ARP Odyssey


The legendary ARP Odyssey is a 2-oscillator analog synthesizer first released in 1972 in response to the popular, compact Minimoog and was a huge success for ARP. The Odyssey went through several redesigns until production ended in 1981, improving on the filters and connectivity as well as the visual layout of the synth itself. Notable features were oscillator sync and pulse-width modulation and a duo-phonic mode

Sound demos

Some sounds have some reverb or other effects added.

Sound list

  • Ody AggroLead BR
  • Ody Bass 1 BR
  • Ody Bass 2 BR
  • Ody FltDetuner BR
  • Ody FM PWM Dec BR
  • Ody FunkyWha BR
  • Ody HP ResoLead BR
  • Ody IntervalLead BR
  • Ody Octaver BR
  • Ody PortaLead1 BR
  • Ody PortaLead2 BR
  • Ody PWM BR
  • Ody ResoLead BR
  • Ody SquareLead BR
  • Ody Sync1 BR
  • Ody Sync3 BR