Nord Lead 4 in the press

Audio Fanzine Review


Capable of combining several types of synthesis (analog modeling, FM and digital microwave), we loved it for its sound quality and versatility. And it is awfully powerful! The different morphing modes, the return of the arpeggiator and the new effects are great assets, especially considering that they are multitimbral and four-part independent.
Let's move on now to the real innovation in Nord Lead 4: Impulse Morphing ─ the possibility to briskly switch from a group of settings to another one by pressing one single button. ...the morphing covers almost all synthesis parameters (55 destinations), whether they're continuous or discrete, including: oscillator waveforms, intermodulation types, filter types, effect choices, which would be impossible to do with continuous morphing. And that's how a boring bass can become a monstrous chord in the blink of an eye.
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Future Music Magazine Review


The ingenious new Impulse Morph function is very easy to use and it's very well implemented.
It can do super-authentic analogue impressions and then more warped sounds in the blink of an eye.
To sum up, The Nord Lead 4 is raw yet polished-sounding synth… - it draws you into its world without noticing and that alone speaks volumes.
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MusicTech Magazine Review


Verdict: 10/10 and awarded 'MusicTech Excellence Award'

Nord Lead 4 is an exceptional synth. 2013 is demonstrating that, not only is hardware still very much alive, but it’s kicking harder than ever.
The preview buzz around the Nord Lead 4 was about its new sound engine, the Minimoog and TB filter emulations, and the arpeggiator with its new features. These have all lived up to the hype but it’s actually the Impulse Morphing and Mutator that excite me too – perhaps even more so! The former not only means a lot for the live player but adds a completely new dimension to the sounds on the synth. With up to seven variations of a program at your fingertips and then the ability to control so many parameters… Well it’s almost like looking at that photo of all of the galaxies that the Hubble telescope took – the possibilities are immense! Mutator too is a gem – program creation has never been so easy and so much fun.
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