Elka Synthex


Released in 1981, the Elka Synthex was an Italian 8 voice synth that was one of the first synths to feature digitally controlled oscillators (DCO) to ensure stable tuning. Other notable features include a built-in sequencer (but no MIDI), a 4-axis joystick for modulation and an advanced filter section. It's very fat sounding and can sound quite similar to the Jupiter 8 and Prophet 5.

Some famous users include Duran Duran, Jean Michel Jarre and Stevie Wonder

Sound demos


Sound demos by Åke Danielson. All sounds have some Reverb or Delay added.

Sound list

  • Brassy
  • Bstring
  • Dsync
  • Filtrsk
  • LeadBass
  • MaleVox
  • MtlStrng
  • OctStack
  • PolyPowr
  • Softie
  • StaBrass
  • StrgPoly
  • Strings
  • Sweeper
  • Sync
  • SynClavi
  • SynOrgan