Yamaha DX7 mk II


The Yamaha DX7 was a groundbreaking digital synth, released in 1983. It popularized a new type of synthesis called FM (Frequency Modulation), although other synthesizers had used this technology before. It was regarded as difficult to program but can certainly produce some excellent sounds. Our samples come from the upgraded DX7 mk II version.

Soundclip includes: DX7IIC FM Fretless with FX: CHOR1 / DX7IIC FM E Guitar with FX: CHOR1 / DX7IIC FM Chrystal / DX7IIC Fine Tines_ste with FX: CHOR1 / DX7IIC FM Powerbass with FX: PHAS1 / DX7IIC Satin Hyptronics with FX: CHOR2.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip of some of the DX7 samples (by Åke Danielson). All sounds with some reverb.


Sound list

  • DX7IIC AnaStrings BR
  • DX7IIC Bell Ensemble BR
  • DX7IIC Chiptglass BR
  • DX7IIC Crystal BR
  • DX7IIC E Guitar BR
  • DX7IIC Eddie BR
  • DX7IIC Fine Tines BR
  • DX7IIC Fine Tines_ste BR
  • DX7IIC FM Fretless BR
  • DX7IIC FM Powerbass BR
  • DX7IIC FM Powerbass_ste BR
  • DX7IIC Harp BR
  • DX7IIC Jazz Guitar_ste BR
  • DX7IIC Satin Hyptronics BR
  • DX7IIC Slapper BR
  • DX7IIC Special Stuff BR
  • DX7IIC Sustain Glasses BR
  • DX7IIC Touch Perco BR
  • DX7IIC Ulla BR
  • DX7IIC Wet Synth_ste BR
  • DX7IIC Wet Synth2_ste BR