Oberheim OB-8


The Oberheim OB-8 was a 2 oscillator analog polyphonic synth released in 1983. Only 3000 were produced but it made its way to many popular songs including Prince's 1999. Other famous OB-8 users include Depeche Mode, The Police, Trent Reznor (NIN), Thompson Twins, Rush, Simple Minds, KLF, Van Halen, Stevie Nicks and Future Sound of London.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson). (OB8 Interval, OB8 Lead Fat, OB8 Lead Square, OB8 Bass PWM, OB8 Percussive 2)

Sound list

  • OB8 Bass PWM BR
  • OB8 Bass Soft BR
  • OB8 Bass Square BR
  • OB8 Bass Triangle BR
  • OB8 Interval_ste BR
  • OB8 Lead Fat BR
  • OB8 Lead PWM_ste BR
  • OB8 Lead Saw BR
  • OB8 Lead Saw 2 BR
  • OB8 Lead Square BR
  • OB8 Lead Standard BR
  • OB8 Lead Sync
  • OB8 Lead Sync 2
  • OB8 Percussive BR
  • OB8 Percussive 2