PPG Wave


 The PPG Wave was a hybrid digital/analog synthesizer that generated its sounds using digital wavetables instead of the "traditional" waveforms, vastly expanding the tonal palette. The digitally generated sound then passed through analog filters and amplifiers. The first PPG Wave was released in 1981 and was later updated several times with expanded polyphony and MIDI support until it was discontinued in 1987.

It's characteristic timbre really made it stand out and was used by Thomas Dolby, Tears for Fears, Gary Numan, Art of Noise, Alphaville, Depeche Mode and many more.

Sound demos


Sound demos by Åke Danielson. All sounds have some Reverb or Delay added.

Sound list

  • PPGWv Bellistic_ste BR
  • PPGWv BtTable BR
  • PPGWv Choir BR
  • PPGWv GlassyPad BR
  • PPGWv HarshBass BR
  • PPGWv HollowDec BR
  • PPGWv Hornbrass_ste BR
  • PPGWv NicePad BR
  • PPGWv PitchaPad BR
  • PPGWv ShortBass BR
  • PPGWv SnapBass BR
  • PPGWv SuperPoly_ste BR
  • PPGWv SynVibes BR
  • PPGWv WidePad_ste BR