Nord Stage 4 - Update History

V1.30 ((2024-06-12)


  • Program format/version updated
  • General optimisations and performance improvements
  • Introduced an 8 line Program View showing all programs within a Page.


  • There are now 56 voices for Sample Synth (previously 48).
  • Added support for special release behaviour for String samples supporting this feature.
  • Loading single layer Synth presets could affect KB Zone settings for other Layers. Fixed
  • Improvements to note start times esp. in regards to samples and multiple layers.
  • “Sample Select memory” is now reset when changing programs, i.e. after program load the first sample in each category is displayed rather than previous selection
  • Arpeggiator Keyboard Sync in section/group mode would only work if layer A was active. Fixed
  • Synth Glide could become inactive for a Layer, if a non-pitched sample had previously been loaded. Fixed
  • Updates to enhanced Unison and round-robin rules for samples supporting these features


  • Added Overviews to last pages of Output, Pedal and MIDI menus. The Overview pages also allow for focusing and changing settings (using Page buttons and dial).
  • Added option for restoring to default settings, in System menu. This function resets settings in System, Pedal, MIDI, Sound and Output menus to defaults. Menu settings that are stored in programs (Section/Layer settings in Output menu, Extern and Aux KB settings) are not affected.
  • Added Rotary Bass/Horn balance to Sound menu


  • Synth UI is now disabled for Extern layers, apart from features/controls that can be used in Extern (Arpeggiator, Osc Ctrl/Value 1, Freq/Value 2, Pedal/Pstick settings etc.)
  • Extern display was updated with larger graphics and improved visualization of morphs on extern parameters.
  • Una Corda and Sostenuto (left/middle pedals) are now sent on Extern channel as well.
  • Arpeggiator was not sent on Extern when held using sustain pedal. Fixed
  • Arpeggiator on Extern using KB Hold was not turned off is Layer was set to non-Extern mode. Fixed


  • Automatic changing of pedal settings, with incompatible pedals, has been removed. There is still a notification about this however, and a pedal becomes inactive when set wrong


  • Prog list is now exited when entering Live mode
  • Piano list centered on wrong item when scrolling. Fixed
  • Mst Clk display can now show hints
  • Minor changes to KB Split menu
  • Entering Sample Category List with 2 or less categories in list caused graphical issues in display. Fixed
  • Pressing down Delay tempo/tap button now shows dedicated Delay tempo/subdiv screen (this can also show hints)
  • Pressing tap button and then (quickly) turning program dial could disable program loading (until Shift was pressed). Fixed
  • Some sample categories could be cut off in Synth display. Fixed
  • Layer buttons now have hints in “simple” prog view mode
  • New Piano Select hints
  • Monitor button no longer exits Preset view
  • Update to Farfisa drawbar visualisation when setting up morphs
  • All LEDs apart from used morphs LEDs are now turned off when pressing morph button
  • Morphed drawbars are now visualised in display as well


  • Rotary Speaker morph now goes from Slow or Stop to Fast, depening on panel setting. Previously always between Stop/Fast.
  • Added Swap option for Morph Copy/Paste
  • Mst Clk KB Sync Off was same as Soft. Fixed
  • - Various other fixes
  • Removed ability to set split point to “Off” with turn of dial in Split view. Now “Off” is set with corresponding button (Low, Mid, High).

v1.24 (2024-02-07)

  • Fixed issue where turning Delay effect Off, with Chorus or Ensemble feedback effect active, could cause noise in combination with Reverb
  • Fixed issue where sample list numbering in Synth displayed was truncated for entries above position 9

v1.22 (2024-01-16)

  • Fixed issue where underlying framework changes caused OS installer to not run as expected on certain Mac OS versions
  • Sustain+Rotor Toggle worked as Sustain+Rotor Hold. Fixed
  • Minor changes to MIDI clock sync framework
  • Organ Chorus/Vibrato On/Off hint was reversed. Fixed

v1.20 (2023-12-21)


  • Added new Synth Waveform category "Sub Osc" with following options:
    - Sub Square (-1) + Saw
    - Sub Pulse (-2) + Saw
    - Sub Sine (-1) + Saw
  • Added unison sawtooth (Multi Saw) with detune, to Multi category.
  • Changed order of Analog categories, it is now: Pure, Sub Osc, Sync, Shape, Shape Sine, Multi, Super, Misc
  • White Noise was moved to Pure category
  • Bell was moved to Misc category (Bell category removed)
  • Menu buttons in Synth Section no longer switch to the previously selected menu function, when pressed a second time.
  • Improvements to mod and filter envelope behavior with Mono/Legato sounds using envelope velocity.
  • Envelope settings could be wrong when loading a program, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • The Shape Sine Fold waveform is now an entirely pure sine wave at its start position.
  • Samples could get wrong pitch in Legato mode. Fixed.
  • Various Synth parameter hints are now shown only on the Program display, for clarity.


  • Toggle option introduced for Layer Scene II pedal function. The Hold option operates as previously, while Toggle allows for using a single press to switch between the two Layer Scenes.
  • Wrong Ctrl, Swell and Sustain Pedal settings are now detected if pedal is operated out of spec (normally at min position). The setting is corrected automatically in the Pedals menu, in order to avoid loss of functionality during operation. A display message is shown if this occurs.


  • Improvements to handling of incoming MIDI clock.
    - Quicker sync to external MIDI tempo
    - Better handling of clocking when switching between consecutive tempo-synced Programs
    - Overall improved handling of real-time MIDI messaging.
  • Notes could hang when setting Layer MIDI channels to conflicting settings. Fixed.
  • CC#72 was used both for Piano Layer Enable and Effects Piano Focus Group. The latter parameter now uses CC#91 instead.
  • Aux KB setting for focused Layer is now used/preserved when loading Synth Presets.

Other updates and fixes:

  • “Import” feature introduced for quickly loading the contents of another Program to the currently selected location. Press Program button and turn Program dial to load Program from the list.
  • Programs stored with duplicate names are now indicated with a number in parentheses, rather than a number in the program name itself.
  • When using the “Shift by hold” feature, for example by pressing down on effect selector button to activate Variation, the audio is now updated upon releasing the button.
  • All FX Off function now acts per Layer, rather than globally.
  • Current Program category is now shown in the Program list when in Num mode.
  • Monitor+Effect selector buttons now work as expected.
  • Hint/Monitor now shows actual value for morphed parameters (i.e. actual knob setting+current morph addition).
  • Various fixes and improvements to parameter display hints.
  • Loading Preset to a KB Zone would set KB Zone for non-active Layers as well. Fixed.
  • Exiting Store by pressing Section or Split would affect the original Program settings. Fixed.
  • Oct Shift hints were wrong after changing KB Zone for a Layer, affecting available Oct Shift range. Fixed
  • Loading multiple Single Layer presets, to different Layers, no longer enables affected Layers automatically.

v1.14 (2023-09-15)

  • MIDI: Introduced Section (Sect) On/Off setting for Layer MIDI channels, where all channels are controlled by the one set for Layer A
    • Section channel listens to incoming CC messages. Note that the exact destination depends on the Layer/Effects focus
  • MIDI: NRPN parameter in MIDI menu now has options “CC Only” or “CC+NRPN” rather than the full set of Off, Send, Receive, Send+Receive options, as many of the previously possible combinations were not meaningful
  • MIDI: Program Change without Bank Select message now changes Preset, when received on Section Channel. Bank Select LSB, without MSB message, can be used for changing bank
  • Combining Samples and Analog in Synth could cause new strokes to not produce sound. Fixed
  • Rotary Speaker output level could differ when loading a program, depending on used seamless part. Fixed
  • Swell/Control pedals not set to their correct Type would generate very jumpy sweep behaviour. Fixed
  • Various devices and controls (Morphs, Swell and Vibrato pedals, Pitch Bend) did not behave correctly when switching Layer Scene. Fixed
  • Extern Bank Select parameters had range of 0-126. Now changed to 0-127, as expected
  • Pasting Envelope settings would also activate Shift functions. Fixed
  • Pasting Programs did not work, instead menus were entered. Fixed
  • Certain display hints (including EQ and Glide) did not disappear after using Monitor. Fixed
  • Program format was updated to v3.08
  • Synth Preset format was updated to v2.06
  • Various minor fixes

v1.12 (2023-07-07)

  • Fixed issue present in v1.10 where loading user created samples containing only one sample/zone caused instrument to freeze. Thanks to Stuart for reporting!

v1.10 (2023-07-06)


  • Undo. These operations can now be undone using the Undo function:
    • Effect Group/Section
    • All FX Off
    • Paste
    • Preset Load
    • Morph clear
    • Program change (if there was an “E”)
    • Init functions
    • Synth Group/Section functions (Arpeggiator, LFO, Filter)
  • A “Redo” option appears after performing the Undo
  • Preset MIDI Program Change. Loading Presets now sends Program Change (upon exiting/confirming). Synth uses Bank Select MSB=2, Piano MSB=3 and Organ MSB=4. (Live sends with MSB=1 and Prog MSB=0)
  • The Layer Init display now has the letter for selected Layer above button.
  • Added “Sustain+Rotor Toggle” option for Sustain pedal


  • Aux KB assigned Layers now receive Pitch Bend. Local PBend and Sustped affect these Layers according to their on/off state on panel.  
  • Nord TP-1 pedal could initialize in sustain=on state, at boot or when selected from menu. Fixed
  • Improvements to handling of Unison and round-robin combinations for samples. Fixed
  • Middle pedal functions for TP-1 could be triggered (rarely) by the left pedal. Fixed
  • FX Focus could get out of sync in Solo when switching Layer Scenes. Fixed
  • "E" could appear for unedited programs when going to Live and back. Fixed
  • Store view did not visualize Num Pad input. Fixed
  • MIDI CC and NRPN. When NRPN is off, all affected params act locally
  • "E" now appears on Paste operations
  • Del and Ins buttons in Store As text input now have repeat functionality when pressed down
  • Output Routing mono modes for Rotary Speaker were not always correct for the two seamless parts. Fixed
  • Pressing Drawbar "Sync" (Shift+Preset) after boot could use wrong drawbar settings. Fixed
  • Prog Level function (Sound menu) did not always handle Level morphs correctly. Fixed
  • Various other fixes

v1.08 (2023-06-08)

  • Fixed bug where Layer Scene button did not work as expected in Local Control Off scenarios
  • Panel controls that use NRPN for MIDI now work locally when NRPN is not set to Send/Receive and Local Control is Off

v1.06 (2023-06-01)

  • Fixed bug introduced with v1.04 where "E" symbol did not disappear as expected after storing a program
  • Fixed bug introduced with v1.04 where Prog Dn and Up functions did not work as expected for Nord Triple Pedal 1 (TP-1)

v1.04 (2023-05-31)

Note: Please use the latest version of Nord Sound Manager (v7.72 or higher) for full compatibility with v1.04+ content.


  • Use of NRPN has been introduced to facilitate a complete controller specification for the panel. Note: NRPN should be set to Send/Receive in the MIDI menu for complete functionality in Local Off/MIDI loop scenarios
  • MIDI CC/NRPN implementation now includes the entire panel
  • Drawbar values are flushed when switching to and from Drawbar Live mode
  • Drawbars should send MIDI in Drawbar Live mode. Fixed
  • Program Change without bank select messages now works
  • MIDI for Pump pedal now works
  • MIDI for Synth Vibrato pedal now works
  • Using sustain pedal in Extern mode could cause issues with hanging notes for certain setups. This was due to Note Off not being sent while sustain was pressed down, but only sent when Sustain went off again. Now changed to work as on global channel.

New UI behaviours:

  • Hold to Shift:
    • Most buttons on the panel can now have their Shift function activated by holding down the button, without engaging Shift. 
    • In the case of selector buttons this results in first moving one step, then going back+turning on the shift function
  • Section Solo:
    • Pressing down on a section On button turns all other sections off, keeping only the pressed one (or turns it on)
  • Percussion/Vib Chorus
    • The Percussion/Vib Chorus settings are not shown by lit LEDs if Percussion is turned Off

Program/Preset Store, Load, Lists, Organize:

Note: Categories for Programs and Synth Presets have been updated. Please use the latest version of Nord Sound Manager (v7.72 or higher) for correct display of all categories.

  • Added ABC sort for Programs
  • Added Category sort for Programs and Presets
  • Added List view for Presets
  • Preset view was updated and in Cat mode Page buttons can be used for switching categories

Other new/changed features:

  • Triple sensor technology is now used for Synth as well, making it possible to repeat notes from further down in the strike range
  • Stereo Vibe (non-Variation) has been updated to better preserve character of original mono effect. Note: Vibe variation for Delay is the same as before still.
  • Drawbar Preset/Live state is now stored in program
  • The Bright filter for samples is now on the leftmost dial in the Waveform/Sample menu. Shift+dial shows info.
  • The Bright filter was previously always turned on (under the hood) when using one of the LP filters for samples. This is no longer the case.
  • Arpeggiator shows “disabled” sign over Pattern view if Pattern is turned Off.
  • Sustain pedal func menu now dynamically shows additional options if Nord TP-1 is connected.
  • Improvements related to sustain pedals and dynamic features such as Pedal Noise
  • Program and preset formats have been updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Outputs 1-2 had inverted phase vs. 3-4. Fixed
  • Double triggers could occur for piano sounds, under certain circumstances. Fixed
  • Fixed bug where Rotary speaker under rare circumstances could run at wrong frequency
  • Effects were not always correctly loaded for presets, if focused from NSM. Fixed
  • Changing Program with solo active caused wrong layers to be active. Fixed
  • Certain Foot Switch settings could require manual reset, after boot, to have proper effect. Fixed
  • Going from Live Mode to Program, the display could in some circumstances show “Live 0” rather than Program name. Fixed
  • Non-related Preset names could appear for other Layers after having stored preset. Fixed
  • Page buttons changed programs in Store Preset To view. Fixed
  • Wrong sound/program could be heard when doing Store To from Live Mode
  • Turning on Pedal for Layer Scene II also switched scene. Fixed
  • Fixes related to Copy/Paste
  • Morph Assign LEDs are now correctly updated when loading presets
  • Clearing Morph removed Preset name. Fixed
  • “E” for edited program disappeared if going to Live Mode and back. Fixed
  • Sustain as Rotor Hold no longer causes “E” to remain in display (but is showed momentarily on press)
  • Delay rate LED did not always blink at correct rate. Fixed
  • Entering Preset Library with Solo on now turns Solo off (Solo is retained for Single Layer load)
  • When Extern CC numbers are morphed, an “M” symbol now appears next to the dial(s)
  • PStick LED now blinks when Range is adjusted. If turning On/Off PStick while in Range “menu” the On/Off state is shown momentarily.
  • Various fixes and optimizations.

v0.98 (2023-03-17)

  • Fixed bug where if Foot pedal Prog Inc/Dec was used from inside menus a system failure, requiring reboot, could occur
  • The CC filter in the MIDI menu controlled program change instead of automation. Fixed
  • Layer Init: Soft buttons now behave just like other soft buttons (no timeout)
  • When controlling Rotary speed using morph (Wheel/Ctrl Ped), speed was changed using acceleration. Fixed
  • Rotary speaker Morph, using Wheel or Ctrl Ped would not always work as expected. Fixed
  • Rotary Speaker Level is backed off by -3dB to compensate for the new overdrive
  • Copy/Paste of Envelopes now possible
  • Fix bug where pressing Page Inc/Dec while storing Presets iterated Programs
  • Page buttons now step to beginning of Bank in Preset Library (Page buttons change Banks rather than Pages in the Preset Library)

v0.96 (2023-02-27)

  • Various updates related to production test routines
  • Pressing "Cancel" from "Store Program To" did not correctly restore Program name, if having navigated to other Program. Fixed
  • Fixed a number of issues related to copy and paste of Programs
  • Certain menu pages had incorrect numbering. Fixed

v0.94 (2023-02-23)

  • Adjusted character of Rotary Speaker Drive
  • Fixed bug where Mod Wheel, Control Pedal and other controllers could generated unrelated, outgoing MIDI data
  • With Layer Scene Pedal mode turned on, Tap Tempo pedal function would also be active. Fixed
  • Piano: Pedal Down to Up sound transitions in upper, non-damped ranged was too slow. Fixed
  • Adjusted phase for Triangle waveform in LFO
  • Minor graphical updates to Synth display
  • Adjustments to Piano Unison detune values and behaviour
  • Fixed issue with sample engine which could cause incorrect tuning
  • Layer/Effects focus now switches to Organ when entering Organ Preset Library
  • Program Level function in Sound Menu now works correctly with both Layer Scenes
  • Vibrato Pedal function now works as expected

v0.92 (2023-02-03)

  • Incorrect Program name could be shown when exiting Live mode. Fixed
  • Fixed issue where sound of loaded preset at times did not correspond with panel settings
  • Improved handling of sustain/triple pedal identification
  • Adjusted waveform balance of the Vox Sine/Saw drawbar
  • Fixes to Layer Scene volume/audio Off handling
  • Fixed issue where first stroke after program load could have too soft velocity
  • Fixed Triple Pedal menu heading
  • Various fixes and updates related to production procedures

v0.90 (2023-01-23)

  • First public OS release