Nord Stage 3 - Update History

v2.62 (2021-11-16)

  • Fixes rare issue with spurious knob value changes

v2.60 (2021-09-23)

  • Improved handling of high-velocity strokes during quick key repetitions.
  • Adjusted velocity curves for incoming and outgoing MIDI.
    • Added MIDI menu option for “MIDI Out Velocity Legacy”. Set this to "On" to instead use the pre-v2.60 velocity curves, if needed.
  • MIDI velocity curves for Extern Keyboard Velocity options were adjusted.
  • Program Change messages were still received/listened to when set to “Off” or “Send” in MIDI menu, under certain circumstances. Fixed. 
  • Adjusted Volume Level dial acceleration.

v2.54 (2020-03-04)

  • "Missing" strokes could occur when combining layers and long release times. Fixed.
  • Changing samples with Osc 1/Waveform dial could cause clicks. Fixed.
  • Clicks could occur when using Legato + certain samples. Fixed.
  • In Mono mode, wrong sample would be picked above C7. Fixed.
  • Samples set to "Unpitched" in Editor would be pitched in Legato mode. Fixed.
  • Ensemble and Solo Wind/Brass are now divided into separate categories: Ensemble Wind, Solo Wind, Ensemble Brass, Solo Brass
    • Note: Existing Wind/Brass samples are all found in the Ensemble/Solo Brass categories. Wind samples downloaded from Nord Sample Library 3.0 are from now on placed in Ensemble/Solo Wind categories.
  • Noise could occur when first playing, after downloading sample through Nord Sample Editor. Fixed.
  • Program Change messages are no longer sent when browsing Programs in "Store To" dialog.
  • A Program Change message was inadvertently sent when exiting a Store operation. Fixed.

v2.52 (2020-01-23)

  • Fixes for issues caused by custom sample instruments with limited range. 

v2.50 (2020-01-13)

  • Added compatibility with Nord Sample Editor 3

v2.24 (2020-01-08)

  • Update to production test routine

v2.22 (2019-06-27)

  • Tremolo effect preserves attack for mallet instruments (Vibraphone, Marimba)
  • Physical position of Volume pedal (Swell set to Volume) was not always taken into account when program using Rotary was loaded. Fixed
  • Keyboard Sync for Master Clock would not always work as expected after using the sustain pedal. Fixed 
  • Fast Organize operations in Song Mode could cause inadvertent move of songs, under certain circumstances. Fixed
  • With KB Hold and Legato voice mode combined, envelopes are now reset when letting go of all keys
  • Improvements to Synth voice handling

v2.20 (2019-05-28)

  • Unexpected Synth voice stealing could occur when using long release times. Fixed.
  • Master Clock could use wrong tempo on program load, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Slight clicks could occur in sample attack phase, when combined in layer with other Synth sounds. Fixed.
  • MIDI: Sometimes first press on button did not generate CC. Fixed.
  • Transition time between pedal down and pedal up piano sound was shortened for higher registers.

v2.12 (2019-04-23)

  • On rare occasions unexpected piano voice stealing could occur when operating sustain pedal, with String Res active. Fixed
  • Browsing pianos in list view is now faster
  • Pitch Bend messages could be sent without the stick being touched, due to vibrations. Fixed
  • Switching from certain System menu pages to the Extern menu could cause incorrectly drawn display. Fixed
  • HP/88 models: Vox drawbar 9 is now drawn from 1-8 rather than from 0-8
  • Cursor could get stuck when in ABC list mode for Programs, given certain circumstances. Fixed
  • KB Zones editor: Using Panel buttons to set up KB Zones now works as expected.

v2.10 (2019-02-27)

  • Changes to Synth Preset list: In Category mode, the Osc 1 dial functions as "CatSel" (Category Select). Used with Shift, this dial presents a list of all available categories.
  • A separate On/Off setting for pedal Volume was added to the Extern menu. Note that this does not affect the Volume functionality in the panel Extern section.
  • Improvements to Synth voice allocation: Better handling of cases where sustain pedal is used in conjunction with slow Amp attack times. Better handling of repeating notes with long Amp release and/or sustain pedal. 
  • Changing Synth Preset could produce an audible click. Fixed.
  • Changing the Sustain setting for the Extern section did not immediately produce the expected results. Fixed.
  • Synth Arpeggiator did not handle velocity information properly. Fixed.
  • Dual KB: Incoming Aftertouch did not affect Rotary morph, in Panel mode. Fixed.
  • MIDI notes could be sent on previously used channels, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Drawbar MIDI would not be listened to with Preset II selected. Fixed.
  • MIDI CC #108 (Rotor Speed) was sent at boot if Sustain pedal was set to Rotor Toggle/Hold. Fixed.
  • Sustain pedal state was not always properly reset when removing pedal. Fixed.
  • Improvements to ESaw/ESquare + Detune configuration.

v2.02 (2019-01-07)

  • Synth parameters could be reset to preset value when storing/copying a Program. Fixed.
  • If a Program used in a Song had been deleted, it was not possible to select a new Program for that Song Part. Fixed.
  • Synth Presets with a version number lower than 3.0 could not be read/converted. Fixed.
  • If first position in Sample list was empty it was not possible to move past that position, in List view. Fixed.
  • Sustain pedal "catch" functionality did not properly work for pianos. Fixed.
  • "Sample Not Found" text now appears in Synth display if a Sample is missing.

v2.00 (2018-12-18)

New features:

  • Support for version 6 .npno files
  • Piano Equalizer settings
    • Two “Dyno” settings for tine EPs are introduced in the Piano Equalizer section, indicated by the two top LEDs or two bottom LEDs being lit, respectively. Note: These settings require version 6 EP sounds.
    • Soft, Mid and Bright filters for EPs have been adjusted to specifically suit these sounds.
    • Soft setting for acoustic pianos has been changed. This is now not a filter but instead adjusts the response of the piano for a soft sound.
  • Revised layout for Synth display. Preset name/number is now shown and Oscillator settings are more compact.
  • Pitch Bend range options for Synth: Press down PStick (Shift + Octave down) and select a value from the screen. Optionally, the setting can be made and viewed in the Sound menu. Note: The setting is shared by both panels, and stored with the program.
  • Synth Preset List has been moved to the Synth display. Use the Osc 2 dial to change Preset Mode (User, Samp, Cat).
  • Synth Preset mode (User, Samp, Cat) can now be changed by pressing Shift + Mono/Legato. The Synth Preset mode is indicated by a flag in the top right corner of the display.
  • Store Synth is now done from the Synth display.
    • Note: The Osc 1 dial works as a “Soft Dial” for entering the “Store Synth As” screen.
    • "Store Synth As" is still done from the Program display. After setting the name, press the “Store Synth” button. Location for the Synth Preset is selected with the Synth Preset dial.
  • The “clear preset name from program” function has been moved to page 13 of the System menu.
  • Last page of the System menu now shows the currently installed OS version.

Other updates:

  • Cancelling a Store after pre-listening other program maintained pre-listen sound for current program. Fixed.
  • Page L/R buttons had no effect in Song Edit mode. Fixed.
  • Mod Env Release max value is now hinted as “inf” (infinity).
  • Extern A not playing when Dual KB set to Panel and B focused. Fixed.
  • Definitions of Open/Closed for pedals in menu were reversed. Fixed.
  • During Osc Ctrl Morph animation, the Osc Ctrl value (pitch, for example) was not updated. Fixed.
  • MIDI program change was sent during program selection in Song Edit, potentially causing problems in MIDI loop scenarios. Fixed. 
  • The exact sample used for a given velocity in the piano engine was not always the intended one. Fixed.
  • When setting Local to “Off”, held notes would hang. Fixed.

v1.60 (2018-11-22)

  • Synth voice handling:
    • Under certain circumstances new key strokes would not generate sound. Fixed
    • Using samples and Mono/Legato with glide: Sometimes the correct sample was not used for a given stroke. Fixed
    • Improvements to handling of voice allocation and voice stealing
  • Copy/paste functionality has been expanded:
    • Morphs can be copied by pressing Monitor/Copy Panel + Wheel/ATouch/Ctrlped and pasted to another morph source (same procedure but with Shift button) Note: Morphs are copied/pasted on a per-panel basis. 
    • Programs and Live programs can be copied/pasted by pressing Monitor/Copy Panel+Program 1-5 button and pasted to another program (same procedure but with Shift). Note: Program name is not copied.
    • New “Swap” option when pasting a copied Panel if program has not been changed after copying.
  • MIDI In: Note off with velocity 0 was ignored, producing a hanging note. Fixed
  • When deleting the first piano in piano bank and attempting to select another piano from program with “Piano not found”, the instrument would hang. Fixed.
  • Editing a non-focused panel over MIDI did not prompt the “E” (edited) icon to appear. Fixed.
  • Dual KB: Rotary Speaker on Panel B used either Panel A or Panel B reverb depending on panel focus. Fixed
  • The Program 1 button is now inactive in Program List view (previously it would change program).

v1.52 (2018-10-26)

  • HP/LP24 filter in Amp Sim/Eq section did not have any effect on Panel B (introduced with v1.50). Fixed
  • Note On messages could be produced with no Note Off message in between, over MIDI. This caused problems in some external devices (introduced with v1.50). Fixed
  • Compressor had no effect on sound routed through Rotary Speaker. Fixed
  • Extern section now sends Note Off and Sustain 0 messages when exiting program using Extern, to avoid hanging notes.
  • Extern menu: MIDI Channel page now specifices if "Shared" or "Per Program" is selected.

v1.50 (2018-10-22)

New features:

  • Panel setting for Dual KB style is now available:
    • Press and hold Shift+Dual KB and select Panel using the dial.
    • Programs stored with Dual KB active will still be set to the stored sound engine after the update
  • Organ Swell in Dual KB mode now also listens to Swell pedal connected to the Stage 3
  • Organize list page with “Swap” and “Move” options was added
    • Use Swap to interchange two program, song or synth preset positions
    • Move works as previous Organize operations, i.e. the selected program, song or synth preset is inserted at the position selected with the dial
  • ABC sort option added in Program List view
  • Categories are now alphanumerically sorted in Synth Preset and Program lists
  • Prog Level function now operates in dB and handles Level morphs properly
  • MIDI Prog Change is now used to change Live slots, using Bank MSB = 6
    • The previous specification, using MIDI CC messages, is still supported
  • MIDI Prog Change is now used to enter Song mode and to select Song parts
    • The previous specification, using MIDI CC messages, is still supported
  • MIDI Ch is now put in parenthesis when used elsewhere in MIDI menu
  • An error message is now presented if pitch stick calibration fails during boot
  • List view is now available when selecting programs in Song Edit mode
  • Focus in List view is now sticky (Num, Cat, ABC etc. selection)
  • Improvements to keyboard handling for increased evenness in touch 
  • Programs stored with v1.50 will have version 3.02

Bug fixes:

  • Tremolo/Pan effects using Mst Clk did not use stored Mst Clk tempo first time after boot. Fixed
  • Vox organ sound character would change after extended playing. Fixed
  • Drive effect was not completely transparent at 0 zetting. Fixed
  • Drawbars were active locally, in Local Off mode. Fixed
  • Receiving MIDI Prog Change in Live Mode could cause “Out of range” state. Fixed
  • FM1 in Unison mode: not all voices were modulated. Fixed
  • Sending MIDI Prog change to Live slot could cause overwrite of live programs. Fixed
  • Received MIDI CC#5 (used for Live and Song slots) caused program changes in Program bank. Fixed
  • MIDI messages for Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Modulation and pedals were sent inadvertently on seamless transitions. Fixed
  • Some Programs would have slightly lower volume than expected. Fixed
  • Panel focus/enable could become out of sync when addressed over MIDI. Fixed
  • In Synth Preset list, User/Samp soft button focus could become out of sync when switching panels. Fixed
  • Sustain received on Panel A/B channel not sent on Soft Thru if Panel A/B was not focused. Fixed
  • Expression/Ctrl Ped, Wheel, Pitch Stick and Aftertouch were not passed on Soft Thru/Extern channel. Fixed
    • Note: Whether a parameter is passed or not depends on the parameter filter settings in the Extern menu
  • Deactivating PStick/Sustped for Extern section while device active caused stuck pitch/hanging notes. Fixed
  • Synth OLED would briefly display osc settings during program load, even with Synth section disabled. Fixed
  • Osc Ctrl morph assign now animates the icon in display
  • Given some circumstances it was possible to set same location for two keyboard split points. Fixed

v1.46 (2018-08-24)

  • Delay synced to Master Clock would not use correct tempo. Fixed.

v1.44 (2018-08-23)

  • Out of pitch samples could occur when playing the Synth in sample mode, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Osc Ctrl parameter was not correctly drawn on display when a program was loaded. Fixed.
  • Morph ranges can now be monitored by pressing Monitor + Wheel/ATouch/Ctrl Ped button and turning a morphed parameter control.

v1.42 (2018-08-13)

  • It is now possible to use morph, pitch bend and aftertouch vibrato for "passive" program during seamless transitions.
  • Improvements to handling of sustain pedal during seamless transitions.
  • The "Clear Synth Preset name" command is now accessed by pressing Shift+Mono/Legato. 
  • Double clicking Sound Init (Shift+Unison) now quickly initialises the Synth.
  • Improvements to Compressor effect.
  • Using the Organize feature could cause inadvertent reordering of Programs, Songs or Synth Presets if dial was turned quickly. Fixed.
  • Delay effect could be caused to distort with certain settings and input signals. Fixed.
  • B3 organ could have too high volume level when loaded under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Local sustain pedal affected Dual KB as well. Fixed.
  • Category could incorrectly show up as "Undefined" in Store As with Synth Presets. Fixed.
  • Relink Program for Song did not work correctly in Nord Sound Manager. Fixed.
  • Piano EQ could cause audible click when setting was changed. Fixed.
  • Reloading program using Program 1-5 buttons did not always fully reset the program and notes could be cut off. Fixed.
  • Cosmetic improvements to Store As screen.
  • When changing from a Harpsichord program, Harpsichord releases could be heard in other program under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Values were cut off in Morph display for Delay rate. Fixed.
  • Storing to a Live location could cause "Out of range" message, under certain circumstances.

v1.40 (2018-04-10)

  • A new Numeric Pad mode is introduced as an optional way of navigating within a program bank. In Numeric Pad mode two presses on the Program 1-5 buttons are used for navigating to any of the 25 programs within the current bank. The program selection mode used – the default Page Based mode, or Numeric Pad – is determined on page 2 of the System Menu. Here are some additional notes:
    • In Numeric Pad mode the Page buttons switch between banks.
    • The Program dial can be used for switching programs incrementally, just as in Page Based mode.
    • Program Selection mode does not affect Song Mode or Live program selection.
    • A “num” symbol in the top right corner of the display indicates that Numeric Pad navigation is active.
  • In order to facilitate the optional Numeric Pad program selection mode (see above), the program bank structure of the Nord Stage 3 has been modified so that banks now contain 25 programs (5 program pages):
    • The programs within each bank are numbered 11-15, 21-25, 31-35, 41-45 and 51-55.
    • The total number of Program banks is 16, labeled A-P
    • The total number of program locations is still 400
    • The order in which programs are placed on the Nord Stage 3 is not altered by this update, and Song lists will remain intact.
  • Note: Nord Sound Manager v7.28 or later is required for compatibility with Nord Stage 3 OS v1.40.
  • The specification for bank size (Program, Song, Synth Preset) over MIDI has been changed. One MIDI LSB bank now addresses as many Nord Stage 3 banks (Program, Song, Synth Preset) as it can fit. As a result, the first 5 program banks (A-E) on the Nord Stage 3 are all reached with a Bank LSB value of 0, the next group of 5 banks (F-J) with Bank LSB 1 etc.
  • Hanging notes could occur when changing Extern channels, for example by changing between programs with different Extern settings. Fixed.
  • Hanging notes could occur if holding sustain pedal and changing global MIDI channel. Fixed.

v1.36 (2018-02-07)

  • Rotary Speaker: Overall refinements to sound and response
  • Rotor/Horn balance setting is now available for Rotary (Sound menu)
  • Implemented Program pedal function settings (System menu) to swap Up/Down function on buttons A/B. Note: the function for a single button pedal is defined by B
  • A-Wah effects: Tweaks to the envelope behaviour. Note: Stored programs using A-Wah may sound slightly different after the update.
  • Delay:
    • Changed what tempos that are available when turning knob.
    • Increased resolution of tempo/rate parameter. By using the tap button one is not limited to the tempos available by knob.
    • Changes to how tempos are displayed.
    • Improved tempo visualization (LED)
  • Improvements to Vibe effect
  • The actual 'base' visual position of morphed LED rings and digital drawbars is shown during Morph edits
  • MIDI/Extern:
    • Fixed issue with notes played on Panel MIDI being sustained after Panel focus change.
    • When playing on Panel A or B using ext. keyboard and Panel MIDI channels, no transpose value was applied. Fixed.
    • Sustain messages were not sent from Panel B Extern when layered with A. Fixed.
    • Send On Load didn't work when Program was changed through a MIDI Prg Chg operation. Fixed.
    • Wheel and CtrlPed CC were always sent on Extern Channels. Fixed.
    • Send-on-Load messages were not being sent when changing between two programs with identical Send-on-Load data. Fixed.
  • Changed order of Sound menu entries: Piano, Synth, B3, Rotary
  • Note: Programs stored with v1.36 will have version 3.01

v1.32 (2017-12-15)

  • B3 Organ model: Overall refinements to sound and behaviour
  • Updates to sample player to support all features of converted .nsmp files
  • Fixed bug where Swell as Volume setting would not function properly
  • Fixed bug where Organ Swell parameter could have incorrect value after boot

v1.28 (2017-12-07)

  • MIDI: Fixed bug where MIDI Out could get stuck in loop sending data forever.
  • Editing of certain parameters could stop working under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Double-click functionality (Effects Source, KB Zones etc.) could stop working under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Extern: Morphing Volume, Program or MIDI CC did not work. Fixed.
  • Extern: Sustain now only transmits 0 or 127.
  • Display visualization of drawbars when setting up Morph has been improved.
  • Improvements to handling of seamless transitions.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes to the various List views.

v1.26 (2017-11-16)

  • Improvements to storage reliability.
  • Names are now compared non-case sensitive when checking if a file name exists during Store operations.
  • Improvements to Synth voice allocation.
  • When in Live Mode, Song Mode LED is now always off.
  • When pressing Song Mode button in Live Mode, Live Mode now exits and Song Mode is enabled.
  • MIDI: Improved handling of large amounts of incoming or outgoing MIDI data.
  • Panel MIDI: Receving CC on Panel channels didn't update edit buffer. Fixed.
  • Dual KB: Receiving CC now works as expected for selected dual keyboard engine.

v1.24 (2017-11-01)

  • Important: The "Panel" option for Dual KB has been removed. Any Programs stored in Panel mode will after the update be set to "Organ".
  • Dual KB: Internal Morph controls would affect engines in Dual KB mode. Fixed.
  • Renaming a Program used in a Song would cause Song part to break and be silent. Fixed.
  • Using FM 2 mode and Vibrato/Pitch Bend/Glide would cause clicking sound. Fixed.
  • Morphing Wah amount would cause a crackling sound. Fixed.
  • Using Split Width on a small keyboard zone could cause incorrect levels (silent and/or too loud). Fixed.

v1.22 (2017-10-18)

  • Important: The latest version of Nord Sound Manager (v7.10) is required after updating to OS v1.22. We always recommend to make a backup before performing an OS update.
  • Song Mode: Song parts now reference programs by name, rather than by position. This means that Songs stay intact when moving/organizing programs.
  • Synth Presets: Presets are now referenced by name rather than by position when loaded into Programs. This means that moving/organizing presets is possible without breaking references from Programs.
  • Duplicates: Duplicate names for Programs, Songs or Synth Presets are now disallowed. A number will be added after the name if storing a Program, Song or Synth Preset with a name that already exists in the file system.
  • Synth Preset List view: In Synth Preset list view, there are now soft buttons/shortcuts for:
    • User – The 8x50 Synth Preset banks that can be stored to by the user.
    • Samp – A list of the “Read-Only”, auto-generated, Sample Presets.
    • Cat – Press down for a list of categories. When Cat soft button is focused, Page buttons can be used to quickly switch between categories.
  • Samp Presets: When using a Samp Preset and changing sample using the waveform dial, the display now shows the name of the selected sample (rather than the name of the Samp Preset, with an “E”).
  • FM: Extensive redesign of the Synth FM implementation. Artifacts have been reduced and the modulation amount now scales with register. Note: Existing presets/programs using FM will sound different after the update!
  • FM: Dual and Triple FM are now simply called FM 1 and FM 2
  • Piano: Improved response when using both Panels and playing many notes.
  • Synth display: This display is now dedicated to showing the oscillator settings. I.e. Synth Preset numbers are only shown in the main display. Some layout/design changes were made in conjunction with this.
  • Synth display: The number of the selected Oscillator Configuration is now shown in the display.
  • Delay: Pitch behavior when changing tempo in Analog Mode is now smoother.
  • Unison: Increased pan in Synth unison and reduction of phasing when using sample + Unison.
  • The “E” symbol is now used to indicate all “dirty” states, instead of the asterisk (*).
  • Program LED (1-5) is now turned off when in Synth Preset List mode
  • Fixed bug where Output Routing Sub setting could be thrown off when navigating across a program using Rotary.
  • Fixed bug where NS3 Compact could become silent in Song Mode when switching between programs where one of the programs had Drawbar Live enabled.

v1.14 (2017-09-26)

  • Sustain Pedal: Sustain + Rotor Hold and Sustain + Rotor Toggle modes did not function properly. Fixed
  • Arpeggiator KB Sync would reset with every key stroke, even if notes were previously held. Fixed
  • Display could contain traces of previously shown soft buttons when entering a menu. Fixed 
  • With certain Osc Configurations, changes to the Osc Ctrl parameter value would not be reflected in Synth display. Fixed 
  • Fixed bug where instrument could become silent after a Nord Sound Manager Restore operation
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to set focus to a sample by clicking it in Nord Sound Manager

v1.12 (2017-09-20)

  • New features:
    • A new menu option was added for Output Routing, in the System menu: For each Panel one sound engine can now be routed independently. This is done by setting “Sub” to either Org, Pno or Syn and “Dest” (Destination) to 1+2, 3+4, 3 or 4. Note: The output of the Rotary effect is always routed to outputs 1+2.
    • Dual KB mode now has options for addressing either all of Panel B, or only one of its sections. This is done by keeping Dual KB pressed down and selecting the appropriate setting (Panel, Organ, Piano or Synth) using the dial.
    • Programs can now be given a category when stored
    • List views for Synth Presets, Programs and Pianos were changed. Pressing the "Cat" soft button lets you select one category, and browse only those sounds.
    • Pressing Shift+Sound Init now gives two options: Init or Clear Name, which clears the Synth Preset name from the stored program.
  • General:
    • Boot time for the NS3 was significantly improved
    • Volume setting for Swell pedal had no effect. Fixed
    • The instrument would not boot with certain types of continuous sustain pedals attached. Fixed.
    • “Dirty” flag (asterisk) for altered Program would disappear when switching Panels. Fixed
    • Level controls for each section (Organ, Piano, Synth) now have a finer degree of detail while turning at a slower rate.
    • Split cross-fades (Split Width) had no effect on Clav, Harpsi, Digital and Layer Piano sounds. Fixed.
    • Osc Ctrl and Drawbar display representations are now more responsive.
    • When using Global Transpose and KB Split the split point would be offset by transpose value. Fixed.
  • MIDI:
    • MSB (CC#0) Bank Change values for targeting Programs, Songs or Synth Presets have been changed. Use MSB 0 for targeting Program mode, MSB 1 for Song Mode and MSB 2 for Synth Presets.
    • Receiving a Program Change message without fully specified Bank Change data will change Program or Song depending on current panel mode
    • Addressing the NS3 Compact model over MIDI did not give access to the entire range. Fixed.
    • Sustain values for Pedal Noise are now sent correctly over MIDI.
    • MIDI Local Off is now WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear), panel LEDs and displays show state of sound engines at all times
    • Latency could be introduced in sent MIDI when using NS3 as controller. Fixed.
    • Note Off Velocity was always 127. Fixed.
    • On-panel Transpose would have no effect on sent MIDI  (with “Transpose MIDI at” set to "Out"). Fixed.
  • Extern:          
    • Sustain pedal values are now sent correctly by the Extern section.
    • Extern section did not send MIDI when Local was set to Off. Fixed
    • Extern Send on load feature would not always send the stored values. Fixed
    • Sustain Off (0) was not sent after Extern section had been disabled.
  • Effects:
    • The Compressor effect can now be used for sounds going through the Rotary Speaker.
    • Changing Delay Filter type no longer silences the Delay signal.
    • Long Delay tails are handled better (quicker fade-out) when switching Programs in seamless mode
    • The Chorus effect had low output level. Fixed

v1.04 (2017-07-22)

  • The Panel A Synth section section would initially be silent if booting to a Program using it. Fixed.
  • Piano sections could be silent under certain conditions after boot. Fixed.

v1.00 (2017-07-07)

  • Delay: Longer feedback is now available, and several tweaks were made to the filter settings and analog mode
  • Amp Drive: Larger amounts of drive/distortion are now available
  • Chorus: Both Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 have been tweaked and are now more differentiated
  • Synth KB Hold function is now not in effect during seamless transitions
  • Synth KB Hold: Held notes are now released when turning synth section off
  • Loading a program using Synth KB Hold would cause a previous Synth sound to be sustained erroneously in seamless mode. Fixed
  • Sustain Pedal On/Off states for panel sections could cause sound to be cut off erroneously in seamless mode. Fixed
  • Piano section EQ/filter settings could cause clicks during seamless transitions. Fixed
  • Rotary Reverb changes: Panel A is still “Reverb master” when a layer is using Rotary in both A & B. If using only Panel B however, Rotary is now controlled from Panel B
  • Adjustments to Vox Sine/Tri crossmix drawbar: With drawbar at middle position the full level of both Sine+Tri tone generators is provided
  • Fixed handling of out of range Synth Waveform parameters values via MIDI
  • The Sustain pedal did not work as expected with Clavinet on Compact model. Fixed
  • After downloading a Piano sound Pedal Noise would be disabled under certain conditions. Fixed
  • Various other fixes and improvements were made

v0.96 (2017-06-22)

  • Fixed bug where Pipe organ sounds would sometimes cut off prematurely with seamless program changes
  • Category Chromatic Perc is shown correctly in the Synth Preset list
  • First Song Part is now always focused when loading a Song
  • Song no longer marked as dirty (*) when Part focus is changed
  • Fixed slow organize functionality when moving programs by large steps
  • Empty program positions are now shown in the Program/Synth/Song List views
  • Fixed swap/program focus bug when using Nord Sound Manager
  • Fixed Extern section bug, where dial would always send all three Extern parameters when operated
  • Switched positions for Phaser 1 and Phaser 2. No program conversion is automatically performed.
  • Changed so Panel MIDI Channels A/B also follow MIDI filter settings (PC/CC)

v0.94 (2017-06-20)

  • Fixed bug where Arpeggiator using Master Clock would cause double note triggers
  • Fixed rare bug where rapid program changes while playing could cause a system crash
  • Fixed bug where morphed parameters would not have the correct value at program load
  • Improved MIDI support:
    • Some parameters were not sent/received
    • Song, Program and Synth Preset position changes are now sent/received as Program Change with MSB + LSB
  • Fixed Delay tempo tap display where incorrect tempos were shown when tapping
  • Adjustments to Aftertouch sensitivity
  • Fixed an artifact caused by sample voice stealing

v0.92 (2017-06-15)

  • First public OS release