ARP Quadra


The ARP Quadra was 4 analog synths in one, with dedicated sections for Bass, Strings, Poly and Lead sounds that could be layered – a quite unique feature when released in 1978. Other notable features were the thick phase-shifting effect from the ARP Omni II synthesizer and aftertouch-like features in the upper part of the keyboard (for leads) and two independent portamento rates for each VCO!

Sound demos

Some sounds have some reverb or other effects added.

Sound list

  • QD BassLead BR
  • QD Combi10 BR
  • QD Combi2 BR
  • QD Combi4 BR
  • QD Combi5 BR
  • QD Combi6 BR
  • QD Combi8 BR
  • QD IntervaLead BR
  • QD PadCombi BR
  • QD PortaBassLead BR
  • QD Split1 BR
  • QD Split2 BR
  • QD Split3 BR
  • QD Strings 8 BR
  • QD Strings 84 1 BR
  • QD Strings 84 2 BR