Oberheim Matrix-12


A complex beast boasting 12 voices of polyphony (with 2 VCO's per voice), the Matrix offered a very flexible routing matrix of parameters similar to a modular synth. The omission of dedicated buttons and sliders made it less instantly tweakable than many of its contemporaries, but it's sound is classic.

Famous users include: The Orb, Gravity Kills, Vangelis, Technotronic, and Depeche Mode.

Sound demos


Sound demos by Åke Danielson. All sounds have some Reverb or Delay added.

Sound list

  • M12 2001Choir BR
  • M12 Bamboo BR
  • M12 BassnLead BR
  • M12 BigSyn BR
  • M12 BowedVio BR
  • M12 Brass BR
  • M12 Delayer BR
  • M12 Ensemble BR
  • M12 FatIntro BR
  • M12 Geneviv BR
  • M12 HornEns BR
  • M12 Interval1 BR
  • M12 PaPano BR
  • M12 Resonator BR
  • M12 SoftPad BR
  • M12 Synro BR
  • M12 UnisonStack BR
  • M12 VioGuit1 BR
  • M12 WhaPad BR