Nord Modular G2X Acoustic


The G2 concept is based on a standalone hardware keyboard with a freely configurable sound synthesis architecture and a software user interface. The sound engine in a G2 synthesizer runs on a group of digital signal processors, together with high resolution AD and DA converters.

Many of the G2 modules were also found in traditional analog synthesizers. Among the selection are well-known building blocks such as oscillators, filters, sequencers and envelope generators as well as more complex modules like vocoders, pitch tracker and the mystic Bode shifter. The nsmp samples scratches on the surface of what this magnificent beast can do.

Update: the v2 versions of the Nord Classics contains the Alternate Start marker that Nord Wave users can activate to skip the attack part of the sample.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of the Nord Modular G2 samples (by Åke Danielson, playing on a Nord Electro 3). (Including: G2X ARPModNL / G2X DualSawMod1 / G2X MelodyClub / G2X Warm Brass / G2X Padding / G2X Anthem)

Sound list

  • G2X ClongsWooden_ste PH_v2
  • G2X Warm Brass_ste PH_v2
  • G2X Warm Brass Dark_ste PH_v2
  • G2X G2-Plucks_ste PH_v2
  • G2X HornModel PH_v2