Moog Minimoog


The Mini is famous for its fat analog sound in a portable unit. It featured three oscillators that could be individually de-tuned and several waveforms, and can create some really thick analog timbres. Load the samples in the Electro 3 or the Wave and experience the massive polyphonic sound.

Soundclip including: MM Amazing Lead with CHOR1 / MM Fat Square Bas with PHAS1+2 / MM Bass Steel with CHOR1 / MM 5th Sine Lead / MM 3 Octave Saw Lead / MM KC Trilogy Lead / MM Brain Salad Bass with CHOR1.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of some of the Mini samples (by Åke Danielson). All sounds with some reverb.

Sound list

  • MM 3 Octave FM Lead BR
  • MM 3 Octave Saw Lead BR
  • MM 3 OSC Bass BR
  • MM 3 Tune Lead BR
  • MM 5th Sine Lead BR
  • MM Amazing Lead BR
  • MM Bass Steel BR
  • MM Brain Salad Bass BR
  • MM Chord Synth Lead BR
  • MM Detune Saw Lead BR
  • MM Fat Blade Lead BR
  • MM Fat Resonance Bass BR
  • MM Fat Square Bass BR
  • MM Fusion Bass BR
  • MM Hammer Bass BR
  • MM Hammer Mini Lead BR
  • MM KC Trilogy Lead BR
  • MM Mod 3 Tone Synth BR
  • MM Saw Zap Synth BR
  • MM Soft Lead BR
  • MM Standard MM Bass BR
  • MM Synth Trombone BR
  • MM Synth Trumpet BR
  • MM Synth Violin BR
  • MM Thick Bass BR
  • MM Wha Fat Bass BR