Cirko Electronics The Hound


The Hound was a digital synthesizer module with analog filters (VCF) developed in the late nineties by the Dutch company Cirko Electronics. Although it received good reviews when released, only 20 units were ever produced. It had a special "fatness" parameter that gave the sound more meat when applying a lot of resonance, 4-outputs and was 16-part multitimbral. Thanks to Eric van den Berk for making these samples!

Sound demos

Some sounds have some reverb or other effects added.

Sound list

  • Brassy Hound
  • Funky Hound
  • Gray Hound
  • Hound Dog
  • Jumping Hound
  • Mellow Hound
  • Padlayer Hound
  • Power Hound
  • Reso Hound
  • Royal Hound
  • Wind Hound