Power Synths


Majestic pad and lead sounds created with an assorted number of synthesizers, including Alesis Andromeda, Oberheim Xpander and OB8, Synclavier FM section, SCI Prophet T8, Yamaha TX816, Minimoog, miniKORG 700S and Alesis Fusion.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson).

Sound list

  • PS Brachial Bass BR
  • PS Brilliants BR
  • PS Fantazee BR
  • PS Film Strings Split BR
  • PS Fly High BR
  • PS Hit Stack BR
  • PS Hyptronics BR
  • PS Keyboard Hero BR
  • PS Majestic Lead BR
  • PS Mighty Pad BR
  • PS Model Organ BR
  • PS Modern EP Layer BR
  • PS Modern Symphonics BR
  • PS Sweet Dreams Pad BR
  • PS Titanium Landing BR
  • PS Ultra Mod BR
  • PS Venus Bass BR
  • PS Warmest Plucks BR