Nord Wave 2 - Update History

v1.24  (2024-05-11)

  • Windows updater is now bundled with installer for Nord Keyboards USB Driver v4.x

v1.22  (2022-07-01)

  • Improvements to Unison for Sync waveforms
  • In Solo mode it was still possible to enable and disable Layers. Now it always reverts to the configuration as set when entering Solo mode
  • Fixed minor bug related to the Reverb effect
  • Improvements to Wavetables in high pitch range
  • MIDI Program Change behaviour (Off, Send, Receive, Send/Receive) did not always reflect current settings after boot. Fixed
  • Accomodates production component change

v1.20  (2020-10-27)

  • Fixes bug where sample presets (settings for Amp envelope and velocity that can be disabled using "Raw Smp") would not load as expected when selecting a sample

v1.18  (2020-10-22)

  • Fixed bug introduced with v1.16 where selecting certain sample categories could inadvertently cause program to change

v1.16  (2020-10-20)

  • Fixed bug where MIDI Program Change Off and Send settings did not filter out incoming MIDI Program Change messages
  • Improvements to Unison modes for FM

v1.14  (2020-08-14)

  • Fixed bug where playing extensively pitched up samples in high registers could cause artifacts and possibly halt the instrument
  • Improvements to Half Sine, Sine Squeeze and Sync Sine waveforms, reducing low frequency content with very short Amp Attack times

v1.12  (2020-06-26)

  • Using samples in Mono/Legato mode could cause audible clicks, especially with wide note intervals. Fixed
  • Optimisations to some of the analog waveforms

v1.10  (2020-06-11)

Split menu changes:

  • Split points are now turned On/Off by pressing the 1-3 Soft buttons
  • “Off” can also be selected with dial, for a split point
  • Split point is now not turned off by setting Width/xFade to “Off”
  • “Width” text changed to “xFade”, and values are “-“, “6, “12”

Parameter hints:

  • All parameter hints (shown when operating a panel control) are now placed at the bottom of display, regardless of “Prog View” mode
  • In “Layer” Prog View (Layer info shown in display), parameter hints temporarily hide the Layer info
  • Copy/Paste hints are updated and shown according to new hint system
  • Morph assign is now shown according to new hint system, with no dedicated display
  • Impulse Morph now has regular Morph hints when set up

Delay effect:

  • Chorus, Ens and Vibe effects now preserve the feedback tail for a significantly longer time with higher Feedback settings. Effect amounts are scaled in relation to FB amount
  • Filters (LP, HP, BP) were adjusted to allow longer feedback tail. Frequencies are dynamically controlled by FB amount
  • Both Analog and non-Analog modes were adjusted to allow longer feedback tail
  • Analog mode now has less timbre change and “analog” degradation over time
  • Note: Due to these changes, some programs using Delay may now sound slightly different, although stored Feedback amounts are scaled to give a close result

Other updates:

  • Level drawbars now indicate if an inactive Layer is “playing” with upper Level LED being lit. This is tied to Note On/Note Off, and the LED will be unlit 0.5 sec after last Note Off
    • Useful when KB Hold is used on inactive Layer
    • Useful when using Layer MIDI channels for incoming MIDI
  • Layer Group LED is now shown even for inactive Layers
  • Vibrato Dly1 and Dly3 times were shortened slightly
  • “Steps” parameter in Pattern preset view is now not reset when going to a preset and back to “user” pattern


  • Switching from Arp/Poly to Gate and vice versa would terminate sound. Fixed
  • Strokes on other layers would trigger Velocity Morphs. Fixed
  • Display was not correctly updated when deleting program from NSM. Fixed
  • Program display was not correctly updated when deleting the active sample. Fixed
  • Focusing program from NSM did not work correctly after move of focused program. Fixed
  • Nord Sound Manager changes such as Rename and sample Relink now propagate fully to the loaded NW2 program and update the displays
  • Layer Init for Layer did not remove Group status. Fixed
  • The sticky Delay tempo screen (press down on Tempo Tap/Set) is now closed when switching Layers
  • It was not possible to change Program or entering a menu during Impulse Morph. Fixed
  • Mono/Legato voice could under certain circumstances be inadvertently stolen, causing its Layer to become silent. Fixed
  • Hanging notes could occur when combining a Mono/Legato layer with other layers in certain ways. Fixed
  • Pattern with no gaps (one long “gate”) would play indefinitely. Fixed
  • Arpeggio section had a bug where it after a long time of playing could go silent, requiring turning Arp Off/On. Fixed
  • Pulse waves could produce click with 0 Mod Env attack. Fixed
  • Velocity Morphs would under some circumstances have no effect in a layer upon program load. Fixed
  • MIDI Layer settings could potentially/rarely be wrong upon program load. Fixed
  • Other minor fixes and improvemets

Program format:

  • New format 3.01 which handles scaling of Delay Feedback values stored with previous program formats

v1.02  (2020-05-05)

  • Fixed rare occurrence of instrument hanging at boot up
  • Group can be now be turned On/Off, and LED status is shown, even if a section is turned Off
  • Effects that cannot be synched to the Mst Clk now disable the Mst Clk LED, and their Rate can be adjusted as normal
  • Tremolo and Pan effects, synched to Mst Clk with KB Sync active, are now restarted at Max and Center positions respectively
  • Delay effect would under rare circumstances produce audible artifacts. Fixed
  • Layer Swap function did not include Level and Group settings. Fixed
  • Layer Init soft buttons are now called Prog and Layer. Prog resets the entire program to "Empty Program” settings
  • Empty Program setting changed to Sawtooth rather than Sine wave and Prog Level = 7.5
  • Drive effect could produce unexpected clipping artifacts at low Drive Amounts with certain material. Fixed
  • Mst Clk tempo could not be adjusted when MIDI Local was set to Off. Fixed
  • MstClk now does not reset when KB Hold is active, regardless of Soft or Hard setting
  • With Split Width 6 or 12, Mono/Legato sounds did not crossfade as expected. Fixed
  • Osc Type, Cat and Waveform controls are now locked during Impulse Morph
  • Default program category is now “None” rather than “Undefined”
  • Changes to some waveform displays in accordance to actual output
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

v1.00  (2020-04-09)

Arpeggiator/Pattern updates:

  • New 2 page layout with Presets + Steps (i.e. pattern length) on Page 1 and Pattern Editor on Page 2
  • Added “Acc” function which accents the selected step. Note that for Arp/Poly, velocity (e.g. Amp Vel, Filter Vel, Velocity Morph) needs to be active in some form for accents to have effect
  • Added “Shift” function which shifts/rotates the pattern across the grid
  • The “Gate” Soft Button is used for inserting, deleting as well as for adjusting the length of a step in the pattern
  • Now possible to Copy/Paste patterns between Layers and Programs (Copy+Shift+Pattern)


  • Layer MIDI Channels now send MIDI, when Global MIDI Channel set to “Off”
  • Layer MIDI Channels stored/loaded per-program when Global MIDI Channel set to “Off”
  • “Global” Layer MIDI Channels – i.e. same for all programs – are used when Global MIDI is not set to “Off”
  • Added MIDI menu option: Pitch Bend mode (Sr, R, S, Off)
  • Added MIDI menu option: Dump Layer CC
  • Improvements to handling of MIDI CC and grouped parameters

Other updates:

  • Multi Edit function is now implemented. “Double click” on Multi Edit enters latching/”sticky” mode. Use Shift/Exit to exit this mode.
  • Added System menu option: Control Pedal “Morph” or “Volume”
  • Improvements to Phaser effect
  • Various improvements to Oscillator waveforms
  • Improvements to Unison settings for some waveforms
  • Improvements to HP component of LP/HP filter
  • Artifacts could occur when changing Delay tempo. Fixed
  • Velocity morph had no effect on Arpeggiator rate. Fixed
  • Updates to expression pedal response curves
  • Improvements to Mono/Legato mode using samples
  • Master Level had no effect during Paste operation. Fixed
  • Layers B, C, D did not properly reset the Arpeggio in KB Sync mode. Fixed
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

v0.86  (2020-03-11)

Support for new panel print. Important changes:

  • Panic function moved to Shift+Octave Up
  • Pattern Menu/Editor moved to Shift+Program 5
  • Phaser effect added to position 4 of Effect section
  • Vibrato Rate per-program setting added to Shift+Vibrato
  • Layer Swap function previously found in Utility menu moved to Page 2 of Layer Init "menu"

Other updates:

  • Arpeggiator now releases all notes when disabled
  • Clearing morph did not redraw Synth OLED. Fixed
  • Incoming Program Change could cause changes to oscillator setting for active slot. Fixed
  • Program format 2.0 introduced, with support for Phaser effect.
  • Mono/Legato + Osc Mod Env AR mode did not work as intended. Fixed
  • Various improvements to Oscillator waveforms
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

v0.84  (2020-02-18)

  • First OS release