMP files with proper category info (i.e. hiding category for format f1).
  • Supporting new NSMP format 2.
  • Showing NSMP categories in parameter hint.
  • Fixed so NSMP reports Format.Revison to manager
  • Added support for NS2EX hardware
  • Improved reliability of USB MIDI, also improved reliability of USB sleep/resume behaviour.

v1.72 (2013-12-19)

  • Maintenance update to comply with production component change.

v1.70 (2012-11-21)

  • Fixed a bug where synth waveform selector did not work properly in MIDI local off mode
  • MIDI cc#7 reception on the global channel was not handled properly. Fixed.
  • When a section was set to play only on its own MIDI channel, the highest key on an 88 note keybed would hit a note when received on the Global MIDI channel. This is now fixed. Thanks to Samuel who reported this to us.
  • The dual keyboard and slot MIDI channels will be disabled accordingly if they are set to the global channel or the same values as each other. An asterisk will indicate that another section is already set to this channel and interface.
  • The extern section now sends sustain pedal and pitch bend values even if the section is set to have no keyboard zone. The PSTICK and SUSTPED on/off functionality can be used if this is not desired.
  • Fixed a very rare crash-bug in MIDI-component when receiving lots of USB-MIDI messages.
  • Fixed a crash-bug in USB-component when transmitting lots of small data packets (for example lots of USB-MIDI CC).
  • Fixed an elusive piano pedaling performance issue. Quick sustain pedal transitions right after note on could sometimes cause unwanted sonic results. Thanks to Stephen that helped us out with this.
  • Added a pedal gain menu for control and swell pedals to be able to compensate for pedals with a lower output than expected.

v1.64 (2012-06-28)

  • Fixed an issue with the File Sanity Check routine during start-up.

v1.62 (2012-06-18)

  • If some very rare circumstances and criteria were met, incoming wheel and aftertouch MIDI data would not be able to control the Synth vibrato. This has now been taken care of. Thank you, André and Ross for alerting us about this.
  • B3 tonewheel leakage wasn't properly initialized which meant that you had to play certain notes (to activate certain tonewheels) to be able to actually hear the leakage (when Organ Toneweel mode is set to Vintage 1 or Vintage 2 in the Sound menu).
  • Arpeggiator would behave unpredictable in combination with sustain pedal. Fixed.
  • Optimized the interaction between the Manager and the Stage 2 during the negotiation of file lists.
  • Fixed a bug where Nord Sample Editor was unable to delete a sample when the sample was re-generated. Thanks to Jean who first reported this issue to us.
  • The Pedalnoise samples are no longer included in the OS update, which means that the Update Utility applications from now on are a few megabytes smaller in size.

v1.60 (2012-04-25)

  • Pianos and Samples are now looked up by name rather than position, which allows for several new features with the Nord Sound Manager v 6.10.
  • Fixed a bug where the Synth in mono mode could glide to a previously played note when sustain pedal is released.
  • If the Stage 2 had been powered on for several days, the acoustic piano sounds could behave in a weird way.
  • Rotary speaker speed morphs can now be operated via Global, Slot or Dual KB MIDI channels.
  • When switching piano types, the model focus that is supposed to be the last one chosen sometimes was lost. Fixed...
  • Sustain pedal now always sends MIDI CC64, value #127 when pressed fully down.
  • Pitchstickfix - If Pitch Stick calibration fails during startup, the P-Stick is disabled.
  • Fix for .nsmp velocity getting the wrong value, which could lead to issues sounding like notes were missing.
  • Fix for the delay making strange sounds when programs were changed and the delay time was changed.
  • Fix for the synth which could get stuck notes when playing legato.
  • Changed how pending load works, dial is now active as documented.
  • Fixed Extern MIDI Bank CC bug (cc00 and cc32 menus was mixed up).

v1.40 (2011-10-06)


  • Mono output now works globally on all instruments and effects and is not stored in individual programs. This function will reset to the default setting (Stereo) when the unit is turned off.
  • Implemented the preview feature when storing a program/live buffer. When you browse a suitable location, the Program in this location becomes active to allow you to monitor the program that will be replaced.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the System Menu option of the Sustain pedal to control rotor speed, to work properly.


  • Pedal actions could on certain occasions lead to unwanted level changes when string resonance was active. This has been optimized to ensure a smoother and more natural sound.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pedal noise messages received on the Global MIDI channel to trigger noises on both slots even if they weren’t layered.
  • When assigning a piano to only output 3 or 4, the sound is mono optimized (like if you’d activate the Mono output feature).


  • Fixed in issue where mixing mono and stereo audio files in a .nsmp project would lead to playback at the wrong pitch.
  • The Mono and Legato modes when using non-sample based waveforms samples will now behave like a single trigger mono synth, the envelopes will not be re-triggered if you play legato.
  • Better parameter text for Osc Shape Mod and Filter Freq Mod 2 to show which modulation source is being use, as well as the modulation strength. Thanks to Bernd who suggested this!
  • Fixed an issue with the file system that couldn't have more than 198 samples in the Samp Lib partition. Thanks to Andreas for the alert.
  • Synth Glide, VoiceMode, Unison and Vibrato parameters are now stored in the Synth sounds.
  • Extending synth note range by one octave to allow transpose settings of -1, 0 and +1.


  • When a program is loaded, the Rotary speed will immediately be set to match the program setting.
  • Rotary Horn and Rotor positions are now stored in programs, if the Rotary is in the Stop mode.
  • Under certain circumstances the chorus effect would be inaudible when a program was loaded, this is now fixed. Thanks to G Rodi for the alert on this bug,
  • Added more Rotary configuration menus in Sound Menu with separate settings for horn/rotor acceleration and speed.


  • Drawbar control via MIDI only worked if the slot was focused. This is now fixed.
  • The Extern zone transmitted MIDI CC values (for example CC11) immediately when it was activated which caused issues with external MIDI units. This behavior has now been stopped; CC values will only be transmitted if a controller is used.
  • Swell can now be controlled internally when Dual KB is active.
  • Menu setting added in the Extern Menu to allow for enabling/disabling Swell Control MIDI CC.
  • Fixed Extern/NoteOn/NoteOff bug that made the Extern transmit notes and pedal data even if it was set to the Keyboard Off mode.
  • Fixed a problem with Extern Program Change Send-on-Load, where the MIDI channel used could be the previously used MIDI channels, forcing users to hit the Program button twice on the Stage 2 in order to get transmission of the Extern data.
  • Stage 2's "internal program change" messages are now sent and received on the Global MIDI channel only.


  • Fixed bug where a large usage of samp lib (If the number of samples were more than 128 or the used memory size were close to maximum ) would fail after the update to version 1.30. This could lead to freezes of the unit when the Synth was used. Thanks to Nicholas who alerted us about this!
  • Fixed incorrect display of Piano hints and Sample hints after loading a new program.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Swell or Volume to be set to its lowest value when a program was loaded, if the Control Pedal was set to control Swell or Volume and no pedal was connected.

v1.30 (2011-07-06)


  • Internal level adjustment, to make better balance options. Synth level have been raised and Piano have been lowered. Automatic conversion is made when loading programs to compensate for this level change.
  • Fixed Mac/SoundManager/USB-MIDI bug (caused the unit to freeze if application was launched twice and USB MIDI was active).
  • Fixed Organ/Piano/Synth Init bug (kbd split/zones etc didn't work).
  • Sustain pedal now sends controller value zero when released.
  • Checksum calculation during startup to catch any rare errors in flash memory and report them to LCD.
  • Morph-control of parameters is now much quicker.
  • Stage 2 Master Clock can now be synchronized to incoming MIDI Clock.


  • One single parameter hint for B3 vibrato mode and state.


  • Optimized the overall Synth performance.
  • Glide range bug that prevented the glide to reach to correct note is fixed.
  • Fixed missing Parameter Hints for Arpeggiator Rate, Glide and Clocked LFO Rate
  • LFO Mod span of Shaped oscillator waveforms have been changed to produce better results.


  • Delay rate parameter text.
  • Phaser effect had a mix and pole issue that has been fixed, thanks to Dan UK and Lars DK for finding this.


  • Big cleanup of internal and external MIDI operations, with the addition of a Global MIDI channel. Download separate documentation .pdf here.
  • New MIDI CC addresses: Gate pedal CC114, Slot focus: CC68.
  • MIDI CC added for oscillator waveform CC 44, 0-127
  • Fixed Extern bug: In Send-on-Load mode MIDI was sent even though Extern was off.
  • SysEx support: Programs and Synth Sound can be sent/received (see MIDI menu).
  • Devices like control pedal and swell weren't transmitted via MIDI. Fixed...
  • MIDI Soft Thru menu option for Extern Zone.


  • Auto-detection mode of pedal type in System Menu for Rotor and Sustain pedals.
  • Fine Tune menu now also displays tuning in Hz.


  • Automatic conversion when loading programs to compensate for the above mentioned level change.
  • Program loading time has been significantly reduced.
  • When storing a Live buffer, bank/page buttons can now be used to leave Live-mode. Previously you had to press Live Mode to be able to store in the "normal" program memory from the Live buffers.
  • Fixed slot load/copy bug where some parameters wasn't copied properly.
  • Program navigation using dial is now limited to range of focused bank.
  • Fixed program category sort bug (programs using obsolete categories where not sorted properly).

v1.26 (2011-05-04)


  • Faster response from Modwheel, Aftertouch, Pitchstick, Control- and Swell-pedals (affects morphing).


  • The non-dampened piano notes at the uppermost keys sometimes didn't sustain correctly. Fixed.
  • Clavinet notes could sometimes be cut off due to the lower keyboard contact being released on hammer action models. Fixed.


  • B3 Percussion envelope could sometimes be open even though notes were held. Fixed.


  • Fixed a synth vibrato bug that did not update delayed vibrato with correct amount after wheel or AT acted as the vibrato initiator.
  • Arpeggiator Hold functionality added - this is activated by a double-tap on the Arpeggio On button.


  • Adjusted drive behavior in Amp. It is now easier to achieve light to mid distortion.
  • Adjusted the Reverb amount set by the dry/wet knob. It is now easier to achieve light to moderate reverb settings.
  • Lowering the Chorus amount to zero caused an audible click. Fixed.


  • Fixed incorrect Piano info message in LCD when the Stage 2 was in Local-Off mode, the wrong Piano type was displayed.
  • Sustain pedal messages weren't received correctly in Dual KB mode from the "other" MIDI device. Fixed.
  • Notes outside the unit's physical keyboard range could not be reached via MIDI. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with encoders when in local-off and MIDI-loop-back mode, the parameter didn't get updated properly.


  • If Swell destination is set to All, it now affects all instruments - Organ, Piano and Synth) and will bring the Organ down to zero level.

Programs, Loading

  • The Program sorting works a lot faster (when activating either alphabetic, or category based sorting).
  • Added functionality for copying settings between any slots, not just within a Program. Press and hold a slot button and turn the dial to select the source of the copy.

v1.24 (2011-04-04)


  • It is now possible to hold Shift and change Knob/Encoder to show parameter hint values without changing the value.
  • A keyboard-scanning bug could cause hanging notes on rare occasions. This is now fixed.


  • Vox and Farfisa organs were accidentally 6 dB too high in version 1.10. Moved back to original level.


  • Added Rotor-as-Latch pedal functionality, to be able to use a sustain pedal connected to the Rotor input as a Latch/Sostenuto pedal.
  • Added Morph controllability for Rotary speed.
  • Global Transpose menu added.
  • Added Sustain Pedal as Rotor functionality in the System Menu.
  • Added Use Ctrl Pedal as Organ Swell functionality, while still retaining the Ctrl Pedal functionality for Piano and Synth.


  • Fixed Send-on-Load bug that prevented the parameters to be actually sent.
  • Morphing of Extern parameters now behaves as expected.
  • Implemented the Extern "Send ModWheel/Aftertouch/CtrlPedal" menu functionalities.
  • Fixed a problem with the Extern's Pitch Stick/Sustain filtering.
  • The Velocity Curve Extern menu setting was non-functional; this is now fixed and works.


  • MIDI CC33 now controls the Piano Dynamic setting, as documented.
  • Added the "Engine MIDI", to be able to set separate MIDI channels for each Stage 2 instrument.
  • MIDI controller change: Amp source used to be CC82 and Leslie speed used to be CC90. This is now the other way around.


  • Edited Program indicator (*) added to the display, whenever a setting in a program is changed.
  • Revised Category names: "Piano" replaced by Grand and Upright, EPiano 1, EPiano2 added, "Drum" replaced by Arpeggio.

v1.10 (2011-03-23)

  • MIDI LFO rate CC transmission fixed.
  • Sustain notes held via MIDI are now released when the sustain filter is activated.
  • Piano and synth weren't using the pitch stick filter correctly. Fixed.
  • B3 percussion: sometimes a tonewheel got a lower output level than intended. Fixed.
  • Morphs didn't work over MIDI. Fixed
  • Slot MIDI over USB added.
  • Pitch bend and sustain On/Off states didn't work via MIDI. Fixed.
  • MIDI always played an all engines (not just the enabled ones). Fixed.
  • Program change messages were always sent on MIDI (not USB MIDI). Fixed.


  • Dual KB was not correctly implemented regarding split points. Fixed.
  • Monitoring of pedal value (on ctrl/swell pedal config menu pages)
  • Fixed bug causing hanging B3 notes under certain conditions. (Happened very seldom and required percussion on and split mode)
  • Transpose was sent and received via MIDI causing doubling of the transposition in MIDI loops, now it's only received...
  • Devices like aftertouch and ModWheel are now updated correctly when enabled...
  • If the instrument was turned on but not played for more than 27 hours, in some cases the B3 wouldn't simulate contact bouncing correctly. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing sustain not to be reset when unplugging an open switch pedal...


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the B3 saturation from working properly
  • Fixed a problem with noisy Morphing updates


  • Improved behavior for Roland pedals
  • Parameter filter added to eliminate zipper noise when Morphing levels


  • First release