Nord Piano 5 - Update History

v1.30 (2024-06-12)

  • Added support for special release behaviour for String samples supporting this feature
  • Renamed Heavy velocity curve for outgoing MIDI to “Standard (Heavy)”, in MIDI menu
  • Sustain position on Sample Synth Decay/Sustain/Release knob now provides Release time as defined in sample preset
  • Improvements to Sample Synth amp envelope behaviour

v1.24 (2022-07-19)

  • Supports the Revision B version of the Nord Piano 5 panel 

v1.16 (2021-05-31)

  • Sample Synth performance optimizations
  • Minor adjustments to Compressor time constants
  • Fixed issue where repeated Restore operations could potentially cause problems downloading piano files

v1.14 (2021-05-24)

  • First OS release