Roland JX-3P


The JX-3P is a six voice polyphonic synth with two digitally controlled, analog oscillators per voice. The typical assortment of 24 dB resonant lowpass filter, envelope and LFO sections are here. The JX was one of the worlds first MIDI equipped units, released in 1983.

Famous users: The Future Sound of London, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Orbital, Luke Vibert, Stevie Nicks, and Thomas Dolby.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of the JX-3P samples (by Åke Danielson). (Including: JX-3P Filter Flow / JX-3P Fat Fifth_ste / JX-3P String 1 / JX-3P Synth Brass 1 / JX-3P Brass 1)

Sound list

  • JX-3P Brass 1 PH
  • JX-3P Brass 2 PH
  • JX-3P Fair and Square PH
  • JX-3P Fat Fifth PH
  • JX-3P Fat Fifth_ste PH
  • JX-3P Filter Flow PH
  • JX-3P High Five PH
  • JX-3P I Saw The Light PH
  • JX-3P Juicy Funk PH
  • JX-3P NotePad PH
  • JX-3P Organ 1 PH
  • JX-3P Organ 1_ste PH
  • JX-3P Paddington PH
  • JX-3P Robot Rock PH
  • JX-3P Silkworm PH
  • JX-3P String 1 PH
  • JX-3P String 1_ste PH
  • JX-3P String 2 PH
  • JX-3P String 2_ste PH
  • JX-3P Synth Brass 1 PH
  • JX-3P Synth Brass 1_ste PH
  • JX-3P Synth Brass 2 PH