Nord Lead 2X Bass


The original Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2 are among the most popular synthesizers ever built. Debuting in 1995, the first Nord Lead virtual analog synthesizer took the music world by storm. It instantly became an industry standard and takes a place among the most revered classic synthesizers.

The NL2X is very much capable of crisp or really nasty ''analog-digital'' sounds that widely exceeds the limits of similar products. Add some awesome leads, booming basses, frantic techno and you got yourself a selection samples that may bring you to want to get the real thing.

Update: the v2 versions of the Nord Classics contains the Alternate Start marker that Nord Wave users can activate to skip the attack part of the sample.


Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of the Nord Lead 2X samples (by Åke Danielson, playing on a Nord Electro 3). Soundclip including: NL2X Jump / NL2X Weather bass / NL2X Delayline, Chorus+Rev added halfway / NL2X And God made Resonance / NL2X Fluty vib / NL2X Attack b

Sound list

  • NL2X 2 Step Bass PH_v2
  • NL2X Attack bass PH_v2
  • NL2X Weather bass PH_v2
  • NL2X Acid 2 PH_v2
  • NL2X Vibrobass PH_v2
  • NL2X ResoRoto PH_v2
  • NL2X Bassreverb PH_v2
  • NL2X SAW REZ Bass PH_v2
  • NL2X SUB PH_v2
  • NL2X Deep Purple PH_v2
  • NL2X Low End PH_v2
  • NL2X Syn Bass PH_v2
  • NL2X Syn Bassy PH_v2
  • NL2X Billibas PH_v2
  • NL2X Big Bass PH_v2