Classic FM Synths


The Yamaha GS-1 is an early FM synthesizer, the grandfather of the DX series. Many of the classic FM sounds were born on this machine. The outputs have a bit of a noise floor, which make the sounds grainy and can be clearly heard in these samples.

The Yamaha CE 20 was the unit that bridged the gap between the quite expensive GS1 and GS2 units, and the later commercial superstar, the DX7. Our samples are from all the six polyphonic preset FM-patches on this unit.

Soundclip including: CE20 Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway / CE20 Horn / Elka Rhapsody Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway (Strings) / Performer Strings (Strings) / SK20 Strings - Chorus+Rev added halfway (Strings)

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson).

Sound list

  • CE20 Electric Bass 2 BR
  • CE20 Electric Piano BR
  • CE20 Horn BR
  • CE20 Organ BR
  • CE20 Strings BR
  • CE25 OrchStrings BR
  • GS1 Chime BR
  • GS1 Chime Ens BR
  • GS1 Dancer BR
  • GS1 Double Ens BR
  • GS1 PolyEnsemble BR
  • GS1 String BR